Monday, July 31, 2006


I AM SOOOOOO FRIGGIN BOREDDDDDDDDDDDD! but I can say WOW I have more toots rolling in. SO exciting to see! I will tell you more about that later I am so excited I needed some good news today!
On the homefront I have held my bed down all day today I still feel burning in my arms from the meds they gave me. Every time I get up hubby shoves another pill in my mouth and says go back to bed. GEE aint he sweet lol WEll the dr said more rest the better and the less active I am maybe it will stop the bleeding. IM so ready to get this over with but every time I look up they keep saying OH we have to do this and this im like OK ALREADY hook up the hoover grab your exacto and lets do this! NO time like the present. I mean geez! Im ready to do it myself people!!! I want to scrap I want to feel better so lets get on with this. I have so many t hings waiting to get done until after this so Im just anxious Oh yeah did I mention patience is not one of my great attributes? ::sigh::

Sunday, July 30, 2006


WELLLllll I emailed back and forth with "legacy" magazine all day friday..... I can still do it . Here is what she said when I explained I wouldn't be able to do it since I made the tray for another publication :

Hi Nancy,We are actually interested in the tray for next year’s issue of Somerset Home. Since we have a few months, did you want to create one especially for the issue?Best regards,Rebecca Ittner

Well I was like HECK YEAH! SOOO I think IM just going to send this one to them after I am done with all the current stuff and then send it to them. THEN if I want to do them as Christmas gifts I can make another one. Sooo I am excited again. We emailed back and forth she wants one identicle to this one I said no problem how many ya need!

SO anyway I got all my deadlines done for Scrappy chic magazine. I did an extra one this time after my friend Jeanne ::waving HI JEANNE:: so inpired me by her friend Carole's blog OMGawesh this chic is amazing! So then I go and see what Jeanne did (see her blog its called crossroads under my links) and I was like hmm I wanna try that. SO I did one too. I cant show you yet I have to wait to see if Scrappy chick picks it up. IF SO then you can see it there if not I will post it. She has some amazing submissions so I doubt mine will get picked. My husband wasnt crazy about it. He said he didnt get the entire concept of the 3 dimensional. He was in a crabby mood today so I dunno if he REALLY didnt like it or was just being crabby. Regardless he later said He could tell I put alot of work into it and I did good he thought... he just didn't care for that was too something he just didnt know what... I tried to explain to him about trends and style and well anyway sometimes You just dont like it. No biggie.
OK so I have a new respect for people that do all that cutting out I could hardly bend my fingers this morning lol
I am ready to get on my projects for AUgust. IT will be a rough month for me with the surgery and all so I want to get them done and over just in case. I have rotation for the view on Untamed this time as well so I have articles to write and pages to finish for them. I have alot to do on that. I have been so busy with getting these done I havnt done much other but it is over. Im trying to get everything in order so when I do the surgery things will run smooth (great theory huh hahaha) Hard to do when you feel crappy. I laid on the heating pad most of today. I did watch flightplan tonight Omgawesh thatwas a freaky movie I was like GO JODIE slam him! I normally dont watch those kinds of movies. But it was good. I will leave Bella home if I ever fly! I wanna go to church in the morning but still running temp. I almost cried. IM SO SICK OF THIS HOUSE!!!! John said he would drive me down to the beach to look if I wanted. I just stared at him. He knows Im miserable. I feel like a fat slob right now and look like the michelon man on steroids. I need a hair cut and I cant fit into my clothes. MISERABLE. BUT THis too shall pass (I keep saying that) Well that is all she wrote for today. Bella has been so cute on the computer. She calls it the BIG POOTER. She did sing 5 little monkeys today for Jeanne. and some other song I have no clue what she was jabbering. She gets her own language going. Anyway take care and rest well tomorrow hug your family and tell em ya love em. I sure love mine!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Creating a geek

It was bound to happen. We are a internet connected family. We have family all over these here united states and we knew it was coming sooner or later. We would welcome our mini member of the geek squad. Well It is official. She heard YOU'VE got mail and she was so excited. Her favorite thing to do is go to playhouse disney and play the games. We constantly hear NO BEDDA DUDE IT! she wants us to show her NOTHING she does everthing my by self. we have officially created a geek!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

WELL who woulda ever thunk it!

