Sunday, February 03, 2008

THe Soup or bowl?

Ya know I just love how literal kids are. You always know where you stand, you always know what they think. They are born as honest as can be. If it is ugly they will say so. If it tastes yuck then well you will hear about it.

So in honor of the super bowl being today, John has cooked some things for us to snack on. Bella wanted us to make a few more things to go with our spread.

John asked well what else do you think we need? She said "I fink hmmmm. some mashed tatas and some soup."
With a very perplexed look on his face he asked her "Why do we need mashed potatoes and soup?"
She looks at him like omgosh are you crazy or what.
she said "Daddy! ughh its the SOUP BOWL aren't we gonna have soup????"

Hope you get your feel today of Soup er bowl Sunday!!