Monday, April 30, 2007


My pal susan got some stamps for me at her micheals cuz ours sucks. AND OMG THEY ARE SOOOOO STINKIN CUTEEE! THey are the little bitty new clear stamps that are acryllic I JUST LOVE THEM! THANK YOU SUSAN YOU ARE A ROCK STAR!!!! I cant believe how fast they got here!


SO what do you want first the good news or the bad news????
HUH? well if you want the good news first... keep readin. IF YOU want the bad news first.. skip down to where it says *bad news.


MY blog is up to 52 in the top scrapbook blogs YIPPPEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! That is totally all because of you guys who read my blog. Thanks SO MUCH!
THis blog originated because we moved to ALabama with the baby (as if we would leave her behind ya know) and all my family is there and JOhns family is well.. ALL OVER THE GLOBE! SO it just made it easier for family to check here for new photos of the baby and see what all was going on instead of sending out 5 milliion emails. SO it has kinda grown from there.

SO .. THe bad news..
WHich IM sure alot of you will be going HUH? and what.. but it is kinda a big deal well NOT Really but I worked hard.

I was in a scrap contest at scrapstreet. I got all the way to the finals man SOOO CLOSE. BUT didnt win the contest. :( I know I know. BUT IT is ok cuz some AMAZING people won and they rock outloud so it is totally ok. No worries. I LOVE the pages I made and had sooo much fun, was greatly challenged. BUT a little good out of it. NOW I can post my layouts I did.
SO here they are for you to see :) I also want to thank all my pals for cheering me on and supporting me and helping critique my work so I could better it. YALL ARE SUPERSTARS!!

so here we go

This layout was based on the EBAY commercial WHAT IS YOUR "IT" I chose Bella and how she smiles at me as My it. I used My minds eye papers and lots of buttons and embellies. was sooo much fun!

This one was a numbers challenge. We had to use 3 different numbers on a layout. I used SEI WINNIES WALLS for my paper choices (MY FAVORITE PAPER EVER)

THis one was more of a freestyle challenge. MY FAVORITE style of scrapping :)
I LOVEd these photos of BElla sooo much. I got the idea for the butterflys from my pal CAROLE. SHe had done some on an older page I saw a while back and I remembered them and how perfect it would be. My tiny dancer and the little butterflys look like they are fluttering with her around her. Carole is such an inspiration if you havent seen her blog BY ALL MEANS RUN GO LOOK SHE IS AMAZING!!! I used more My minds eye products on thsi as well. I LOVE the colors and the fun themes of their papers they have out. I use the stew out of them!

and my last page.

THIS Page was SOOOOOOOO much fun! I LOVE these photos of Bella bug. she is such a sassy thing. I had to write an article as well which KIM JOHNSON gave me a QUICK OVER VIEW on how to digi scrap ROFL THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PATIENCE KIM. AND I also got my Friend Leslie to critique me and give me some feed back on my page. SHE Is a superstar! (dont even blush you KNOW YOU ARE GIRL)
I used paper Studios pp for this and all kinds of fun bling!

Sunday, April 29, 2007


BElla: giggling: KNOCK KNOCK
ME: who is there?
BElla runs off giggling...

OK.. MUST work with her on joke delivery...
Few minutes later.
Bella: MOMMY!
hmmmmm is she becoming A.D,D. like her mother?

A few minutes later

me: OK bella you need to finish your joke now..
BElla: JUST SAY WHO IS DAYER MOMMY!!!! :: noted frustration::
me: who is dayer mommy?
me: WHAT? why do you say nothing.

NOTE TO SELF........ TODAY IS THE BEGINNING... My daughter has totally zinged me. I remember this day long time ago. With my father. Telling me jokes. Telling me NOW you have to be quick. people will lose interest. you have to think quick now and pop em with the punch line followed by "the stare" that will leave them in stitches every time.....
MY protege' has arrived... it is the beginning of a BEAUTIFUL sarcastic relationship.

