Saturday, March 31, 2007


OK maybe not ultimate but well we are redoing mine. We ok maybe not we JOHN, Painted my room last night winnes walls green YUMMMM its sooo pretty will show photos when my computers is unearthed. It is buried in a pile of stufff in the guest room right now. We are going to do the stripes today. ONe orange one pink. winnes walls colors. DID I MENTION HOW MUCH I LOOOOVEEEE the colors from SEI paper line WINNIES WALLS? John just shook his head when I showed him what I wanted and said Hmmm OOOOk. BUt it is turning out rather COOOOL. HOW DARE HE DOUBT me. hehe. SO today we are going to be putting up the tape so we can do the stripes at the top. THEN start moving the stuff back in. WHICH KICKED OUR BUTT yesterday moving it all out. We called the Mill co again and NOW my countertop is to be ready Monday or Tuesday.(they better hope) Im kinda glad we had this big project this weekend. It has kept me from worrying if my page made it to the next round of competition. I wont know till tomorrow. You have to pick your 10 favorites. Everyone votes then they have a panel of Judges that vote. and they average the score. SO nahhh Im not nervous. I just wanna throw my guts up in anticipation THATS ALL. THIS IS WHY I NEVER enter those contests.
I scoped out the competition and well OMG they are all fabulous. so yeah Im nervous.
SO Bella is helping us with the scrap room.... a little too much. Her little friend that she was going to play with today fell through. SHe is not feeling well so we decided ahhhhh we will stay home. And the weather is rather crappy but that is a good thing. WE NEED SOME RAIN. My eyes are so swollen up with allergy and sinus pain right now i look like i havent slept in weeks. Even though I slept very sound and hard last night. Im so excited. John has really planned this out and worked so hard on my room. He is so good to me. We have been planning this a long time and collecting things to do it with along the way. A friend of ours does reconstruction work. He fcund some things they tore out of some houses for us to use as well so it is coming along nicely. John is going to paint a couple other pieces of furniture for me and we will be all set. The counter/island is going to be bigger than we thought but Katrina and annette should have plenty of room to scrap now hahhahhaha! So get ready for some weekend scrappin to come up soon. SO MUCH FUN! GOtta go pick out some curtains. Im thinking ORange to pull from the orange in the paint. NOT loud orange more peachy orange. gonna be ROCKIN OUTLOUD ON FIYAHHHHHHH COOOL!
WHen my computer is up I will show progression photos. Yall come seee!