Tuesday, July 18, 2006

fun fun fun

This is how we spent our day today. Dancing singing and chilling. OK well that is what Bella did. I cleaned, vaccumed, scrubbed and washed clothes. At least one of us had fun hahaha I have to say she was pretty cute in her "tindawelda" dwess and her "sweepin booty" dwess too.

My froggy

To have that much energy again AHHHHH the froggy hop. IN HEELS none the less. A true girly girl in her element froggy hop and all. I thought this would complement my friend Kim's blog she has a picture of her sons pet frog on there so I thought I would share the only frog that I want in my house hahaha!http://scrap-to-my-lu.blogspot.com/ <~~~ there you can see her blog. Give her a shout out for me. Tell her Miss Bella bug Sent ya or shall I say bella froggy sent ya.

lovely day

THE mini monster has no school today she is home with mommy. WE have revolted to being a baby today. We are not 3 we are teeny tiny baby. (and she is getting into anything cuz Im posting on my blog grrrr) She refuses to go potty (not sure what that is about) can tell it will be ONE OF THOSE DAYS!!! Pray she and I both have hair at the end of this day lol