Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Now that I have your attention hahahaha. NO, it isnt snowing but YOU COULNDT CONVINCE BElla of that. SHe just KNEW she was seeing snow.. fields and fields of it.. errr wellt he fact it is in the mid upper 70's here makes THAT IMPOSSIBLE!!!
BUT YOU KNOW I had to do a page for her book about her new found snow. Take a peek.
Here is the journaling if your like me and can't see too good anymore lol
As we came around the curve, Bella’s eyes lit up
and as soon as she saw it I KNEW what she
Was about to say.”LOOK! IT SNOWED!”
IT was hard to tell her that no, this was not snow
This was actually cotton. Fields and fields of
The soft fluffy stuff as far as the eye can see.
Living way down in Mobile, Alabama we don’t
See much snow, but in her eyes this will ALWAYS
Be THE BEST Bama snowfall ever!

Genuine “fresh picked” Alabama Snow

HOPE you get a little bit of "snow" in whichever form you can get where you live.