Friday, December 15, 2006

Bella gets an early Christmas Gift.

Uncle WIndale and Aunt Karen sent Bella's Christmas gift with My mom. They wanted her to go on and open it since they dont know when they will get to come home for christmas .. probably after christmas. so these are the photos It was so funny. SHE LOVED IT! IT lights up, plays the princess's theme songs, plays phrases from the movies, does fireworks (well the sounds and then the whole castle lights up) and has all the characters. SHe is so quiet right now I am in shock. She said that is her bestest present evugh. haha here are some photosThe last two is where she called uncle windale to tell him thank you. She is SHOWING HIM what all it will do through the phone (she thinks) I havent seen her since she opened it. I needed this a week ago hahaahaha. THANK YOU UNCLE WINDALE AND AUNT KAREN VERY MUCH!