Saturday, September 16, 2006


Bella came home with the cutest thing from school. They did "shape monster" I hop eyou can see the little book. Her teacher printed off this little book and each day they did a different shape/color. They illustrated the book as well. I thought since I have so many friends that homeschool they would like to see this to maybe try with their little ones on a rainy day. THEy made the crown with the stamps and colors and cut it out and decorated it with glitter and other shiney things. They made the vest out of grocery bags *your grocery store ussually will just give them to you. and the basket out of a margarine tub. They laminated the letters and wrote on one side the name of the shape on the other side the name of the color. They made a windsock too but it was DOA. We tried to do resesitation methods but it was just too far gone. They sang the song" picking up the orange triangle (or whatever color and shape) and putting it in the basket taking it down the hall to mrs Angies Class.." She did the whole performance for us and it was so stinkin cute! I cannot get over all the things they teach at school when they are so young now. THey really are working hard at spanish and Im floored. Wont be long I wont have a clue what she is saying. John and I are going to have to do correspondence courses just to keep up.

OUR SCRAPTHATMOMENT BLOG CHALLENGE for today is to DEFINE YOU.. well I think I summed it up yesterday in my AAM layout lol.

BUT will add: I am a Christian but Im far from perfect. (that is for sure) I am a lover of my family. I will support my friends. I will work my tail off for a good cause. I love to scrapbook and alter things. I am totally in love with my husband and my daughter. THey come first after God in everything. I love life, who doesnt? I love to joke around. I LOVE Humor. I love to make people laugh and forget their troubles, if just for a moment. I am a home body these days until I get the go ahead to return to the free world (HAHA) Yes, I am sick alot and people ridicule that but I have an illness (and the medical bills to prove it) I deal with every day of my life, It sucks but it is part of me, SO ridicule if it makes you feel better, I work through it as much as possible and try to not let it get in my way. I pray you never have to deal with it to know how horrible it is! I love challenges thank God or I would have given in a long time ago and woudln't have my beautiful daughter. I like to learn something every day. I despise petty people and dogs laying on nails. I think sloppyness and laziness are the biggest waste of time in humanity. I have no time for people who are either. BUt know many who are both. I believe in karma. I suffer consequences just like the next person, but try to learn from my mistakes to make it better in the future. I despise gossips and trouble makers and I know many of those too. I avoid those people if you notice because they just stir up trouble. I love chocolate, I am allergic to shellfish, mushrooms and pineapple. I love my computer it is my connection to the outside world I miss so much. I believe attitude is everything. I believe if you work hard you can accomplish anything. My all about me page I did is HERE to go with this journaling. GO look if you like. You may see the other creations I have in MY GALLERY feel free to take a look.

Joz I just want to say YOU ROCK at doing these blog challenges. They are fun. I enjoy contributing to them Thank you for including me always. :)

PS: For those of you that care my eye is ALOT BETTER today. Still swollen and watery but the shingle is almost gone. The dr said the big dose should keep it from breaking out like the las times and so far I only have 2 shingles but it is WHERE they are that is bad. THank God it is alot better and NOT going into the eyeball part but on the inside of the eyelid and underneath my eye. We have several dr appts on monday for follow up. Don't feel near the nauseau from the medication. Still look like a pirate (bella thinks that is cool) Thank you for all your cards, prayers, Emails and concern. It is deeply appreciated. HUGS Have a wonderful Saturday :)