I am in a state of shock yall! I got this rockin letter from legacy magazine. Seems SOMEONE sent a tray that I made to them for a submission for me and THEY WANT IT. (no Im not mad at you for doing that it was really sweet and I thank you for it) Yeah, Imagine my total shock when I got the letter. Now, My dilema is: I made the tray for another site that I am a designer for. SOOO of course my first obligation is to them. BUT, can you imagine. Here I am a nobody and all of a sudden I have a piece that 2 places want!! (where is my mouth hanging open like a fly catcher blinkie at?) I woulda never thunk it! Not in a million years. I guess the honor alone is at least kill over(shocking) to me. SO I sent a reply back to legacy and told them my dilema and that I appreciate the offer but since I had made the item for a specific task on a site that I am a designer for I have my first obligation with them. I NEVER IN A KABILLION years thougth I would be turning down A MAGAZINE TO PUBLISH MY WORK.... WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TOO. It will end tomorrow IM TELLING YOU GUYS! I am on such a roll right now I PRAY I never get off this roller coaster. My sister in law keeps telling me it is Karma and it is my turn. wow. I think it is amazing. You never know.. Legacy may want it bad enough to wait a while for it.. we will see what they sayor if they even reply. I need to get going on another design team. I put in for bliss but IM not gonna hold my breath. THERE ARE SOME AMAZING people, big time pub'd, people applying there and I doubt they are gonna pass them up! BUT, I need the challenge of it, and it is another rockin place. I don't wanna over extend but I do so much better when I have tasks and deadlines. (and cool product to work with) I LOVE being a designer for scrappy chick and so excited and honored to do it! AWESOME people there amazing talent I feel like a crayon at a oil paint convention compared to those ladies omg they are amazing! BUT, IT helps having the deadlines and the tasks. I need the excitement and I need to scrap. I get out of my box more and make myself do things I wouldnt normally do. It keeps my mind busy and my hands working. What about you? what helps you get going on scrapping? WHat makes you get things done?
I know I have alot coming up though health wise but man I can sit in bed with the lap top and post away. There is so much more to being ona design team than posting layouts. It is chatting with others. Making people feel welcomed and comfortable somewhere they can hang out find a friend to scrap with. I bet there are lots of scrappers out there like me that suffer from ailments that don't getout and scrap that often at crops etc and they LOVE the online life of being able to interact at will with other scrappers! I LOVE it and I can scrap in my pj's and not worry about my hair rofl! I mean my gosh nat'l sb day I scrapped from bed with shingles ROFL... (can you say I LOOKED LIKE QUASSIMOTTO FROM HUNCHBACK!) Now that is a true scrapbooker my friend!!!
Meanwhile. I HAVE a HUGE to do list tomorrow. I MUST go to hobby lobby I have like a tiny tiny bit of adhesive left and it is getting serious (the fact they have a 40% off coupon helps loads too haha esp with John keeping me on the we aint got no money diet I mean budget ) I have to get this card box (see previous posts) to shannon's mom. (yall pray for her as she is undergoing her treatments for cancer she is feeling really icky right now and in the hospital. I have to call the dr office about my surgery to find out what progress was made with the insurance company and if my records made it there yet. Bella has school tomorrow because it is show and tell/pajama day and she sooo wants to go. I was gonna keep her with me but we decided she could go for most of the day. I have another project I need to work on anyway. I hope I am not forgettting anything I need to get my planner finished so I can have my list made out. I DO SO Much better with a list. what about you? DO You make lists? ( I love marking off tasks accomplished how much does that rock!!) I did catch up on my posting at tonight. Now I gotta go catch up the others! I NEED A HAIR CUT IN THE MOST HORRIBLE WAY. It is growing all catawompas in from when I had to take that chemotherapy treatment back last year and is still all growing back in and stuff it really didnt fall out much just broke off and looked eww but it is growing back different lengths.. is freaky and sticking up like a rooster on crack right now. well Im off.. to go read this letter from legacy one more time but beam at knowing im gonna have the piece published in Scrappychick (if yall havent seen that magazine you MUST see it at they are the ROCKINEST Chicks I have ever met! I also have a pub in magazine in august I still dont know who made cover yet but she told me I was in a running for it so Im like flippin excited for that! I am diva of the month at you will see my smilin face on the COVER of THE VIEW there this month stop bye and wave at us! I have an article that will go in next months view there also... still have the Hobby lobby pub coming up too with an older layout of Bella at the pumpkin patch SO GOOD THINGS are happnin' here! I am living proof you guys NEVER EVER GIVE UP! keep posting keep creating and if you really have it in your heart and it is what the good lord wants you to do THERE WILL BE A WAY! He is throwin doors open all over the place at me right now with HUGE BLINKIN LIGHTS saying HELLOOO ENTER HERE!!!!! I just gotta get off my butt and stagger through it!

lemme see your WHUUUUUUUAHHHT?

OK so THIS PAGE HAD TO BE DONE. I saw this rapper dude (sorry If I am not hip enough to remember dudes name) on a talk show as I was changing channels. I swore the dude was saying LET ME SEE YOUR GRILL. I busted out laughing I was like WHy the heck does he wanna see someone bar b que.. Ok sorry I know I KNOW I am so NOT a hip hop up with the or down with the what the heck ever stuff. Well I watch the segment because I was so intrigued on why the world someone would write an entire song about wanting to look at someone s grill. THe dude explains it and shows the thing On his TEETH (yes people his teeth) and I was like OHHH well THAT MAKES SOOO MUCH more SENSE to me NOWWWWWww! :;insert extremely sarcastic eyeroll here::: I thought it would be on something that was SO MUCH MORE lame than Putting something shingy on your teeth for DECORATION... HOW UNHIP of me to think.. whatever ok... SO I go around singing Lemme see your BAR BE QUE GRILLLLLLL (huge southern accent added) and lemme see yourrrrrr NEW car GRILL for days. Driving everyone nuts (as I do so well) so I had to do this page. IF for no other reason than to aggravate my husband (hi honey muahhh lu ya) so anywayyy I figured since dudes teeth were so blingy why not bling my grill. The photo didnt do real well but anyway here she is: My hubbys Grill ( ask him about the 15 minute assembly the box said was required bwwwaahhhhahahaa NOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTT more like 2 hours) anyway that is the second page to come after I get over this one.
If you havn't figured out yet.. I cannot sleep tonight. I drank about 2 oz of sweet tea to take my night time medications with (yes my small meal in a little cup) I see dollar signs every time I swallow that handfull. That which will not kill me will make me.... CHOKE CUZ IT cost too much to live GOOD GRACIOUS!! ok so that also is another story entirely anyway. SO I havn't had any caffeine in a long time so Me + caffeine = AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I am high enough off life but add a dash of caffeine in the mix and oh boy (you get layouts with HUGE shiny letters on them after rap songs that I have no clue what they are referring to) I am sure we will look back in several years on this page and laugh cuz sir mix a snoop dogz alot or whoever that sings that song, I'M SURE, is SOOoo not impressed with my rendition (witha southern twang added) SO now every time yall hear that song (which knowin all yall it will be alot cuz you are all hip hop enthusiasts and listen to that kind of music HA!) You will think lovingly and reverently of me( dancing around pestering people to see them bar b cue me some CHIKunNNN!) NIGHT!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