I wonder.. should I worry about myself though since I got zinged by my 4 year old?
Nah she is just advanced in her thinking THAT IS TOTALLY IT!
That is ok the day is not over. I SHALL REIGN SUPREME!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

WE call this PROGRESS

I got all my paints put up and organized on my stamp shelves.I Reworked my stamps up there today.

AND I got more of my chipboard put away and sorted. Also some embellies put away in the little drawers. WHEHEW WE are making progress people!!

WHAT ARE YOU GETTING DONE TODAY, Get your organizing and cleaning your scrap room done? TELL ME!


Adriann tagged me so here goes (HEHE)

7 little known facts about me.. hmmm whats not to know. SINCE Everyone loves to talk about me (eyeroll) so I will tell ya a few more things to talk about hahahahaa!

1) I hate doing scrap contests. I rarely enter those things. They seem like popularity contests to me and people get sooooo competitive and jealous. People end up with hurt feelings so I hate doing them. It just looks like a recipe for disaster in my opinion. BUT.. having said that, rofl My friend Di talked me into entering one rofl and IM in the finals AHHHHH! not sure how that happened but NOW IM a nervous wreck. ANOTHER reason I dont enter them. Im a worry wort.

2) I was in a car wreck at 6 months old (no I wasn't driving ha so dont even ask)2 drunk drivers drag racing ran us off the road. I have a scar on my nose in the shape of a fish hook. This very sweet lady that walked most every where she went named maycilla found me, I went through the windshield of the car. my face all bloody. My brother was in the back seat and was telling them who we were and who our parents and grandparents were because my mother was unconcious. She was blind after the wreck for some time. Maycilla took care of me till they got us to the hospital. Every time after that when we would see Mrs Maycilla out walking to the store or whatever we always took her where she needed to go. I feel like she was our angel sent to us that day to help us.

3) I am very claustrophobic. Not severely like an elevator doesnt bother me bad, but if it gets stuck I would probably die just from the panic. I hate to shut the door in the bathroom we had back home it was the tiny closet inside the bigger bathroom. It was so small. Freaks me out.

4) This is the first time I lived anywhere outside of Mississippi in my life. I didnt want to move I hated it cried and cried and cried. I stayed in mississippi for a year to make sure John liked the job here and make sure he was gonna stay before I moved here.(besides that I was sick and going through treatments and it was a long drive from Alabama back to Jackson every week for that) But, I stayed for over a year with a new baby. That is how bad I didnt want to go. ALmost risked my marriage because I didnt want to move so bad. ALl of our family was back there to help me with the baby while he was working all the time his family as well. I knew there was no one in Alabama and being sick and a new mother it would be horrible. I was being so selfish thinking that. BUT I FINALLY saw this was a good opportunity (quit listening to what everyone else was telling me to do) for him and moved. I do love mobile. IT is beautiful here and I LOVE my neighbors. I love our church and our home we have here. I can't imagine us being anywhere else now. I have gotten so spoiled living in town. I had never been able to order a pizza and have it delivered before!! We literally are 4 miles from every place we need for shopping and stuff. I really like our church even though physically I was not been able to gofor a long time, the people there embrace us and visit us and really care. I had never been to a church that had a band! (orchestra) I was so impressed haha!

5) I graduated with only 21 people in my class back home! VERY small school we had a football team basketball and track but no band or anything. Maybe 300 in our total school

6) I went to the same school the entire time I was in school. All 12 years.

7) WE are severe Home bodies. We kinda have to be though with me and my crapp I have. We dont go anywhere. We dont travel. we dont go on vacation. well I say we dont we go back home to mississippi to visit family at the holidays sometimes... WE never have been big travelers. Since I can't be in the sun and I get tired very easy and end up getting sick every time we have ever tried to go do anything like that so it wasnt worth it. WE just spend our vactaions relaxing or doing other things. we go for mini trips for weekends and stuff but a BIG TRIP is not an often thing. WE had been planning DISNEY for last year then I got bad sick again. Now we planned for this year and we dont think it will happen then either. SO maybe when bella gets a little older. I know being in the sun so much and all that walking it will not be good. SO when she gets a little bigger and we can think of an easier way we are gonna go. Right now I think she would be terrified of the characters anyway. SHe freaked out over the poky little puppy at the library so I could just see us going there.... maybe next year..

