Thursday, March 27, 2008

Not a good day....

I had a dr appt this morning and I didnt get good news.
My Gp told me to kinda prepare myself. That I do have lesions on my brain and a postive lumbar puncture. The vasculitis in my brain and that point to what we were hoping not. Multiple sclerosis. The other thing it could be is Lupus nephritis vasculitis which means the lupus has moved to my brain. So. I have an appt, on April 9th that I will get more confirmation and treatment options. I have a new rheumatologist since this one was a nightmare that I will be seeing errrr. first week in May. (its in the kitchen and IM exhausted) Regardless... He told me to prepare myself and whatever questions and alternatives for treatment we can choose. I am not sure what we can do on second opinions (I REALLY DONT WANT TO DO ANOTHER SPINAL TAP) But I did have positive Ana and really high sed rates. I dont know all the counts I didnt write them down I was kinda in a stuper because so many times before they tested me for that and it was always negative. So anyway. that is where we stand right now. I really do appreciate your prayers and thank you so much. I ask right now for you to pray for John and Bella and my family. I think this is alot harder on them than it is on me.
My main concern right now is how this is all gonna effect them.