Wednesday, July 12, 2006

well DUH

I couldnt figure out WHY the photo of my box didnt show up.... and then I realised (Ok be easy on my IM SICK REMEMBER and on medication) I didnt upload it. SO I will put it here and then go crawl my dyin butt back to bed. I also realised I left out the LINKS to my recommended sites. GOSH Im batting the full inning here huh!

The links of the sites are (in no order still ok!) ,,,,, and These are the sites I frequent most. So stop by and say hello LOTS Of amazing talent! Tell me your favorite sites YOU KNOW I am always looking at different places online. OK crawling off to bed. hope your having a great day today!


Jenn said...

I've seen you over at SS and TMS, but I'll have to check out these other sites....TFS!

BTW, the box is beautiful!!

motobarbie said...

TFS the sites, the box is great and congats on the freelance offer.

*Jeanne* said...

I am LOVING your alterd card pail. Gorgeous darling... I love it! Hope you are taking care of yourself.... AL is a long way for me to drive in my car and kick your butt if you are not... lol


Sonia said...

check out

Love your altered pail :) I"m going to be making some of those (filled with cards) for christmas gifts.