Friday, February 22, 2008

Today has been awful day...

Please keep my cousin Brooke and her family in your prayers. SHe is the daughter of my cousin Jan. She is pregnant and lost the baby today. THey are inducing labor as we speak. It is really hard on the family and is very sad. Please all of them in your prayers please.

Feeling really sad and wishing I could be with my family today. It stinks to live so far away at times like this.

Challenge and a card

Today is my day to do the challenge over at Iscrap so if you need a boost to scrap check it out!!
The weather is being all icky here. Rainy and thunderstormy and just blahhh.
I got some good news though! Bella is gonna be in the July Scrapbook Trends Magazine. Whehew.
I got an email last night from them, so I had to do some rearranging on my blog and on my slide shows.
Be sure also to pick up the Next Quarters edition of Hobby Lobby magazine. It is called scrapping, stamping, and Stationary. You can find them at all the hobby lobby stores. If you don't have a Hobby Lobby, You can get it online HERE. I have pages in there also.

I worked last night on submitting some things I can't show yet because they have to be not posted before, in order to submit them. I am finishing up on 2 yes TWO made from scratch mini albums and also working on my brothers birthday present (that is gonna be late by the way bro..) The flu kicked us back. I could go ahead and mail it but IM THINKIN you would not like it right now hahahaa. Ahhh he is getting old that brother of mine. Just had to share that with yall. I still love him though...Oh man I must be running fever I admitted that in public UGHHH!

Did any of you watch lost last night? OH MY GOSH that is one show you have to sit and watch or you can get yourself lost on it quickly. It comes on RIGHT at Bellas bath time and I had to threaten her to not sing QUITE SO LOUD and make a tsunami come through the bathroom as she swims in the tub. Im glad I got to see it though. OMGOSH the BABY!!! I cannot wait to see where this story leads, every time I think we have it figured out something else happens!

I made another card last night. I am loving this Rusty Pickle Lucky set of papers. I have made all kinda fun projects with it so far. LOTS of cards.
A guy that worked with John Recently passed away from cancer. It is really sad he leaves behind a wife and a 7 year old little girl. John talked to him alot in Dayton he was the guy John called to find out info with his calls he had to run etc. SO It hit him pretty hard. He wasn't much older than we are. IS very eye opening and heart breaking.
So remember their family when you say your prayers.
Here is the card I made for them:

There are online crops going on all over the place this weekend. I know Create My Keepsake is having one, also Treasures to Scrap is having one. IM not sure IM gonna make any of them. You see Simone and Josie are coming down for Elizabeths 30th Birthday (TOMORROW) so IM hoping and praying my sweet hubby will take me over there for a little bit so I get to see them and take Elizabeth some birthday happys. I know I KNOW.. all the flu is going around and all that. Im still considering that enviromental protection agency hap hazard suit. THEN MAYBE I can GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE!!! That is how You know I am feeling Better when THis house starts driving me bonkers. IT GETS VERY VERY OLD sitting in this house day after day after day going nowhere Im telling you. But the thing is I caught the flu anyway.. so Im thinking what difference does it make. I dunno IM still trying to convince him to let me go. I think seeing my girls for just if I dont get to go but an hour would be VERY HELPFUL to me. ITS NOT LIKE Simone and Josie come down every day ya know! Id love to meet them in person finally. So anyway we will see. I will let you know what happens. If you see crazy photos sunday you know we went hahahaa.

I hope you all have a great weekend.