Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Treehouse Memories THAT SPONSOR

AT Scrap That Moment. Here are my design Team submissions: (those are bugs bunny house slippers in the box by the way)

2 posts in one day I KNOW

But this is very very important.
As you all know from my previous posts. The toddler teacher at Bella's school that we here have come to know and love has cancer ... Everywhere pretty much. IT isnt good. Her platlet count dropped under 500 and they are doing transfusions they got it up to 6000 but she is still losing alot of blood. The cancer is absorbing the chemo so it is not really working. They are going to try one more time to do a transfusion and if that doesnt work..
they are running out of things they can do. SO Im asking everyone PLEASE pray. She has a 5 almost 6 month old daughter (claudia) and her husband and her mom that love her so much. SH ehas lots of friends also and everyone is banding together tonight in prayer. I ask you to please say a prayer for her and her family. Thank you all so very much.

For more information you can go back to previous posts and read the dx and our pages for kathy campaigne that is still going on. an effort to make a scrapbook about her life to give her daughter.

All kinda stuff goin on!

Been Busy busy! FIrst off I wanna thank the team at Imagine Create Scrap for picking my layout as the winner of the SEI layout contest! I am so excited and thank you all so very much!

I couldn't post on my blog yesterday I tried to upload the photos from Bella's first play group but it wouldn't let me. SHe had so much fun. Look at what SHE DROVE... she rode this over and over I was in shock after the HUGE dramatic episode with the Barbie Jeep and we ended up returning it cuz she kept calling it the "bad Jeep" and "scary Jeep" SO obviously she is over that now.

SHe also loved playing the video games and riding the whale, and playing on the big playground. SHe had a great time to say the least and met some wonderful new friends.
ALSO TONIGHT! Be there or you will really miss out! Chat with JLYNE HANBACK tonight at Scrapbook Dreamer. 9 pm our time in Alabama! You all know Jlyne from her site Scrapsubmit but also her AMAZING WORK that is published ALL OVER . SHe is on the Bhg Scrapbooks Etc. magazine design team, she is also on Chatterbox design team just to name 2. SO go check that out and tell them Hello. She is a very sweet wonderful talented lady and you will enjoy what she has to say Im sure of it.
Don't forget also this week is the week at SCRAP THAT MOMENT we upload our new THAT SPONSOR projects. This months sponsor is TREEHOUSE MEMORIES and let me tell you there is some SERIOUS eye candy going on in THAT GALLERY. CONGRATULATIONS to Heather for her page making THAT SPONSOR page! You go girl!!
SO go get inspired checking out the new uploads.
pssst...... My upload day is Thursday so be sure and check it out ;)
ALSO wanna give a HUGE shout out to Laura and the gals over at Scrapbook Chalet. SHe previously owned another site, but man she rocked this. The site is gorgeous and Im so impressed with everything. SO be sure and check it out and say hi on the message boards.
I guess that is enough for today (told yall I had alot going on) See ya tomorrow:)