Wednesday, August 08, 2007

ITS hereeee....

WEll, TODAYS THE DAY. Bellas FIRST DAY OF PRE K. I know I KNOW it doesn't seem like a big deal to alot of people but SHE Is taking this SOOOO seriously. SHe is in big school now. Goes all day EVEN HAS HOME WORK. IN the first 6 weeks even.. They are starting phonics. MY BABY IS GONNA BE ABLE TO READ! SHE is so pumped about that. She does know a couple site words already but I don't really know the phonics way of teaching so I guess IM losing out on it. SO we will learn this together as she learns i suppose. BUT she is all ready. Her back pack all packed. Uniform all pressed and set out. She packed enough snack to feed I think herself for the next two weeks. I told her she WOULD be coming back home! She didnt need ALL that. SHe is so excited about getting to wear her back pack. I DONT THINK that she REALLY needs it actually looking at the class room and stuff. But she is SOOO convinced she has to have it.
SHe loves her teacher she talked about her all night last night on the way home and has talked about her today. Saying how pretty she is and she is smart too! (I told her I bet she is smart because you have to be VERY smart to be a teacher) SHe said THAT Is because she is VERY SMART.. THAT is why they made her a teacher mommy! Like I was a big ol dummy for thinking. She didn't even fuss about going to bed tonight she was so excited she gets to go to school.
I hope her teacher doesn't think IM a total loon tomorrow when paparazzi mom pops out the camera and takes 10 thousand pictures while crying my eyes out that my baby is actually BIG ENOUGH to go to school.
I know you think pre K whats to it but IM telling you they have these little tiny desks that are just so unbelievably cute (I WANT ONE TO ALTER) and the bulletin boards, they have a curricullum. It is AMAZINGGG what they learn so early now. Bella has been out of that environment for the last year with all my health crapp. IM SO HAPPY AND EXCITED FOR HER to get to go back now. she is going to have so much fun and have so much to do and see. SUCH a wonderful adventure to start. Im so proud of her and so sad at the same time. She is my only one so I have to relish each second of this. so yeah there will probly be 40 scrapbook pages of her first day of school.... but that is ok. She can not say ever that her life is not well documented if anything else. I HAVE the proof. ha! I am looking forward to being able to get the things done I need to get done. I have to get this routine down. IM so frantic worried Im going to be that ONE PARENT that gets the entire class a note sent home ha! I dont want to foul this up. I know I stress over the rules and stuff too much but, I know how hard it has to be dealing with that many children their parents and God forbid any of them have STEP anything... Just want it to be easy on them as well. so anyway.. I will be back later with a ton of photos to bore you with but when yall see these tiny desks and how cute she is in this uniform. I totally melted. You will see why Im crying happy tears. xoxoxox

OH!! I amost forgot! LOOK for my mini album I did on my dad I know yall have seen it. The one out of the cardboard that has all the antique photos of my dad in it (my brother has one i made him for Christmas identical to it) IT is being published in Somerset Studio Magazine (formerly known as Legacy) so how exciting is that! I also hear I have an entire page in the next Hobby Lobby Magazine. Im so interested to see it and how she has it arranged. They are so cool with that magazine and so savvy with how they put it together. All of that just amazes and interests me. OK I REALLY have to go to bed. gotta get my camera all charged up!! so exciting!!