Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Your Help is needed!

A friend of mine has A precious little girl that is a cancer survivor. I remember all they went through and the many prayers surrounding this beautiful child.
Now they are wanting to give back. IF YOU can help in any way after reading this PLEASE do not hesitate to respond to her. HERE is the link for more information. If you can sign up for the crop OR donate items to be auctione, or just make a donation. IT will help benefit many many children. I am so thankful and grateful to have a healthy child. I definitly will be working with her on geting donations and Items to auction. here is the info:

12 Hour Scrapbook Crop for ChemoMoms!!!
Our first official fundraiser is here! REGISTER NOW HERE

Saturday May 12, 2007
12 Hour Scrapbook Crop for ChemoMoms
10 am to 10 pm
Fee $40 - includes tshirt, lunch and registration
Lots of door prizes, raffles and drawings, snacks and drinks and FUN!

One of the main goals of ChemoMoms is to remember the parents/grandparents of kids who are sick. We want to do special things for the moms/dads. The kids are given all kinds of toys and attention, but the parents are always left out. We want to be able to send them to dinner with their spouse, hair styling, massages, and remembering their birthdays.

To do this, we need to raise MONEY!! LOL

I hope you can get some friends together and support our local moms while having fun and winning goodies! You don't have to have anything to scrapbook - just come and have fun visiting! We will have lots of tools available and possibly some scrapbook products for sale in case you forget something. There will also be a digital camera and photo printer available too!

If you know someone who might be able to donate items either for this fundraiser to be raffled OR if they want to donate something to give to the parents, such as gift cards to restaurants, gas stations, long distance calling cards, we would LOVE to hear from you!


Again thank you all for your help. I know we have so many out there with such huge hearts. SO please be sure to let her know and click on the link HERE if you can help out. Thank you so much Hope you have a wonderful day.

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