Saturday, June 16, 2007


OK we have been TRYINGGGG to organize some so I have been presenting organization questions. SO what about you HOW do you organize your scrappin stuffs?
here is on of my most fav organizing things. My chipboard holders. I am a chipboard HO but you knew that already. I havent met much chipboard I didnt like. and If I couldnt find what I needed I made my own.

My father in law made me these AWESOME stamp shelves that I LOVE LOVE LOVE I store everything from my stamps to my huge paint collection on there also. I also have my tilted glass candy jars with all my buttons seperated by color on there as well as a few other things that i want to keep in my line of sight.
OK so show me some of your favorite organizing tricks. Ill throw your name in the hat for the rak.