Thursday, October 09, 2008

I'll be back.....

Sorry havn't updated. Shingles moved to the OTHER SIDE and on my ear where it is on the nerve it is on is effecting my eye and massive headache. But, I will be back Just got to get rid of headache. Hopefully I can show more cool stuff tomorrow. In the mean time how about checking out some of the links over on the side where it says BLOGS I LOVE. I have some massive talented buds. I need to add some to my list over there and I think I have a few links that don't work anymore. ITS ON THE LIST lol OK sunglasses arent helping I thought that might help me get some work done but its rubbing them and making it worse so BACK TO BED. SORRRY (I tried)
check out those blogs and tell em your favs! IF there are some awesome ones that arent on the list tell me about it. Give me a link and I will check it out!
hugs and hope!