Friday, October 12, 2007


Di tagged me. I feel I should be laying on the ground playing dead or something. hehehe THATS OK I will get her you just wait. Even though I think y'all know way more about me than you wanna... here are 7 more things..

Rules are:

Link to your tagger and post the rules
Share 7 facts about yourself - random/weird
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1. IM a TV junky. I love TV when the new shows come out and I FEEL IT MY CIVIC DUTY to watch ALL OF THEM.

2. I eat what kids eat... If it is too weird, gourmet, funny smelling or looking I WONT TOUCH IT! AND DON"T let something I DONT LIKE touch a food I DO like it is RUINED FOR LIFE!!!

3. I sing Loudly and ussually off key and DON'T CARE! The lord said a joyful noise didn't say nuttin' bout a good one!

4.I am still madly in love with my hubby.. even after 9 years..(hey that is like 25 years in todays society!!) sappy huh but TRUE.

5. I HONESTLY believe I have the smartest, cutest most loveable kid on the planet and DARE you argue that I don't. I have photos to prove it HA!

6.I don't use spell check and DON'T care.. (does that make me weird? OH WELL)

7. My Hubby and I would rather spend extra on a good meal we could cook at home and a good night snuggling in front of the tube than to go out on the town or a fancy resteraunt. (He cooks better than most places anyway AND I KNOW he wont drop his own steak on the ground and serve it anyway.. MINE.. well that is another story hehe)

OK 7 facts Tag I PASS ON TOOOO hehehehe who will be my victims! Wendy, Annette, Jan, Greta, Sherine, KIM, Tracy hehehe you can Thank me later