Monday, December 08, 2008

If it aint one thing.... its 20

Well don't this just stink! Im so mad right now which I know aint helpin' the situation none atall. I knew I felt "funny" last night and my eye was kinda twitchy but kept saying nahh its all in your head its not its not. well I woke up this morning and THEIR IS NO MISTAKING IT. I have flippin shingles again. IM in tears IM so angry. Not to mention it HURTTTTTS. Its all up in my ear down my neck and over to my bottom lip and my right eye is all ewey. Dr said probably the stress from everything my body is going through and the interferon (rebif) kills my immune system. ANy time my body freaks or gets the least bit of infection I break out in a heap of shingles. So not only is the shingles invading my body my blood pressure is out of control. The other meds are not helping but I figure it is because IT HURTS!
If you have ever had shingles... you understand. Chicken pox itch, shingles feel as if you are on fire and nothing will make it stop unless they knock you out. or give you meds that make you crazy (lyrica) and well I dont have a rubber room here at home. SO I refuse to take lyrica.
so Im goin back to bed and pray.
This is to the point of ridiculous. Whats the bad part? I can't go home to see my family this weekend for christmas. ITs been 2 years since I have seen them and their aint a blame thing I can do about it. but cry. AND THAT AINT HELPIN. I thought what about us just moving it to them coming here (I cant ride well in a car right now I get soooo sick because of the meds and add shingles (the meds for it) to that and it gets ughmm MESSY) But dr said that aint gonna work either. Defeats the purpose of keeping everything low key quiet and stress free, not alot of people around with germs and viruses (I still cant take flu shot because of interferon and shingles) so I am just sad. SO forgive me for being all mopey in this post. But ya know ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. When do you just draw the line.
we are at the point wise tales or whatever remedy their is we will do it to get rid of these blame things. I know it is a long shot to be well by Christmas but I can HOPE huh?
I have to give props to my dr and his staff they are so wonderful to me. I called told em what was up and man they were on it to get me the meds as quick as possible to try to keep me out the hospital. THey know what a rough time we have had with this crapp. so I thank them tremendously for all their help. They truly are good to us! AND MY neighbors (David and Diane) for helping with Taking and picking up Bella while John is working. Ok Im gonna go lay back down and put the pillow over my head because my OCD NEIGHBOR (not david and diane they arent anal crack heads) is Mowing his freakin lawn (HELLO IT IS FLIPPIN DECEMBER YOU HAVE NO GRASSSSSSSS) and blowing off his driveway. NOISE HURTS. so gotta figure away to block the noise. OR MOVE!