Ok so there are my 7 things. SOOOO I Have to tag 7 people by the rules. SO IF YOUR READING THIS.... GO to it . tell me your 7 things!

Friday, April 27, 2007

MY sweet hubby rocks OUTLOUD

and you know what comes next huh!! WHEHEW OH FIYAAAHHH!
He was so sweet to me this week. He has been having to go across the bay alot working the dealerships there. SO he has to pass right by Hobby Lobby and that one is SOOOO MUCH more rockin that this one that is 3 miles from my house sad to say. SO I needed some bling for the page I was working on. Yall know Im all about some bling. Well while he was there he saw the big nice sales going on and he Was so sweet to me! HE got me another set of the big honkin stamps so I can do the words on my stripes in my scrap room (that is gonna be soo cool) so now I have 2 sets of them since they were half off. HE got me a BUNCH of bling (that i have almost used up yep but wait till you see this OMG awesome page I am working on!) I have both sets of the new cosmo cricuit, some more ric rak and I got the new moxxie papers that are gonna be here today! SO much fun so GUESS what IM gonna be doing this weekend wheheww!
I DO HAVE TO give a big ol shout out to my bud Susan too. SHe rocks in all kinda ways. SHe picked me up the stamps everyone has been raving about that are a buck a pack (the clear stamp sets) 11 sets!!! IM SO EXCITED just think of all the fun that will be! I had asked our Micheals about them and they looked at me like i had 7 eyes in my head. They had no clue what I was talking about. I guess I can take them and show them. THANK YOU SO MUCH SUSAN! YOU are a rockstar!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursdays Happnin'

The challenge at Treasures To Scrap this week is to scrap something NEW...
WEll I had the perfect photos for this challenge hehe. Bella just had her birthday and I just did that photo shoot so yeeehaww!
SO here is what I did with them (yeah I know, it is the same photos as my banner)These are my favorite photos of mini me right now. THis is SOOOOO BELLA. She is always dancing around singing and has on some kinda princess costume prancing around.

I have got to clean my scrap room before the scrap police come and give me a ticket. IT is beyond horrible. I dropped my box i have my primas in. They are everywhere!!!
That is all I know for now... Ill be back later to update more.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


TREASURES TO SCRAP Is still having their contest this month so don't forget to go cheer on your favorite team (GOOOOOO TNT and TERI LYNN hehe)

Also Treasures To Scrap's Kit club is who sponsored the Design team this month. Here is the other pages I made with the kits I received.

I think you had already seen a couple of these.. but here they all are.

I had a great time with these kits. I also made a card box.. you can see it over in the archived blog entrys, with the left over scraps.

I have had a great time with the contest and gotten alot of pages scrapped.

I love this photo of BElla. I can add the warmness to it or cool it off to black and white and it is gorgeous with most any papers. I scrap most of my photos in Triplicate so my mom and mother in law get a page for their album as well. SO If you see alot of the pages that have the same photo on them... You know why haha.

One of our challenges was to scraplift our team partner. My Team mate is Teri Lynn. She is the DIgi side of our team. SHE ROCKS I must tell you. I had so much fun lifting her gallery. Here are a couple of the ones I did.

Great fun I must tell you! Be sure to go see Teri Lynn's Gallery and leave her some lovin! GO CHECK OUT HER BLOG AS WELL tell her I said HI!!

OH I ALMOST FORGOT! MY 7 THINGS! I was tagged a while back by 2 lovely other bloggers haha SO here they are my 7 things I despise:

1. Negativity
2. Children that are disrespectful
4. People who act all Snitty trying to stir up trouble
5. Dirty feet
6. Dirty floors
7. for someone to rake off the mayonaise back into the jar and get bread crumbs all in it (or any other thing you spread on with a knife EWWWWW)


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I have to agree!

