Saturday, December 01, 2007


We went to the Grand Bay Christmas parade tonight and HAD SOOOO Much FUN!
IT was a small town parade in the south so NOTHING like the big fancy parades Im sure alot of you have but IT WAS SOOOOO MUCH FUN. Santa was there!! SEEEEBella and her "boy" Brayden were all ready to catch some throws. They did get some stuffed animals and moon pies, Lots of Necklaces. brayden was so sweet and shared his Teddy bears with her. She was just starry eye'd THEY are so cute!

THey did get alot of awesome throws. Bella looked like MR. T with all her beads and that was not even close to half of them hahaha.I know it is hard to tell what this is but.. ITS A JOHN DEER TRACTOR covered in Christmas lights. IT WAS HARD to take photos...

I did get some cute shots of the kids:Im surprised Bella has a voice left from SCREAMING: THROW ME SOMETHIN MISTERRRRR!!!! she danced and sang with the music had a glorious time!
I think we are all a little more in the Christmas spirit now!