Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fall Festival

We went to the Fall Festival today at St. Elmo Baptist Church. SO much fun! Bella LOVED IT. It was a GGGGGORGEOUS day!
We took Eva Caroline (from across the street) Bellas BFF with us. THey were so cute!
THey played on the blow up jumpy things

There were alot of different little games there for them to play.

They even had a hay ride
Everyone had a wonderful time.

We are plum tuckered out. It was good to get out though and see Bella have such a good time though. Also to see friends I haven't seen in a while. We also got to see Halloween exploded. The house across the street had gone ALLLL OUT with the halloween decorating. Check this out. Grizwalds dont have NUTTIN on these folks!

Of Course Bella thought it was the coolest thing ever and wants us to do our yard and house the same way... Im thinking NO! YOU dont get the full effect because the blow up things were inflated... but man.. I have never seen so many halloween decorations in one place in my life. We MUST go back Christmas and see what they do for that!!!