BUT DONT SHE LOOK JUST FABULOUS WEARING IT? and FOUR.. DID I MENTION MY BABY IS 4 ...F O U R!!! ::sigh::: SO far.. Four has not been any better than three. It has actually been a little LOUDER THAN THREE. But that was all. WE have another big day today. Playgroup, and REST I PRAY.. This weekend has me still worn out.. then BElla drug me and Diane through Toys R us aka "hell" in search of SOMETHING COOOL for her to spend her new gift card and DOLLARS on. This kid doesnt ask for a dollar NOOooo SHE ASKS for "twenty dollars" not from just relatives FROM ANY RANDOM PERSON walking past.. ITS MY BIRTHDAY GIVE ME 20.00... TOO bad that hasnt worked yet.
ITS a good strategy and has only worked on the grandparents a few other relatives so far. THe cuteness has LONG worn off for her father and I. I had to say though.. My senseble child DID let us purchase cute clothes today.. she is getting VERY particular on what she likes (SHE HAS GREAT TASTE AHEMM LOOK UP AT THAT SHIRT SHE IS WEARING!) we held up a many an outfit that she said nada wasnt happnin' IM happy that I passed the inspection. OF COURSE ANYTHING that resembles a tutu or a cinderella dress IS IN THE TOP 10 for clothing worn by Bella.

Yeah I KNOW I STILL havent done my 7 things yall challenged me with... It will happen I have to think though... so maybe tomorrow when I have slept. haha
IT will happen..eventually!
AND YES KIM I want you to know at toys r us BElla ran for the barbie jeeps saying I WANT TO BUY THIS WITH MY 20.00! I had to say she has great taste... she went for the expensive one. I dunno if MObile is ready for her to be ... MO- BILE yet! I have hard enough time catching her on 2 legs not sure about 4 wheels..

Monday, April 23, 2007

MY baby aint a baby no more!

MY little baby girl is not a baby anymore she is the whopping 4 years old! AHHHHH! SHe is such a little girl now. SHe had so much fun this weekend with Eva at her litlte party and then today we went to toys r us shopping and spent her gift cards she got. SHe HAD A BLAST. SHe was throwing stuff in the buggy like we were millionaires. I was taking it out as fast as she put it in hahaha. SHe did load up on barbie stuff though! SHe got alot of art things and some clothes CUTE CUTE clothes.

DONT YOU JUST LOOVE THE PRINCE ON THE CAKE... "I will swim through the Sea of Green frosting KNEE deep even to proclaim my love for cinderella" (The look on the princess cinderellas face isnt too happy either isnt it.. You would think they would be happier.. OH well haha! I thought that was so funny... must be the medication they have me on .. sorry)

She had SOOO MUCH FUN!!!
OFf to do a photo shoot I will be back with some fun photos tomorrowwww hehehe!

Friday, April 20, 2007


WEnt back to the dr today he said he thinks IM GONNA MAKE IT haha. HEY we were a little concerned there for a bit. With all the stuff we have going on right now, he decided to keep me on this medication for a while to clear the shingles out of my system. I also have to watch my blood pressure it is going up and down.
Nothing that can't hopefully be controlled easily. Thank you all SO MUCH for your prayers and concerns they are so appreciated. I have so much to catch up on!

This weekend is my baby girl's 4th Birthday. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN! WHO TOOK THE BRICK OFF HER HEAD! SHe is not allowed to grow up! I just cannot believe she is 4. Seems like she should still be this tiny wriggly thing that just yells all the time.. oh wait she still does that she is just not tiny anymore.
She is so excited about her party. SHe is especially excited about her cake and pinata. SHe is going to have so much fun. Happy day before your birthday sweet pea. WE love you so much! You have been a blessing these last 4 years and we cannot wait to watch you grow up.