WILL IT EVER END!!!! I have a dadgum abcess in my back top tooth in between two teeth. seems there was a crack in it and something got in it and it got infected. SOOOO now they want to get the infection out before doing surgery cuz if the abcess leaks and gets in the blood stream while under this anesthesia it can cause a heart attack (that is the most severe there are other minor things that could happen but this is me we are talking about Id probly fall out and just ALMOST die and be a vegetable the rest of my life.. like bob the tomatoe but not as animated. SOOOO here we go again. The insurance company is giving us the run around they want to do the surgery at SPringhill (duh?) because it is cheaper.... HUH? Yeah I wanna save money but ughmm not on surgery is where I wanna cut a corner ok!!! All my "ologist" are at Providence, NOW wouldn't it make sense to have the surgery there where everyone is located? HELLOOOO makes you wonder if there are any lights on upstairs!! GEEZ. SOOooo anyway.
Finishing up my projects for Scrappychic magazine ( hopefully mine will get picked (I hope so Im driving myself to the brink of insanity over them) so we will see. You should go check em out they have a BEAUTIFUL top notch site going on. Im honored to be a designer for them. OK I gotta go cook Bella some "chick Al aye" (she calls all chicken nuggets chick fil a) and PRAY TO GOD she takes a nap cuz I sure need one. MUUUAAAAHHH and OH by the way. HUGE shout out to jeanne today HOPE your feeling better my friend and your jaws arent hurting. just bite the bullet and get it done.. You will feel better in the long run I KNOW it stinks right now but hey you can call me we can cry together rofl!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Miss susie Q tagged me again!

100 silly questionsHere are my answers to my 100 silly questions. I tag scraptomylu and teri lynne and lissa and beth to do it next (heheheeh dont yall love me)

:1. Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?How would I know? Im asleep...
2. Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotel?YUP
3. Have you ever 'done it' in a hotel room? well yeah duhhh.
4. Have you ever stolen a street sign before?NO but been in the car with someone that did.
5. Do you like to use post-it notes?Yep sure do
6. Do you cut out coupons but then never use them?Sometimes
7. Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of a bees?Neither
9. Do you always smile for pictures?depends (hey what happned to number 8 isnt this 99 questions now?)
10. What is your biggest pet peeve?ughm questionaires, no im kidding! snarky people and mean people
11. Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out?Out hubby has big feet.
12. Do you ever count your steps when you walk?depends
13. Have you ever peed in the woods?Yup
14. Do you ever dance even if there's no music playing?Yes, don't you hear my neighbors laughing
15. Do you chew your pens and pencils?NO
16. How many times have you scrapbooked this week?3 to 4 times
17. Do you like popcorn from those big tins?No it is always stale and gross
18. What is your "Song of the week"? Little rabbit fu fu.. bella is stuck on that one (now i cant get it out of my dadgum head.)
19. Is it okay for guys to wear pink?depends on the guy2
0. Do you still watch cartoons?Yes
21. Whats your favorite scary movie?none they are all dumb
22. Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some?why would I tell you that? You would just come get it and it wouldnt be hidden anymore you think Im stupid or what? (don't answer that)
23. What do you drink with dinner?Usuallysweet Tea until dr said I cant have it so water
24. What do you dip a chicken nugget in?honey mustard
25. What is your favorite food?Tijuana flats
!26. What movies could you watch over and over and still love?Baby Boom, men in black, one crazy summer
27. Last person you kissed/kissed youMyhubby
28. Were you ever a boy/girl scout?yes
29. Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine?NOT on purpose but then again why would they ask unles it was one of those magazines saying YOU KNOW YOU NEED PLASTIC SURGERY AND DIET WHEN:
30. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?this morning to my hubby to pick up something at store
31. Can you change the oil on a car?why would you change oil on a car dont you need to be under it?
32. Ever gotten a speeding ticket?Yes
33. Ran out of gas?No
34. Favorite kind of sandwich?tomatoe and bacon
35. Best thing to eat for breakfast?waffles
36. What is your usual bedtime?when i get sleepy
37. Are you lazy?NOT ussually unless I feel bad
38. When you were a kid, what did you dress up as for halloween?sure did
40. How many languages can you speak? does interpreting my daughter count? ok 1
41. Do you have any magazine subscriptions?yep
42.Which are better legos or lincoln logs?Leggos
43. Are you stubborn?I refuse to answer and YOU cant make meeee!
44. Who is better...Leno or Letterman?Leno
45. Ever watch soap operas?not on purpose
46. Afraid of heights?Yes
47.When do you sing in the car?All the time
48. Dance in the shower?you think I wanna die? Id bust something
49. Dance in the car?Now how in the ..... I aint even gonna ask
50. Ever used a gun?Yes
51. Last time you got a portrait taken by a photographer?June
52. Do you think musicals are cheesy?mostly
53. Is christmas stressful?Yes but It should not be5
4. Ever eat a pierogie?a what?
55. Favorite type of fruit pie? blackberry
56. Occupations you wanted to be as a child? a fireman, a country music singer, charlies angels, daisy on the dukes of hazard
57. Do you believe in ghosts?No
58. Ever have a Deja-vu feeling?yeah
59. Take a vitamin daily?sometimes
60. Wear slippers?not ussually
61. Wear a bath robe?sometimes
62. What do you wear to bed?PJ's
63. First concert?Charly Mclain
64. Wal-Mart, Target, or K-Mart?Target/walmart
66. Cheetos Or Fritos?cheetos
67. Peanuts or Sunflower seeds?both
68. Ever hear of, "gorp"?No
69. Ever take dance lessons?yup
70. Is there a profession you picture your future spouse doing?what happened to my current one?????????
71. Can you curl your tongue?yes
72. Ever won a spelling bee?no (ROFL as if you had to ask)
73. Have you ever cried because you were so happy?yes
74. Own any record albums?Yes
75. Own a record player?Yes
76. Regularly burn incense?No
77. What is your favorite movie?Mcclintock with John wayne
78. Who would you like to see in concert? George strait
79. What was your last concert you saw?George strait
80. Hot tea or cold tea?cold
81.Tea or coffee?Either
82.Favorite kind of cookie?chocloate chip or sugar
83.Can you swim well?Yes
84. Can you hold your breath w/o manually holding your nose?yes
85. Are you patient?Sometimes
86. DJ or band, at a wedding?Neither, it was a piano player
87.Ever won a contest?Yes
88. Ever have plastic surgery?yes (went through a windshiled at 6 months old face first (yeah youw ould think i would look better than this after that many plastic surgerys)
89. Which are better black or green olives?depends on what it is on
90.Can you knit or crochet?nope
91. Best room for a fireplace?livin room
92. DO you want to get married?I already am
93. If married, how long have you been married?8 years
94. Who was your HS crush? Johnny Harrell (I look back now and go ewwww)
95. Do you cry and throw a fit until you get your own way?No but I would like too
96. Do you have kids?Yes
97. Do you want kids?No cant have any more
98. Whats your favorite color?Green right now
99. Do you miss anyone right now?Yes my friends my mama and my brother
100. Who do you wanna see right now?Nobody Im in my nightgown with no make up..

