Wednesday, November 19, 2008

ITs beginning to look a lot like.....

OK OK I KNOW Its not even THANKSGIVING YET! BUT. I GOT THIS ADORABLE kit from SCRAPBOOK OBSESSIONS this month I have been playing. So I have Christmas on the brain. How cute is this?
I love this little acryllic album. I am having so much fun with it.
Here is one thing I have made already.

I used the clear Prima bucket that the flowers come in. I altered it to hold candy but you could put whatever you want in it. I thought it would be a cute gift idea for like Sunday School teacher or teacher gifts or neighbors or whom ever you wanted to give a little happy to. With money being so tight with everyone this year I know people are wanting to streth their dollars, but make the thought count. I thought this would be a cute way to incorporate this idea. You could personalize it and put their names on it... add additional snow people for family members (unless you have like that big huge family thats on tv with the 17 kids.. then you might wanna bigger bucket HA!) OK OK.. sorry my lame attempt at humor today.

Their are endless ideas of what you could put in these little buckets. You could use a paint can that you could pick up from home depot (YES they do sale the empty ones just be sure they give you the lid and also the handle) you can put together a goodie bucket with most anything from cookie making things, movie night, date night, feel better, stay warm with hot coa coa. I could go on for a while.

I hope I sparked your imagination today. This paper really made me smile.
I am off to go scrap some more. Hope you have a lovely day.