IT is going to be SO MUCH FUN! LOTS Of prizes to give away and lots of pages to be scrapped. We are focusing on SPRING CLEANING. We have all kinds of fun things planned so BE SURE AND CHECK IT OUT!

I got some more good news. I have 4 more pages going in creating keepsakes magazine (hobby lobby's premiere magazine) I have so enjoyed designing with them this year, and am excited to be on for another year.
I managed to stay in the contest at scrapstreet. I don't even remember making my project for my class. THey have had me on so much crazy medication the last few weeks but I didnt want to forfeit, Definitly dont want to let my partners down. SO FAR so good still in the run off. SO go cheer for me and Di.

Friday, April 13, 2007

whine complain and aaaaaahhhh ::COUGH::

THey shoot animals that are in such misery why not humans? I guess I should be happy they don't.

OK SO I haven't updated my blog. I KNOW I KNOW you ALL have tagged me IM NOT ignoring you.. OK maybe I am a little BUT, I have a good reason.
Yall know I was sick with it all through Easter, Felt like crapp didn't care the world was revolving, actually I really didn't, since they put me on some major meds. BUT then as Lupus would have it. It turned into Pneumonia.

Yeah really sucks. My mom had to come back down and help cuz I had not been able to do alot. yeah I KNOW I have SOOOOOO much I am supposed to be doing and needs to get done but well My lungs say different. DID I MENTION BElla IS TURNING 4 IN ANOTHER WEEK (say it aint sooooo please my baby cannot be grouwing up this fast!!!)

I DID manage to get a project done for the competition I am in. IM not sure how good it is. I HOPE IF I MAKE IT THROUGH this round I can redeem myself next week. BUT, I have a feelin I will be sittin in the green room rofl. Ahhh we shall see.
I remain hopeful OR is that the breathing treatments ... whichever its all good.

I hope I havn't let my partner in the Treasures TO Scrap contest down to much. TERI LYNN YOU ARE A ROCK STAR! I did get my template page done.. I think it sucks. YALL KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO SCRAP with Kleenex shoved up your nose and coughing like you have a huge addiction to cigarettes for all of your life. so anyway.. enough whining. IM getting off the nail so to speak (too bad everyone can't join me in that) and going back to bed.
I will catch up on the tags, eeeehhh maybe tomorrow. TOday AInt lookin too much like it hehe. sooo Maybe tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


DONT FORGET TO CHECK OUT THISI got the featured BLOG OF THE DAY WHEHEWWWW! Be sure and leave some love there and you never know YOUR BLOG could be featured wheheheww! IM so excited thank you kim!!

Your Help is needed!

A friend of mine has A precious little girl that is a cancer survivor. I remember all they went through and the many prayers surrounding this beautiful child.
Now they are wanting to give back. IF YOU can help in any way after reading this PLEASE do not hesitate to respond to her. HERE is the link for more information. If you can sign up for the crop OR donate items to be auctione, or just make a donation. IT will help benefit many many children. I am so thankful and grateful to have a healthy child. I definitly will be working with her on geting donations and Items to auction. here is the info:

12 Hour Scrapbook Crop for ChemoMoms!!!
Our first official fundraiser is here! REGISTER NOW HERE

Saturday May 12, 2007
12 Hour Scrapbook Crop for ChemoMoms
10 am to 10 pm
Fee $40 - includes tshirt, lunch and registration
Lots of door prizes, raffles and drawings, snacks and drinks and FUN!

One of the main goals of ChemoMoms is to remember the parents/grandparents of kids who are sick. We want to do special things for the moms/dads. The kids are given all kinds of toys and attention, but the parents are always left out. We want to be able to send them to dinner with their spouse, hair styling, massages, and remembering their birthdays.

To do this, we need to raise MONEY!! LOL

I hope you can get some friends together and support our local moms while having fun and winning goodies! You don't have to have anything to scrapbook - just come and have fun visiting! We will have lots of tools available and possibly some scrapbook products for sale in case you forget something. There will also be a digital camera and photo printer available too!

