Friday, August 07, 2009


So my mom was here for a short impromptu visit. She didn't stay long this time. Bella was very excited to see her. SHE HAD TO show her that cat. But then this morning when she left. WE COULD HAVE SWORN WE HEARD ANOTHER ONE! all I could think was ughmmmm NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. THIS IS SOOOOOOOOO NOT HAPPNING!
We are getting ready for SCHOOL TO START. Bella is excited but nervous. She does but doesn't want to go.
She wants her teacher from last year to be her teacher again.
I told her it would be exciting to have a new teacher. Just think of all the things this lady could teach her. Also the things she could teach this new teacher as well.
SHe just looked at me and said BUT MOMMY IM NOT THROUGH WITH MY OLD TEACHER YET!!!
I NEED TO BE SURE and tell Mrs. Gloria about that. She will really get a laugh out of that one.

Bella has been pouting around. You know how it is right before school starts. THE LONG FACES.

I wanted to congratulate my friend Rita she made the BO BUNNY design team. I am so proud of her. I know she has worked so hard this year. I knew it would be her year.

I didn't put my hat in for any of the design teams this year. It has been a rough one this year with the flare up I have been in. My scrapping has not been up to where it was a year ago. I am working on getting my skills back to where they were and maybe by next cha season I will be ready to start back up. I can be more focused and get my craft on! BElla being home all summer also I really havn't had alot of time to scrapbook. She is very active and she doesn't want me to work on my stuff she wants me to work on her scrapbooking lol. which requires 5 minutes. IM a slow scrapper and can take days on one page.
(YES LESLIE I KNOW I KNOW it's called ocd)

My a/c iced up and i had to turn it off and let it thaw. ITs getting rather warm in here so let me go encourage it with the fan to thaw a little faster!!
Hope you have a good evening. We have Bellas back to school stuff and getting her all ready this weekend its tax free weekend here in Mobile. (My in laws came though THANK YOUUU and helped get her all ready for back to school a few weeks ago though THANK YOU FOR THAT) NO WAY I physically can go shopping in this heat my legs don't work good. anyway before they give out completely let me go see if I can make my A/c work. Its gettin hot up in here.