Thursday, November 16, 2006

excitement comes with tears

Im so excited to say I have a publication coming up in an idea book. What makes it so exciting you ask? Its the first real page I have done on my dad's death. You all know the story... and know how hard it has been for me to start a book on it but that I want Bella to know the legacy behind him and how he died a hero. So for them to pick THIS page was huge for me. BUT, what really got me excited is well... That wasn't the page I submitted. I submitted a different page but all of you know my blog is attached to my signature so every email I send out... you get a link to my blog. WELL, this lady looked at my blog and asked me about this page. I told her I didn't know.. she asked me the story behind the page I told her. She asked to call me. So now It will be coming out in an idea book that will be released March 31st. The excitement of getting an idea book pub was overwhelming but I cried and cried because I dunno I guess just the fact of HOW hard that was for me. IT took me well 11 years to do a page and my first one... is gonna be in a book. Not a magazine that someone will throw away in a month or two.. but a book. ITs an idea book but I know I keep those for a long time. She told me how surprised I would be that if someone saw this page that is going through something difficult it may just inspire them to take the courage and face the pain and work through it by scrapping it. How can you say no to that?