Tuesday, September 19, 2006


SOOO do you recognize the sweet little face all the way on the right?
YES!!!!!!! I MADE IT!!!!!

SO did Deborah, Becky,sarah, and LAVA GIRL I mean HEAther!
Congratulations yall ROCK BIGTIME! I am honored to be on a team with such awesome artists. VERY INTIMIDATING but, I will be nervous about that later!
Some very excited chicks tonight! I think it will be weeks before I get this grin off my face. I know it is going to be alot of work but I know I can do it. I cannot wait to get started!

ALSO Kari, DI and Terri were promoted to ScrappyChick designers! NO more freelance for you chicks! YIPPEE yall so rock! Im so excited for all of you. I ALSO have to commend all the women that worked so hard uploading and posting and just being a part of THAT DESIGN TEAM competition. Everyone had amazing creations and Im telling you Lynnette really struggled to pick. You all are classy chicks and amazing artists. Yall keep submitting and keep posting!

http://www.scrapthatmoment.com/boards/ Go look at the Fabulous additional headers Lynnette made and surprised us with during the Tuesday Night girls Chat. SHe is amazing at this! We had a great time as usual!!! If you havent attended one OH you dont know what your missing! CONGRATULATIONS CHICKS I cannot wait to start working with you IT TRULY is an Honor!

OH happy day?

ITS TUESDAY! WHich means... IT IS NOT MONDAY ANYMORE! I also see above on my blog there is a scheduled outage at 4 pm so if you cant get online to see this and it is 4 pm... go figure.
WHo is excited to find out the results from our STM THAT DESIGN TEAM competition?? (raising hand high in air) Im ready to get it over with and find out. Win or lose I had a fantabulous time. I have met some fabulous people and incredible talents. I have had a blast doing it and made some pages that are my very best yet.

I have alot to do today to KEEP BUSY until TNGC tonight. SO yall have a rockin' day! Gonna go clean my scrap room so If yall don't hear from me soon.... worry.. send help haha! HUGS