Friday, August 04, 2006


Jeanne Inspired me so much with her page she did I had to do one too. I love this technique so much but I DONT THINK I WILL be doing alot of them since it hurts ya hands so much ahahahaha
I am so JEALIN OVER JEANNE'S stash and hanging out with DONNA TODAY! Man none of the cool people ever come down here! REckon Im gonna just have to come to them!! LOVIN that cosmo cricket wanted to jump through the phone and snatch those flourishes up from her too! Check out her photos and stash on her blog (its the crossroads ~~~~~~~~>over there under my blog links.) THey looked like they had soooo much fun! SO while the dr is sawing me in half I will be dreaming about all the beautiful goodies she is sitting there scrapping with... ::Insert the sad violin music here:: NO it is ok that I will not be able to scrap and suffer in silence I will put my adhesive under my pillow so I will ahve sweet dreams while they RIP OUT MY INNARDS.... ::harp soloist plays here:: its ok I will manage I know I will survive and scrap again ::overture with flutes in the background resumes:: I know this will not keep ....::music halts:: OK OK YEAH I KNOW ABOUT MY DOG STORY I WROTE IT REMEMBER. hahahahah Just pokin a little fun at ya Jeans!! I cannot WAIT to see what you create with it and say Hi to DONNA for me I have SO scraplifted I mean used her books for inspiration a million times She rocks big time! OK I need to go see if these pizza rolls have anything Im allergic to in them Hubby had a cheesy grin when he served them to me. hehahaha. HAVE FUN!! KEEP SCRAPPIN or as bella says DEEP CRAPPIN!


I get to the dr today for all the preliminary stuffs and we are going over my list of questions I got from the site Elise gave me THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT it really helped called and come to find out.. he pulls up my pap results AND THEY WERE NORMAL. THE LAB called me by accident AND IT WASNT EVEN THEIR LAB! IT was a mere coincidence that I had been to the gyno in the last few weeks WAS REALLY WEIRD. HE said OUR OFFICE calls NOT A LAB. I said well they said it was labtech or lab corb or corp with my results from my pabst smear and the results were abnormal I need to follow up with my ob/gyn His face fell he said NO NONONONO that wsa not us and he went over ita lla gain. SO THANK YOU GOD THAT wasnt me but I feel so sorry for the person that it was for that thinks they have a normal one and didnt receive that call they should have received. That is scary. SO that was my good news for today. Im anxious and ready to get this over with!

Amazing what a haircut can do for ya!

It is simply amazing just how much a haircut can make you feel better. I think I lost at least 5 lbs. Melissa swears my hair is coming back in THICKER than it did in the first place after I had those chemo treatments last year. Mind you THEY were NOTHING compared to what Cancer patients have to take this was a 1/4 dose maybe if that much equivelant. We looked back in the side effects and hair loss is a major one along with shingles and pneumonia WELL DUHHH. I guess the good lord blessed me with a HUGE amount of hair cuz mine didnt fall out like alot of other people i have talked to or we didn't notice because I have so much hair.... OH BUT NO I DID have shingles 3 times... TWICE on one side even. IT WAS CRAZY. My dr just shook his head. His carnote loves me. I just took my last dose of valtrex that is what made me think of it and the fact I got a hair cut..
I also got my eyebrows ripped out. AMazing how that makes you look so much better.. besides the fact I have these two HUGE equal signs that are red on my forehead..and on my eyelids but then again, I was starting to look like BERT on sesame' street so It was pretty painful. Melissa went on and on about how thick Bellas hair was. She was blessed with a GORGEOUS head of hair. BUT then again John and I both have thick thick hair as well. Poor kid she will know the term texturize before she is 4 years old.
We went to target afterwards. I was exhausted but I had to get some more of those blame mattress pads as I call them. GOOD LORD I think I will bleed to death before we get all this done. Not to mention my ice cream habit ( I REALLY GOT TO GET OVER THAT ONE) I am hearing others mention as well when they had cysts and endo and all this crapp I have, that they had severe cravings as well so I DONT feel quite as bad. I have been dying for ice cream with that topping that hardens when you pour it on.. NOT JUST chocolate but the as bella calls it CARMAMEYULL too. We have to have both cuz we are GIYULLS (girls) she is such a mess. I have been needing chocolate in the worse way to the point I would cry I needed it so bad. That is just sad. Well that is all for today. I got my viewpoints in tonight so Im working on that so maybe at least one project out of the way before I get the big cut. OH AND YOU WILL BE HAPPY TO NOTE I FINALLY GOT SOME ADHESIVE whehwhehww!! (pause for applause)

Sorry no major words of wisdom for tonight.. except for didnt think I was gonna let you out of this without SOME kinda wise crack did you? I thought not! I will let Mr Mark Twain close my blog thoughts for tonight with this: NOISE proves NOTHING... Often a hen who has merely laid an egg cackles as if she has laid an asteroid.... I will leave you alone to think on that one a minute... IT will come to you I promise ::wink::
See you tomorrow