Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Yeah she looks all sweet doesnt she? This photo is by David Carter Photography (also my neighbor also Uncle Dabid to Bella) HE IS AMAZING! I zoomed it in and did some playing with the colors he can get her to smile and poze like a pro. Yall should see the one we are getting for over the fireplace it is AMAZING! SO IF YOUR EVER in Mobile and need a photographer CALL DAVID Carter Photography THEY ROCK! (or as Bella says DAY WOP MAYAN!) (they rock man)


SHe cant get this from me IT HAS to be her father! SILLY KID CANNOT WAIT for the page to come with this one!!!

MY favorite page of late.. I LOVE this photo of Bella bug. I did a reverse color on it and added the aged newspaper filters then hand shadowed it with paint shop pro. I go the updates adobe photo shop CS 2 OMGAWESH what a difference it makes to your photos SO MUCH more you can do with it!


OK so my sink is haunted! THe sprayer hosey thing.. tonight just went ballistic on me spraying. IT looked like something out of a cartoon. I have NO CLUE why. I didnt even mash the thingy.. THIS IS the 4th I REPEAT 4th SPRAY hoser thingy we have gone through so WHAT IS UP WITH THAT??? I think it is either the water in MOBILE is eating through is or the sink is haunted. It wants me to not go near it so I Humbly give in to not wash dishes hahahaha.. if it were so easy... MY Favorite new site you say? OH WELL YOU HAVE GOT TO CHECK OUT THE MEMORY SAFE! OH MY GAWESH they have got THE GREATEST kits I HAVE EVER SEEEEN for the money and an awesome gallery and message board group. HUGE talent there and an array of ages of the members. YOu have all kinds from mellow to crazy (like me) and some younger hipper people as well.. not that Im sayin IM OLD or anything but it is amazing that high school and college folks are into this thing too. We have so much to learn from each other and man there is alot of talent there. I have alot of projects coming up and some toots on the way IM SO EXCITED about. MY basic grey ribbon is DUE TO HIT MY DOORSTEP ANY DAY NOW IM SO excited as well as the other goodies I got on Nat'l SB day. Cannot wait to play! WEll Im off to finish my Basic grey canvas project for Mothers day. Wendi, Emily and Baby Bob came over this evening I was so happy to see them I missed them so much. Bob'o had some new tricks shakin his head no at everything he is sooo stinkin cute. and he loved my chicken and dumplins. THe girls had fun playing and Bella was once again traumatized by the Barbie Jeep.. I guess she will just have to grow into it I THINK the noise of it scares her. IF I can get my photos to upload Ill share some pics :) Gotta run HEr highness is screaming for MORE water SHE SOOO should be asleep by now!!!