Sunday, March 18, 2007

How cute is she...

How cute are these two photos of my Bella bug?
I snapped these this afternoon for a photo challenge on scrappin trends. Using the afternoon light we were to capture a quick snapshot. Bella was outside playing and stopped to think if she wanted me to take her photo ... or not... so I clicked really fast and got these two VERY SCRAPPABLE (is that a word?) photos. You will be seeing these on a layout soon hehe.
Had a busy weekend getting dt projects finished and scrapping with Bella. John got grass cut finally. FIRST cutting of the season. I think it broke his heart to have to cut the grass again.
BUT the best news... MY CABINETS CAME IN FRIDAY!!! SOON AND VERY SOOON I will ahve my scrap island in my scrap room. IM JUST a tad bit excited! They just have to be painted and now we aer waiting on the counter top to come in. Feels liek forEVER. I ahve only been waiting... 3 years I guess what is a couple more weeks AHHHHH!