and I still say there are only 99 questions lol
That was fun. NOW yall do it!!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

When in doubt... wear a life perserver

Have you ever seen that cartoon Garfield and friends. There is a duck on there that always runs around with an intertube on screaming that the sky is falling. Well this was bella today... Minus the sky falling part. Daddy told her she could go swimming IF she would take her nap... she never took her nap. THe picture of her looking out the window was like 8 pm tonight she still had hopes of swimming. NOT! Besides the fact her pool is less than 2 foot deep but she needed the zoe swim float regardless. I had to take these pictures they so reminded me of that character (I cannot remember his name to save me right now) on Garfield. This so cracked me up with the tinkerbell costume. then the NRA t shirt WHICH is her favorite (good lord) by the way that her papa D got her BEFORE SHE WAS BORN mind you. Another day of fun summer time gone.

On another note: My mother has her eye surgery Tuesday so please remember her in your prayers. Also remember Mrs. Moore with her cancer she is still having problems. I also am having lots of female problems (can hardly wear shorts or anything around my waist it hurts... sorry to complain but, Got a call in to dr office they said it was the tumor not alot we can do until we have the surgery... so anyway I hope tomorrow is pain free for everyone.

Ps: Was the ducks name Roy?

Saturday, July 22, 2006

fun fun fun

TOday is our Christmas in July Crop at WWW.THEUNTAMEDSCRAPPER.COM We are having a blast. I have been in and out having some small issues with female problems. So far I have gotten one page made. This is one of my favorite photos of Bella. Not a great picture I know but the bling I added to the 3 and the flowers needs to dry so I can scan it so I just took a quick photo. I will update you with a better scan of it later. Just a simple fun page to get my mo jo flowing. Bella has her best friend "eeya cawowine" (Eva caroli'ne) over today playing. ALl I hear is them up and downt he hallways giggling. It is the best sound. Ok back to scrapping. we have lots of prizes to give away so you ought to stop by.

Friday, July 21, 2006


TOMORROW (saturday) we are having an online crop for "Christmas in July" come by tomorrow 8 am central standard time. There will be fun, croppin and prizes. SO come by and have fun with all us DIVA girls :) I hope to see you there :)

Play area or No play area that is the question

I think I could plant a garden with the stuff that came out of the carpet. IM SICK OF all the mess in here and IM PURGING and cleaning. I have to get this done before the surgery. I was going to make Bella a play area in here but ya know.. Im wondering if that is such a good idea. SHe keeps getting into EVERYTHING and strows more stuff for me to clean up. I found so many glitter packs and glue and stuff I know she is 3 she has to learn but I cant get projects done when she is plundering. SO what do you do to keep the kiddos occupied so you can get your scheduled projects finished?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

"insert picture of person pulling hair out here~~~>"

SO thought today was gonna be a great day ... IT was a good day. BUT I had to go grocery shopping. IT was great to get out of this dadgum house but OMGawesh wore me slam out and I have Bella bug with me..... she dumped well not dumped but Ok

Her version: "Mommayeeeeee!!!!!, miltfate jump to all oberBelda!" translation: Mommy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! milkshake jumped all over Bella"

My Version: She squeezed her milkshake cup and it exploded No other word to explain it.

It was chocolate. This lady looked at me like I squished it out of her! she was like OH MY GOSH and took off the other way. I wanted to say " WHAT you havent seen a kid explode before? " So needless to say.. I had brought extra big girl panties just in case and a pair of shorts but not a shirt and socks and shoes.... so i had to buy her another shirt (she is so smart I wanna try this to get new clothes... wouldnt work John would make me wear them) and socks... I wiped off the shoes NICE TRY BELLA. WE all know your a shoe hog honey!

So we get out of Wal mart. Get to target... Yeah we have gift cards again.. Its confusing I know but John gets gift cards instead of bonus checks It is good SOMETIMES but we dont get gift cards to but certain places and wal mart ISNT on the list grrrr and some things Oh and I was gonna run by the lss cuz I have a ton of stuff to drop off but It was raining like crazy. Bella was SCREAMING cuz it was raining. I thought to myself YA KNOW if I had ANY food at my house I would just go home. BUT no... WE continue on our journey the great hunt for food. Get in target. What does she do.... DUMPS an entire display of deoderant stuff like female deoderant spray. I was like GREAT thanks. She said "Bella WAS JUST FIXING IT MOMMY" I thought Yeahhhh you fixed it alright. The lady just smiled at me KNOWING she wanted to hurl something at us. BUT I MADE Bella help her pick it up. I think that annoyed the lady but I wanted this to be a learning experience. Yes MEAN mommy for making her pick it up. BUT IM so tired of her doing this. We get our groceries I look Bella has an OPENED capri sun lemonade in her hand sipping away. Im thinking... Ok I know Im tired but did I give her that. I look in the buggy and there is a box of them... opened. WHILE I was on my hands and knees trying to get the LAST jug of white cranberry/apple juice off the bottom shelf in the VERY VERY VERY back. I had pushed the buggy all the way on the isle over so this dude could get by. I guess she proceeded to partake at that point... HOW I Missed the opened box though i was like OK I guess we are getting that. I WAS ACTUALLY thanking GOD that it was a new one and she hadnt stolen it from some kid or taken if God forbid Out of the garbage you know how people just set stuff down. UGHHh the horror. SO we talked about how that was a bad thing and not to do that blah blah blah.... Well she had a perfect potty day for a few days straight so I promised her we would get her some special paint. (color wonder the kind that doesnt mess up everything on earth when she uses it) and she remembers this of course. I JUST KNEW she would throw a fit for the cinderella one but I told her ONLY ONE you can choose ONE. She picked the most sensible set. The one that had the markers the paints and three books in it. I was like ROCKIN! There is a brain in there. I asked her why she chose this one she said" well mommmy bella see tindewelda on dat one but no cudors and dis one wight heyah has cudors in it" I was like oh ok. seems logical enough to me. WE GET HOME. Johns had gotten a grill for fathers day from his parents and he picked it up today and was putting it together. (layout to come on that) the thing said ASSEMBLY TIME 15 MINUTES..... 3 hours later I asked him HOWZ THIS WORKIN FOR YOU..has it been 15 minutes yet ? he growled at me. I guess he didnt see the humor in it. SO I took Bella back inside (to save her life) Bella said mommy? Daddy not in a dood MOOD is he? I said No baby daddy is trying to put things together we never talk to daddy when he is doing that. SHe said just like she knew what I was meaning "OH!" like HOW could I forget that! They called from the dr office to set up my surgery seems that the insurance company doesn't want it to be at one hospital so they may ahve to do it at another? (that so makes NO sense to me) anyway the chic was pretty ticked and was trying to get some number off my card so she could fight with em so I was like "givem hell sista" and hung up. glad it was her not me.
SO that was our eventfull day.... Gonna go finish this project for scrappychic mag. and go lay my tired butt down! and whehwhew tomorrow is Friday!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I got tagged here we go

