Monday, April 25, 2011

spring break is over.. and what a week it was!

It has been full of well EVERYTHING around here. It has been a full week. (and then some) So get ready for lots of pictures.

WE TURNED 8 for starters.

I cannot believe my baby is now 8 years old. she should be like 4. I KNOW I KNOW all kids have to grow up BUT WHYY? She will always be my baby. I don't care if she is 8 or 20 Oh gosh. I can't even think about that.
So since her birthday was during spring break and most of her friends were off on vacation. She decided she wanted to spend the day doing other things and have a spend the night party with just a few friends. I had been having a hard time with the shingles and the girls she wanted to spend the night (it started out with 4 lord help us) most were not in town so it dwindled down to her bff Bailey.
They were still on vacation themselves to we opted to just spend the day out.

First stop BUILD A BEAR.
She has been asking to do this for years. So why not today.SHe didn't want a bear though. She wanted a LAMB. why am I not surprised. The first stuffed animal she ever had was a lamb from her Uncle Windale.
So Meet LULU the Lamb.

She has a complete wardrobe now.. (even rollerskates)

She used her birthday money she got and picked out a couple outfits. Was alot of fun I have to say myself. She has been with her nonstop since she has gotten her.

After that we went and saw RIO. CUTE CUTE MOVIE.
I think she enjoyed it also.
THEN OFF to her favorite diner. CHEEBURGER CHEEBURGER.
Where they embarrassed her completely by announcing her birthday.
They did give her a free meal and milkshake so she was happy about that.
(minus the embarrassment)

We came home watched American Idol all of us SOOO STUFFED we could barely moveeee. I think we all fell asleep we were soooo tired from our day.

The Next day her friend Bailey came over. John took Bella to get her Birthday present from Nana
A SCOOOTER she also got a hula hoop. OH they had fun with that.

They had a large time.

We (John) went and got her a small cake (it was late) so we didn't want a big cake and we didnt want a lot left over with all that Easter candy.

so what happens when you give them cake and ice cream at dark?

You get two little girls bouncin off the walls (and the furniture) you see the clock dont you? I think at 11 30 they were still goin strong.

8 am they were wideeeeee awake.... ready to go....

speaking of which Bella wants to go scootering and needs me to watch so I will return tomorrow with Easter photos... along with her Beautiful cards she made.
Hope you all had a wonderful time as well.