If you know someone who might be able to donate items either for this fundraiser to be raffled OR if they want to donate something to give to the parents, such as gift cards to restaurants, gas stations, long distance calling cards, we would LOVE to hear from you!


Again thank you all for your help. I know we have so many out there with such huge hearts. SO please be sure to let her know and click on the link HERE if you can help out. Thank you so much Hope you have a wonderful day.

Monday, April 09, 2007


I GOT SOME AWESOME NEWS TODAY. (which I needed.. been sick as a dog still am)
GO SEE! I got today's creative blog spot of the day whehewww!!! GO send kim some lovin over there. I havent been on much cuz I broke out in shingles ...AGAIN and now it is going down in my chest so I ahve to go back to dr make sure its not pneumonia so if IM not on a few days just means IM SICK. Hugs to you all and hope you all have a good day

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

Praying you and yours have a very happy Easter. AND REMEMBER the reason for this holiday!
THe Easter BUnny was really good to bella. SHe got alot of pretty things and fun videos in her basket. HER facorite thing was a big white chocolate bunny and the eggs that have the candy in them that have like dora or sponge bob on them. THE easter bunny even PUT Coins in some of the other eggs for her to put in her piggy bank. She got hair dodads and her favorite candies.
I will show photos when I feel better.
John cooked a big nice lunch for us. WE had gotten a ham and all the fixings and I felt so bad cuz I didnt get to do any of it.:(
I spent most of it in bed. I think the shingles either are on that nerve in my ear that connects to your throat or there are some actually in my throat I feel like lcers in there but dunno. anyway running fever and jsut feel like crapp. I didnt go to our annual Easter egg hunt across the street because Amy (eva's mom) has never had chicken pox/shingels) So I coudlnt be around her but also they all have colds and I can catch that easy right now. SO i just stayed home and slept. THe good news from this is the weight is falling off. BUT I KNOW as soon as they pop me with the steroid it will come back.

SO I hope You all had a WONDERFUL EASTER HOLIDAY. and many blessed days to come.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Blah blah blah

SOrry not posting alot today. I have flippin' shingles again. on my right ear (as usual) and at the corner of my right eye... goin to the eye dr at 2 hoping they will give me those drops that numb it. Happy EASTER HUH! This too shall pass. It actually doesn't hurt that bad this time but I still had some of my pain med from last time and the anti viral stuff. FUnny story.. We went to the pharmacy to fill the antiviral last night and the pharmacy was passing out... STAPLERS...??? yeah that is what I said. Staplers. You know cuz when you think of going to the pharmacy you IMMEDIATLY THINK OMGOSH WHERE IS MY STAPLER! anyway some of the medicine reps had made a ton of them so they were passing them out to customers. SO Now i have a prettty BLue stapler that has ACIPHEX on the top of it... too bad it wasnt orange or pink to match my scrap room hahaa. Im so kidding. I guess for the 200 a month we spend I should be thankful for my stapler so I will not make much fun of it. Just thought iw as funny.

OK so here is a thingy I made a while back thank GOD. FOr my THIS month projects at TREASURES TO SCRAP where IM on the Design Team. I made this from a granola bar box. THe papers and supplies came from the kit.

IT wasnt hard at all. I PROMISE. You just glue the top back together after you take all the granola bars out. THEN take your exacto knife and cut the top of the box like an inch or so down ALL THE WAY AROUND. THEN take wide clear tape or masking tape even duct tape woudl be fine because you will cover it with paint. You tape it on the OUTSIDE on ONE SIDE and THE INSIDE ONT HE SAME SIDE. SO the top opens and shuts. decorate with your papers and embelishments. you can make you a closure as I did out of chipboard and brads. then you can fill it with matching cards. THIS makes a fun gift for anyone.

