Thursday, August 07, 2008

A good Start...

I had a really good day yesterday first in a while and I did another layout. First time I have scrapped in quite a while now. THe journaling looks awful on this I know but my hands are really shaky still from this med. I plan to rewrite it when they arent so bad. The Journaling reads: " Sometimes it is a good thing to have strong arms push you in the direction in which you should be going. We will always try to help you with love and support and a push every now and then to keep you in the right direction. We love you. xoxoxox Mommy"
I was gonna do it on the computer but my giyulls fussed at me and said no. rofl. so.. I will just try again on a day Im not shaky.
Last night was the last 22. I know yall have heard that plenty of times. I am very nervous moving up to this high dose I have heard horror stories. But Im gonna remain confident that it wont be bad.
We have Bellas BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT at her school tomorrow evening. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! She is going into Kindergarten. Hard to believe my little rat is 5.
Time goes by so fast. Anyway. Hope you all have a good day. Im gonna go rest.