Thursday, October 02, 2008

WHEW lots of stuffs today!

I wanna give a shout out to my pal Lisa Dorsey! Thank you sooo much I received my RAK yesterday! You are just the sweetest evah and I love it! Thank you thank you thank you! Made me smile big yesterday! Love me some orange! (and Basic Grey I mean how can you go wrong haha)
Sooo much to tell you about today! Im so excited about the new kit at Scrapbook Obsessions this month. I LOVE all that orange! That is the new release Ambrosia by Basic Grey. I cannot wait for this to land on my doorstep. I am already plotting what Im going to be doing with it. The add ons sold out in just minutes! she has a couple left... of some things. most of it though is G O N E though! You have to be stalking to get the add ons most months. SHE IS HAVING A BIG SALE though in her store. THere is not alot left from the kits but what she does have she is running discounts on right now. She is getting the news kit things in and neeeds some space! So check it out because you can get some good deals on some past kits and other essentials! Just click on the banner that says SALE on it!
I feel like I am sleep walking today. Guido was obviously upset that a dog HOW DARE IT pass by HIS HOUSE this morning when some one was out taking a walk. People that DO NOT HAVE THEIR DOGS ON LEASHES MAKE ME CRAZY can I JUST SAY THAT! They will run up and have to look at him and he went crazy right under my window grrrrr. (same lady with that trained her dog to use our tree as a urinal ohhhh I just wanna know which house is hers and at 3 am return the favor sometime!) Yeah I know thats mean but geeez! I had stayed up late last night.
I went to the INSPIRE ME chat about the new releases from Websters Pages. OMG I was so inspired I stayed up wayyyyy too late scrapping last night. YOU SHOULD SEE THIS LINE! HOLY MOLY! Well you know I love orange. well this line has orange in it and omgosh it is just gorgeous and the new journaling cards AND the trims :swooon: It became available last night. so you can order it HERE check out the Reflections of Nature, and Inspired lines while your looking cuz omgosh DROOOL! If you love to layer (as you know I do) you will be very excited about the new line. I see so much potential with this! They also have those beautiful calendar pages!
Also I was looking through my gallery there and thought I had uploaded this frame I had made a while back. I obviously didn't because I couldn't find anywhere I had uploaded it to my computer. SO we must remedy that. I took another photo of it so I can post it. Sorry about that. THis is from an older but absolutly gorgeous line called PARLOR if you scroll down on that list you can see the whole line. Very pretty fall papers.
There was alot of talk about the new releases that are to come out in the next few months. All kind of awesome embellishments,Flowers and trims! I am so excited about this! Terri Conrad outdid herself this time! THANK YOU TERRI!

I stayed up late last night working on a page. I am not finished with it but it is coming along nicely, lots of dimension and flowers and BUTTERFLIES yummm! I will try to come back and post it this afternoon or in the morning. Last night was also shot night so Im having the flu like effects today and just whooped tired.

OH oh oh! I got wheels yesterday! My new Wheelchair came in! whehew! Its pretty cool I didn't do electric. I am not ready for that THANK YOU LORD. I am going to try to stay out this sucka as long as I absolutly can. BUT, I have a problem where when I get tired, or the least bit hot, (or nauseaus) My legs just go weak, literally, I cannot take another step and they will not hold me up. It doesn't matter where I am, or what I am doing. I have gotten in trouble and very close to stuck, out in my back yard this summer twice. I was out just for a few minutes in the shade watching Bella swing or ride her bike. NO CAN DO. Heat is like kryptonite I tell you takes away my strength. I know you MS peeps understand what I am talking about. SO I have this now, that can fold up and fit nicely in my car. I can take it with me and go somewhere (when I get to go somewhere...) and not have to worry if they have one or if it is nasty or broken. I am praying I get to go on Bella's field trip next week. Hopefully it won't be too warm. It will be alot of walking, which, I know I cannot do. (I do good to go from here to the kitchen and then back without having to sit down and rest. thats a good day!!)

SO this wheelchair, it is just.. way too ughmm well... BLAHHHHHHHHHH. I got really mixed emotions yesterday when it came in. The harsh reality of what is yet to come. I mean we KNOWWW the inevitable, but we also know ME and I am a damned and determined cuss, and want to stay out of this sucker. BUT, I still say it still needs some blingage! WE SOOOO NEED TO PIMP THIS RIDE! I have already decided We also have to name it. This will be with me forever so, we have to be on a first name basis. I have a couple of ideas, Rollio has come to mind. (like me and rollio down by the school yard. sing it with me people) and I have had a few other suggestions. So tell me what you think. What should its name be?
Hmmmm wonder if this will account for one of my altered items? will have to check with boss lady on that haa! I told John we needed some spinners and some rims on it... its already low to the ground (you know how short I am and my feet have to touch the ground, John kept laughing at me because it WONT GO MUCH LOWER) I still see flames on it and it having some bling. cadillac it out, so tell me your suggestions. I will take everyones name that gives a suggestion and put their name in a hat for a RAK! So be thinking of some cool suggestions for it and tell me here!I will hook you up with some goodies!!
I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!