Friday, July 21, 2006


TOMORROW (saturday) we are having an online crop for "Christmas in July" come by tomorrow 8 am central standard time. There will be fun, croppin and prizes. SO come by and have fun with all us DIVA girls :) I hope to see you there :)

Play area or No play area that is the question

I think I could plant a garden with the stuff that came out of the carpet. IM SICK OF all the mess in here and IM PURGING and cleaning. I have to get this done before the surgery. I was going to make Bella a play area in here but ya know.. Im wondering if that is such a good idea. SHe keeps getting into EVERYTHING and strows more stuff for me to clean up. I found so many glitter packs and glue and stuff I know she is 3 she has to learn but I cant get projects done when she is plundering. SO what do you do to keep the kiddos occupied so you can get your scheduled projects finished?