7 People I admire

1. My mom 2. My brother 3. My husband 4. my mother in law 5. Deanna kroll 6. Jeanne (look at my blog man!) 7. oh last one... my neighbor Diane Carter I could keep going and going on this question!

7 things I say often:

1. Do you need to potty? 2. Did you wash your hands and flush? 3. I love you. 4. STOP PLEASE! 5. OH my GOodnes 6. That is so stinkin'.... (fill in blank with cute, cool, precious, etc) 7. BELLA COME HERE!!!!!NOW!!! HERE! NOWWWW! DONT MAKE ME GET UP!!!

7 things I cannot do:

1. go like I want to shopping and traveling and etc 2. Write pretty 3. See my feet (prednisone need I say more) 4. keep up with my kid from dawn till dark (wears me slam out) 5. eat shellfish Im allergic 6. paint like my mother 7. add or do any kind of math to save my life (checkboook is out for me )

7 things you might not know about me

1. I eat black eyed peas with my spaghetti 2. I used to be a cheerleader and did tumbling could jump straight up in the air and touch my toes ROFL not anymore the thought makes me cringe 3. I won beauty in my highschool 10th grade homecoming pagent. 4. I know the entire alphabet in sign language 5. I used to be able to get in the sun and had a nice tan. 6. I used to barrell race horses and rodeo. 7. I lived in the same town most of my entire life until I moved to Alabama at 34.

7 Movies I enjoy

McClintock (john wayne) 2. Demolition man 3. Independence day 4. The Thomas Crowne affair 5.After the sunset 6. SOmething to talk about 7. My best friends wedding

7 things I wish I could change in my life

1. The last 6 months ughhh! 2. My health 3. I want to work full time like a normal person without getting sick all the time. 4. august 28th, 2005 12 :18 pm the moment my daddy was killed. 5. I would have prayed for God to open my eyes sooner. 6. I would have taken better care of my body when I was younger 7. I would be more involved in church.

7 books I have read and would read again

I dont read THAT many books anymore... but :

1. Purpose driven life. 2. Beth moore power of the praying wife 3. THe price of privelge (highly recomend this!) 4.myths lies and downright stupidity 5. what your dr's dont want you to know 6. anything erma bombeck 7. the lupus handbook

7 people who should do seven : (doesnt have to be the same 7) hahaha this is where i get yall

Kim (scraptomylu) 2. Teri-lynn (is gonna kill me) 3. Jeanne (how could I forget you dear. 4. Motobarbie youll do it wont you? 5. jaci (i think you already did) 6. Momto3boys ~ lissa :) 7. If your reading this and have a blog THEN TAG YOUR IT!

hmmmm gotta get used to it

Get used to seeing this! YEEEHAWWWW can't say what or where yet,but I will just say. ITS A BIG SURPRISE Im so excited! Im about to BURST WIDE OPEN. But that is all I can say for now sooooo keep your eyes peeled QQ.

I just gotta say

HOW MUCH my friend Jeanne ROCKS! Look at my site LOOK LQQQQQK at it!!!!!!! are ya lookin? She did such an amazing job. See mini me.. lil bit.. bug... fart blossom ok also known as BELLA, FIXED It for me in the first place. I had to run out of the room for something I cannot remember what now probly the phone and I come back... there are screens up on my computer I have never in my entire life seen before. WEll she deleted most of my blog and added stuff that I have no clue how it got there my type was reversed (how in the world she did that I wish I knew cuz well it was kinda cool but anyway)I worked for like 18 hours I mean I DIDNT sleep to get my blog back to it was yesterday. My friend Jeanne who has been really sick mind you cuz she fell on her dog and busted her FACE.. yeah long story but you can look at my links and see CROSSROADS and click there read all 'bout it. ANYWAY... SHE TOTALLY fixed my blog CONCUSSION AND ALL. NOW that is a true friend. SHE IS THE BOM DIG ITY! Lovin Jeanne! SO yall all go BOMBARD her blog and tell her sweet stuff cuz she has been feelin crappy but still helped out a friend in need. HOW Much does that rock! I will put a picture up later my camera battery is sooooo dead been doing a photo shoot for the trey I made. You can see it later. Maybe.. if your good hehehehe (keep fingers crossed lynette likes it) please GOD OH pleaSE!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

fun fun fun

This is how we spent our day today. Dancing singing and chilling. OK well that is what Bella did. I cleaned, vaccumed, scrubbed and washed clothes. At least one of us had fun hahaha I have to say she was pretty cute in her "tindawelda" dwess and her "sweepin booty" dwess too.

