Friday, August 17, 2012

A new post!

Are you as shocked as I am? I know it has been some time between posts. A lot has happened. My baby has gone back to

school. 4th GRADE oh my goodness say it isn't so!!! She is getting so TALL. Which I know compared to me tall is everything. She is definitely taking after her father in the tall department and feet.

She is doing the cheerleader thing again this year. SO CUTE she is. Love watching her cheer.
(gives me lots to scrap book also)

Speaking of Scrapbooking Take a look at Scrapping Frenzy's blog today. I am the guest designer and did a blog post today. There is a tutorial for a Mini album I made using left over packaging from those embellishment packs we all get (that look really cute!)
I tore the front of the package but It didn't stop me! I show you how to turn it into a mini album. Check it out. SCRAPPING FRENZY
I have several more cards and layouts to share that I have been working on that I have not posted. Bella and I did a lot of scrapping this summer while I was laid up. We made Thank you Cards for People that did so much to help us out while I had been in the hospital and helped us out with various things afterwards. (we so appreciate everyone you have no idea what you mean to us)
Bella would roll my wheelie cart back beside my bed bring my board back here, and we would get to it. We had several people also that were sick or just needed some lovin' that we made cards for as well.
(I had broken out with shingles real bad after that so was afraid to send some of them due to some of the illness that some had but NOW I am getting to FINALLY mail them bare with us. I do NOT wish shingles on anyone it is dreadful painful and if remote chance you could get it I always tend to go on side of caution on that!!! Be glad)

I am still going to dr visits like crazy I have 2 new dr's added to the collection a nephrologist (expensive fancy name for kidney dr) and an additional MS dr. He is an MS specialist that worked with the MS specialist at UAB that I went to that I LOVED. He is also the assistant MS professor here and is very smart. he is looking over all my tests and labs everything since my dx deciding should they switch my med. (I keep flaring up and he is looking for the triggers and seeing what else they can do)
I really liked him and his staff. Hey whatever can keep me less sick I WILL DO IT.

I do not like taking these injections and the medications that make me feel worse seems like they keep adding more and more and more meds. If I can take the IV and get by with less medications. I am leaning towards it (after I do some more research and find out what it will do to the shingles and also kidneys)
I have so much to look forward to and I don't have time for all this. My Bella bug is busy busy

The count down has started for our Disney trip. OH I cannot wait.
I am already starting to collect Disney scrapbook stuff. Gonna be a lot of scrappin goin on when we get back. YAY.

I will be back with more scrapbook projects. Be sure and look at the Scrapping Frenzy Blog.
Hope you have a wonderful Friday!