Thursday, November 01, 2007

A haunting we will go??

Bella was SOOOOOOOOOO excited and ready to go Trick or Treating. We went to a few houses right here by us, to the people we know, the ones that would want to see her in her costume. Since I had been sick I didn't do alot for her costume. The child has so many dress up outfits.. who needed to go buy something? SHE LOVES dressing up though, so we make sure santa knows that she wants dress up pretty clothes for playing.
SHe gets a pretty "dress up outfit" every christmas of a beautiful princess or of something dress up to play in. SO we used that. SHe loved being her "beutiful princess" as she said. We opted for the sunday shoes for better walking. ha!When we got through going around to the houses right around us,(Aunt Diane and Uncle David's and some of the other people we have grown quite fond of that live next door)and made the rounds...posed for some photos,
>Bella had to show Aunt Diane what she had already in her Pumpkin she got from school. SHe also brought some fun things to share with Olivia and Catherine. (Aunt Diane and Uncle David's other neices) She was all set to share with them the extra dollys she got at the fall festival. AS A GOOD PRINCESS SHOULD! We went down to Tara and Gregs house (Bella's "boy" Brayden's Mommy and daddy) They had dressed up (the one of Tara came out too blurry :( I will have to make her dress up again so I can take a photo HA HA! just kidding.
Tara had made them some fun creepy crawly cup cakes. They had fun eating. Bella picked the spider ones with licorice legs (I was very surprised) Were the kids not the cutest ever? Brayden was a "inja tuttle" (ninja turtle) he only wore half his costume but that was ok, He had to be in good form to fight off the evil that ensued her majesty princess Bella. Some kids down the street had made a haunted house. IT was just a bit too scary for the little ones. But they liked watching all the kids coming in and out for it.

Greg had dressed up like a really cool Pirate from pirates of the carribean and scared the stew out of several kids. Tara and I pulled the kids around in a wagon, Fought off the forces of doom (a really strange alien like creature in a yard that chased kids all over the place, that was quite funny and definitly made the need for toilet tissue go up in a few instances IM SURE. We ate yummy soup and hung out while the men folk scared kids, I mean passed out candy to the masses. Then we took a VERY tired princess home to take the royal bath and end up in Mommy and daddys bed for the night. (KNEW that was going to happen) Maybe she will then have more pleasant dreams about her wonderful candy she got tonight.

DONT FORGET ABOUT THE FALL CARNIVAL GIVE AWAYS. LOTS of fun prizes to be given away this week. All you have to do to register is reply to the posts. :)Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The drawing will be held on NOV 4th. LOTS of fun prizes to be given away. See the previous 2 posts also if you want your name in the hat more than once, for more chances to win :)

also will be doing guest dt spots starting in December. She does her Design Team different. Not really a call per say. SHe looks at participation and contribution to the boards/gallerys. She also just got a huge shipment of stuff I can't even name it all so check out the store as well.