Sunday, June 24, 2007

A small Toot...

OK not really a big deal to some but.. My page I just did of Bella "seriously 4" was picked up by the manufacturer's website. It is published in Basic Greys Gallery. whehew. SO a small little toot.

I taught a little make and take class at Treasures To scrap online tonight. IT was fun. Thank you Annette for letting me use your sample and do this. IT is a lot of fun we will be doing a card to add to it every week. Here is what I did. It is not too late if you would like to join in. I put a tutorial up at Treasures to Scrap in the forums.

We are having a weekend birthday crop also this weekend. Lots of fun and prizes to be won. SO, stop on by and say hello. We learned alot about each other last night in the GETTING TO KNOW YOUR DESIGN TEAM CHALLENGE.. I think a few bones fell out of some closets ha ha. Was way too much fun! SO come on by and have fun with us! SHe is having a HUGEEEEE sale in her store as well ITS CRAZY. 40% off any order over 10.00 YES you heard me. HOW crazy is THAT! so come on by.