oh MY COUNTERTOP IS SUPPOSED TO BE HERE TODAY. John is gone to pick it up RIGHT NOW. My mother is coming in the morning to help me out with Bella and celebrate Easter. SHingles are so not fun and just in my way right now. I keep saying THIS TOO SHALL PASS. Thank GOD it isnt as bad as it has been in the past. Still cant get out around in the sun and stuff. Hope you have a wonderful THursday. ANd If I dont see yall again through the weekend. A VERY HAPPY EASTER.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


WE HAD SOOOOOOOOO MUCH fun today at our playgroups Easter Egg hunt. IT was a gorgeous BUT HOT day here. we actually got a little sunburned I KNOW before you fuss at me though i did have on sunscreen I just am THAT not able to be out in it with the meds. IT willb e fine im sure.
The kids were so excited and wanting to hunt eggs like RIGHT NOW. SO ANnette hid them all and lined them up. THey were REARING TO GO.

THEN we had cupcakes

Bella, Kenzie and Abby LOVED feeding the ducks and Seagulls.

THIS ONE CRAZYYYY duck Bella was throwing crackers to, Kept just quacking at her and following her. WEll she threw a cracker to it and it landed between its feet. The crazy bird coulndt find it cuz of where it landed and kept quacking and quacking. THEN this seagull SWOOOPED down and snatched up the cracker from BETWEEN the ducks feet OMGOSH the scrap was ON! Bella TOOOOK off running (so did I) then we started laughing cuz that duck was so fat it couldnt see the cracker.

Everyone picks at me because when I am out anywhere at an event or just out taking photos. I take SOOO MANY I mean up to 200 to 300 shots sometimes. BUt any of you that take photos or scrapbook know YOu take a lot Looking for THAT SHOT. You know the one. THe one that makes you always smile when you see it. The one you CANNOT WAIT to print and scrap. WEll here is one of those photos. I LOVE this one with the lake and the ducks and her expression is just so Bella.

Here are a couple more that I just liked of her playing today at the park where we hunted the eggs. This picture just screams theme of the day to me. HAPPY. HOW can anyone not smile looking at this photo with the bright colors and that sweet smile. YES IT makes me forget how bad she can be when I see this cutie face right here.

WE had a beautiful day today and had such a great time.

Bella has really started coming out of her shell at playgroup, she was so excited to see katie Ann, Abby and Kenzie there today. She has been around them a little more so she will play when they are there. She missed seeing Kellery and Cannon today. She asked about them all the way home.

THis shows just how much Bella loves Kenzie. She just smiles and smiles whenever she sees her. IS kensie not the cutest thing ever with that hair. (her mama is gonna schmak me for putting that on there but gosh that is so cute) They were having so much fun.
HOPE you had a fun Tuesday also. NOW I am off to scrap some of these pictures hehehe

Monday, April 02, 2007


HOW STINKIN CUTE IS THIS PAPER???? Treasures TO SCRAP (the store) is the sponsor this month for the Treasures To Scrap Design team. We each got 2 kits to work with. Here are 2 of the pages I made with one of the kits. I have an altered project too I will be uploading later. THen later in the month I will show the other kit.

DON'T FORGET TO come by Treasures To Scrap and Root for your Favorite Team (that would BE T.N.T. (Terry and Nancy's Treasure)Cuz we are gonna clean the HOUSE over there (hahahaha) we have a GREAT competition going on this month. A digi scrapper and a paper scrapper team up and we do these challenges. ALOT of awesome prizes to be had. SO COME CHECK OUT THE FUN and JOIN IN!

My scrap room is coming along nicely. Just waiting on the Counter top to be finished and we are up and going. I will debut more photos then. (IM still unpacking stuff) why does it take longer to unpack it all than it did to pack it all up? Makes no sense man.
WEll I am organizing too. SO WELL I CANT FIND ANYTHING. Ussually the case huh!
HOpe you have a lovely Tuesday. BElla and I have alot of fun in store today. We are going to have a big Egg hunt with our play group! SHe is all excited. Ill talk to you soon.