My froggy

To have that much energy again AHHHHH the froggy hop. IN HEELS none the less. A true girly girl in her element froggy hop and all. I thought this would complement my friend Kim's blog she has a picture of her sons pet frog on there so I thought I would share the only frog that I want in my house hahaha! <~~~ there you can see her blog. Give her a shout out for me. Tell her Miss Bella bug Sent ya or shall I say bella froggy sent ya.

lovely day

THE mini monster has no school today she is home with mommy. WE have revolted to being a baby today. We are not 3 we are teeny tiny baby. (and she is getting into anything cuz Im posting on my blog grrrr) She refuses to go potty (not sure what that is about) can tell it will be ONE OF THOSE DAYS!!! Pray she and I both have hair at the end of this day lol

Monday, July 17, 2006

WHEWWW that was close!

OK so I go to the dr they put me in the same room that I was well to say the least violated in.... Read a previous post and you'll catch up if you are clueless right now. Anyway Im like oh no this aint good. BUT actually... it wasnt bad. I had to p in a cup they said you passed a kidney stone we caught it in the cup the other day it is a calcium oxide stone (he gave me a brief lecture on how they are formed) it seems MY FAVORITE BEVERAGE OF CHOICE Sweet tea is the culprit. nooooooo why why why calcium THERE is no calcium in sweet tea calcium is in cereal and ice cream and stuff but sweet tea NOOoooooo. SO anway chcik didnt come at me with the pick so I figured it was a good day! just cant drink much sweet tea no more that is ok I have lived the last couple weeks without it I will just have to learn to drink water and I guess because it is tap water the chlorine and chemicals in it will cause some kind of cancer and I will die anyway but at least maybe it wont be from a kidney stone. I have an altered project of decopauge due the end of the month maybe I could do some rocks and call it my "rock group" get it?? nah wasnt that funny demrol made things much funnier I am finding. That is ok IM SO HAPPY to report I dont need it today! NOW I think I will lay down and rest and finish eating MY healthy grilled chicken salad (cuz my butt is getting way toooooo fat on pred and laying around all the time) and exercise my right to change channels on the tv. MUUUAAAHH!


Well It is Monday..... I go back to the dr day. If yall see me on Cnn for left hookin' a nurse yall will know she came at me again with that metal hook... Lets pray for her sake and MINE not. I feel SOOOOOOO much better but just the thought of that would make someone come out of a coma of 30 years. SO keep good thoughts and all and I will give yall a hopefully GREAT report and no left hooks or metal hooks when I get home. AND IF IM A GOOD GIRL I may just get to stop by the store and get milk and toilet paper (grrrr I hate grocery shopping)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

aaahh Sunday!

WOW the birds are chirping the sun is shining.. wait a minute the sun isnt shining IT IS RAINING! WHEWHWHEHWHEWW it is raining YES! WE need rain so bad here it is not even funny. So hurray for rain! On another note... I feel better. I can feel my legs without screaming. I can sit up straight without screaming. DO YOU SEE A PATTERN??! I have another dr appt in the morning so hopefully we can get to the bottom of this haha get it BOTTOM of it. They just better not come at me with that pic ax thing again. Yall will be getting me out of jail! SO anyway I had my first designers meeting with the site Im gonna work with YIPPEE IM so excited! I have some things to work on this week! I can already smell the modge podge! (that is a good thing I hope) I am really excited about it and pray I do it justice. As you can see I have a new look here. WAS SO NOT INTENTIONAL! Bella the dear sweetheart (I keep saying that in hopes I will believe that) deleted over half my blog today while "playing" on my computer. I wanted to cry. so Im trying to recover it and jeanne if your reading this HELP!!! yeah I KNOW you will be hiding now hahahaaha hey I did recover my profile and my posts and photos they are just in a whacked out order so if anyone knows how to fix that HEY Id appreciate it!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Your gonna put that WHERE???!!!!???

Ok so I go to the dr. Im in IMMENCE pain. Blood pressure 124 over 99 pain the kind of pain that you experience with say CHILDBIRTH. I cant even sit on my rear cuz everything else downt here hurts too bad. THey call me back and they give me this WONDERFUL shot called nubane. and after that IM like COOOl we can go home I feel so much better IM FINE. they are like ughmm NO we have to do ct scan and some other thing whihc is fancy name for an x ray. SO we go do that I feel fine no worries. I get back the dr is shaking his head.. We cant find any stones. There is no stones in there and your urine really doesnt look that bad yeah it has some blood in it but not what we woudl expect so Im liek OK so what the he** is making me hurt so *&Y^#@ bad! mind you it has been like 4 hours and the WONDERFUL shot they gave me is wearing off again. HE said I dunno we wont blame it on kidneys so I said OK how do you explain the THE AUTOMOBILE THAT IS COMING OUT OF MY PRIVATE PARTS? he just kinda laughs (dont you love it when they do that) so he says we will do a sterile urine sample. Im thinking OK what you gonna do BOIL ME FIRST? OH lord I had no idea. she comes in here with this metal pic Im notkidding you it looks liek that thing you scrape the inside of nuts (no pun guys) pecans and walnuts out when you shell them. SO im like hmm that is interesting and she has a cup. IM like Ok. SO she says lean back and put yoru feet in the stirrups IM like what stiruups why do I need stirrups. ans she grabs the pick IM like UGHMM Nononono wait aminute YOUR GONNA DO WHAT? you are putting that WHERE? she says this may hurt a little but im gonna put some lidocaine on it first IM like "WHAT THE *&^%$ you better put ALOT of lidocaine on it and lets just talk about this a second lady you are telling me you are gonna do "WHOOOAAAH OWWW HEY HEY HEY now wait a minute HEY that oh man nononono that is SOOO jsut.... wrong!" and then she is like whistling .. I gues s that is what you do when YOU ARE KILLING SOMEONE you whistle! she is like Oh Ill drain your bladder while im in there IM thinking OH SURE just for kicks go ahead... why not, so after she is done and im trying to unpucker my butt and uncurl my toes. she says well you know I think that stone could have been so low it didnt pick it up and you do have a really bad infection your so red. Im thinking RED??? RED?? YEAH ITS CALLED BLOOOD YOU JUST shoved a PIC AX somewhere that it dont go lady. SO anyway I felt alot better (once the drugs once again took effect) and not reasured cuz the dr was like well we will try to grow this in the lab and see what kind of infection it is and well, come back on Monday... OK YEAH RIGHT. That is what I wanna do. HOLY CRAPPOLA. they did give me more pain med.. which Im like I wont need this if youKNOW what is wrong and fix it! so anyway it dont hurt as bad when I p but good lord. I DONT want to hear the word urolgist again THAT IS THE EVIL dr. They could get secrets out of ALqueda with that torture device I assure you! Im off to go write 50 times I WILL NOT EVER DRINK COKE AS LONG AS I LIVE... and cry

