Sunday, July 23, 2006

When in doubt... wear a life perserver

Have you ever seen that cartoon Garfield and friends. There is a duck on there that always runs around with an intertube on screaming that the sky is falling. Well this was bella today... Minus the sky falling part. Daddy told her she could go swimming IF she would take her nap... she never took her nap. THe picture of her looking out the window was like 8 pm tonight she still had hopes of swimming. NOT! Besides the fact her pool is less than 2 foot deep but she needed the zoe swim float regardless. I had to take these pictures they so reminded me of that character (I cannot remember his name to save me right now) on Garfield. This so cracked me up with the tinkerbell costume. then the NRA t shirt WHICH is her favorite (good lord) by the way that her papa D got her BEFORE SHE WAS BORN mind you. Another day of fun summer time gone.

On another note: My mother has her eye surgery Tuesday so please remember her in your prayers. Also remember Mrs. Moore with her cancer she is still having problems. I also am having lots of female problems (can hardly wear shorts or anything around my waist it hurts... sorry to complain but, Got a call in to dr office they said it was the tumor not alot we can do until we have the surgery... so anyway I hope tomorrow is pain free for everyone.

Ps: Was the ducks name Roy?