Friday, July 21, 2006

Play area or No play area that is the question

I think I could plant a garden with the stuff that came out of the carpet. IM SICK OF all the mess in here and IM PURGING and cleaning. I have to get this done before the surgery. I was going to make Bella a play area in here but ya know.. Im wondering if that is such a good idea. SHe keeps getting into EVERYTHING and strows more stuff for me to clean up. I found so many glitter packs and glue and stuff I know she is 3 she has to learn but I cant get projects done when she is plundering. SO what do you do to keep the kiddos occupied so you can get your scheduled projects finished?


motobarbie said...

Good luck with the cleaning the scraproom and have fun at the crop!

*Jeanne* said...

Good luck with cleaning your scraproom. When you are done you should come over and do mine.. It is so bad.. I might actually loose you in there... I dont want to do that.