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

well DUH

I couldnt figure out WHY the photo of my box didnt show up.... and then I realised (Ok be easy on my IM SICK REMEMBER and on medication) I didnt upload it. SO I will put it here and then go crawl my dyin butt back to bed. I also realised I left out the LINKS to my recommended sites. GOSH Im batting the full inning here huh!

The links of the sites are (in no order still ok!) ,,,,, and These are the sites I frequent most. So stop by and say hello LOTS Of amazing talent! Tell me your favorite sites YOU KNOW I am always looking at different places online. OK crawling off to bed. hope your having a great day today!

an AH HAA ROCKIN' moment!

OK I have to get on my box for a moment so everyone step back. I got an invite from scrap that moment/scrappy chicks to do some freelance work for their magazine. I was like OMG OK yeah sure! I am SOOOOO excited about this and floored and shocked (they want me?! gulp!) Anyway I was like sure thing lets see how fast I can fly over and look at that site! OH MY GOSH yall IM so im pressed! that site IS SOOOOO ROCKIN! Their members and staff all have posts IN THE THOUSANDS. Now that tells me something ... THey have a very active community. Ok so I am intimidated a little when I look at the site IT IS SO polished and sooo eye pleasing and just flat out gorgeous. I mean look at some of the sites that are out there people and you will understand IM JUST mouth hanging open at how this place is set up. The graphics are amazing! The people are just so friendly and in one day I had like no less than 8 comments on some of my gallery submissions. SO I was like Oh ok they just want to impress me. SO I go look around and like EVERYONE has tons of comments. I was like well heck yeah. THey have some amazing talent over there I am just browsing and am getting ideas and wanna go scrap (dang kidney stones wont let me do much today SO anyway I highly recommend this site! Yall all know I have my favorites scrappersbliss, The Untamed Scrapper and The memory safe. IN NO specific ORder (I dont want ugly feed back now y a hear) SO TELL ME. What are your favorite sites? WHere do you post your work and why? What impresses you most when you go on a site and what really turns you off to it? I wanna hear from YOU! OH and here is a card box I made yesterday. A good friend of mine's mom was dx with colon cancer and lymphnode cancer. I thought this would be a little cheer me up for her and I am going to make some thank you cards and she can keep the cards she gets in it as well. SHe goes to our church her husband is our Sunday school teacher and I just love them to pieces SO PLEASE keep Mrs. Vicky in your prayers SHe has a great recovery prognosis and is doing real well but is feeling bad and sad and all so just pray for her THANKS YALL ROCK!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The shirt says it all

The shirt says it all. I got this at Great American Scrapbook Convention. I LOVE this shirt and BELLA loves to wear her "crappin turt" she is such a ham. SHe had to strike a pose to show off her scrapbook modeling skills.. NO we havn't created a monster hahahaaha

Monday, July 10, 2006

WHOOPS I did a boo boo. I was wrong about the Hobby Lobby magazine. IT WILL BE IN OCTOBER that it will come out with Bellas sweet face in it. AND at your request since alot of you don't get that magazine here is a VERY ROUGH copy of the page it looks better in person. This is a last years page and has a VERY FUNNY photo that I didnt include on the layout. I had a few tell me to send it in to jay leno for the funny pictures but I DIDNT want to embarass the poor lady so bad but here is the photo YOU HAVE TO LOOK IN THE BACK GROUND I felt so sorry for her but dadgum we have laughed our tails off at that poor woman. That is so my luck ya know but ussually IM the one IN the picture not taking it. WE had no idea this was on the photo till we got the photos developed. Im standing in wal-mart and the photos are on the screen and Im about to wet my pants Im laughing so hard at it and finally the little dude behind the counter comes around and is like OK WHAT is so funny and I showed him. WEll then he calls over his buddies they call over theres by the time it got around we had like 30 people staring at the kodak machine in tears cuz the poor ladies face just says it all. IF YOu know this lady tell her THANKS FOR letting us laugh at her and IM SO SORRY I didnt purposfully take this picture but man we appreciate it!

good news/bad news

what do you want first? good news? bad news? Ok good news? ok. WELL good news I have 3 pubs in the last few days. I got freelance designer for scrappychic, I got a magazine pub for scrapstreet magazine and I was notified today I will be in september's hobby lobby magazine. I have to mail the layout in because it has shadows on it when I scan it sooo hubby will do that tomorrow for me. I applied for an amazing design team, scrapper's bliss where I met my friend Jeanne. We both are up for it and I pray at least one of us gets it IT WOULD SO ROCK if both of us got it. I just am not sure if I will cuz there are SOME AMAZING scrappers that are up for it and after looking at the ones that submitted well, Im not gonna hold my breath BUT I SOOOOOO WANT THIS MORE THAN ANYTHING I LOVE that site and MAN ITS ROCKIN! SO I got all my fingers toes and anything else I can cross CROSSED. NOW.... the bad news... DR appt. the suckola part of my day today. I have endometriosis... again well it never goes away it gets better and worse. well He said IT doesnt get much worse than this that the only things I could do was either TRY MY DANGDEST to get pregnant and then have a hysterectomy or to go on and have a hysterectomy and since I had so much trouble with Bella having and carrying her whatever guess what my option is.... which is not all bad news I would be feeling ALOT BETTER and not have all these problems anymore. BUT the down side... you knew it was coming. I have to wait till I pass all these kidney stones before we can do the surgery sooo we are looking to August. NOT FUN so another month of suffering before I can do this. yehaw fun. I have mixed emotions I mean.. this makes it FINAL NO more babies. whatsoever it is permanent I mean once they take it out there aint no puttin it back ya know... that is the part I dont like but I KNOW I KNOW it is for the best. I just hate the finality. I always wanted lots of kids. this just settles it and I know we prayed for one healthy baby and I should not be greedy and ask for another and ANY other child we had would probably have a major complex cuz I woudl have to figure a way to scrapbook their life like I do bellas and MAN that would be a job lolol well I know this is for the best I just have to mourn my female organs for a few minutes and Ill be fine. THE GOOD PART. NO MORE MONTHLY MONSTER yipeee!

Toot toot tootin

OK so I GUESS the "wocks" in my tummys as my DD Bella says Just may be my good luck Wocks I mean rocks. I GOT ANOTHER TOOT! Hobby lobby just sent me an email to publish Bellas Pumpkin Patch page. MAN this has been an exciting last few days .... Kidney stones... publish.. kdiney stones... publish... IF they didnt hurt so bad I might just keep em around a few more days to see if some payin gigs come through AHH Oh well Ill just have to pray harder. SOOOOO If You have a hobby lobby near you. Bellas sweet face will be in the September edition it is called at THE PUMPKIN PATCH.

fourth july layouts

WELL here is the layout from fouth of July. Our across the street neighbors have a little girl Eva Caroline that is 5 months older than Bella and they are the best of friends. Every day Bella crys and crys wanting to go play with Eva. SO they met in the front yard daddy's in tow and shot fireworks. well the stomped on snaps. They weren't quite strong enough to make them pop just throwing them. SO they stomped them which they thought was GREAT fun! Bella didnt care for the sparklers and every time they lit something she covered her ears cuz she thought it would be loud. It was really cute but I felt so sad for her because I know it scared her. THEY LOVED for Bradlee (my nephew) to pull them in the wagon he made it OH SO FUN. They ate watermelon and played babies and princesses the rest of the evening. Im so glad she has such a sweet little girl across the street to play with.

Sunday, July 09, 2006


I just got an email from scrappy Chic magazine to be a freelance artist for their site. They will let me know when they need projects or "fill ins" and Ill do pages to go intheir magazine for product HOW MUCH DOES THAT ROCK!!! whehwhew THat will make the kidney stones feel better


WELL come AUGUST it will be official. YOu will see Bella's stinkin cute face in Scrapstreets magazine! YEAHHH!!! My splish splash layout is officially published. IM in the run off for the cover SO keep your fingers crossed. I won't know who got it till later on in the month but IM so excited! YIpeee!! She said I could keep the page on my blog so I didn't delete it. It is further down my blog though.

They shall be called payne agony and ouch!

Well so far so good. I have passed 3 kidney stones. I thought I was done at 2 but no no no had to pass one more just for good measure. Carol Burnett once described childbirth pain as to take your bottom lip and pull it over your head. Im not sure that is how Id describe it but lets just say Im still walking funny. I PRAY that is it, being I took the last of the medication they gave me. I have a gyno appt tomorrow at 2 45 to see about the cyst I pray it is something that is easily fixed and We dont have to go through a HUGE drawn out process. I REALLY DO NOT have time for this! Then THURSDAY I have a urologist appt. I guess it would be just silly to have the appt WHEN IM ACTUALLY IN PAIN! whatever... I just hope it goes away and stays.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July everyone

Hope you are having Lots of fun today on this 4th of July. I hope you get to see LOTS of beautiful fireworks, Eat way too much bar be que and watermelon and ice cream etc and Thank God for our country and our independence today.

Monday, July 03, 2006

PHOTOS FINALLY of the New edition to the family

WELL here she is... FINALLY I have photos of the new ride.. Happy now? ROFL

I wasnt INTENDING on getting a new car NOR did I want a new car... But isnt it pretty. Rides good too. 2007 Toyota Camry still has the new car smell. Bella says Its her car. That is ok with me. I really wanted the Highlander till I saw consumer reports and saw the gas mileage it got so Im the happy owner of a new car. I guess it is time to grow up and be a car driver now. I miss my truck but... we really did need a car with Bella.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Even wumms

A conversation I had with my Dear 3 year old Bella today went like this: BElla: Mommy! Jesus loves everyone ya know. Mommy: Yes Bella Jesus loves everybody. Bella: Even wummms! Mommy: Yep Even wums. Bella: Jesus loves this wumm and Bedda cubber hims up wiff dut... cuz he deayahed. Mommy: Ok... WEll are we having a funeral for him... Bella: HUH? why Bedda have fubertawel? Mommy: No a funeral. Its when something dies and you bury it and say good things about it. Bella: sigh.. NO Bedda just cuvbered hims up wiff durt cuz bedda wike it. Mommy: OK. a few minutes pass... Bella: Mommy EYe a wittle bowey today. Mommy: A little boy? I thought you were mommys beautiful princess. Bella::: TOTALLY ANNOYED:: BEDDA NOT A BOOTIFUWL CINCESS TODAY MOMMY BEDDA BOOTIFUL CINCESS TOMOWOWW!!! SO this is what we did today on a cloudy Sunday afternoon.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

True love

Here isa sneak peak of a layout i did that will be featured in this months VIEW at We had some photo and paper challenges. This is just one of them. You should check out the site we have some great talent there.

Why is it that the ones you trust the most hurt you the most. It never fails.... every day I find something else out about this friend or shall I say who I THOUGHT was my friend. I continue to pray for her. She is in a bad way right now. BUT I am learning My husband is the best friend I will ever have. I am so thankful to him. HE is pretty mad that I helped the friend out and got suckered into the situation and it has put us in a bad way financially for a small while but I have learned a HUGE lesson and IT WILL NEVER happen again.... the fact he has forbid it also helps lol. I guess I should listen to him more. It seems though that when something happens like this it makes us stronger. I dont know if it is because we have to work together to get through it or what, but it shows he is every bit the man I have always thought he was and will be. I thank GOd for him.