Monday, August 24, 2009

This layout was one of my first published layouts in scrapbook trends. I love how they set it up with the flag. They named a section of Highway after my dad. We ended up moving to Mobile Alabama. I am proud of my dad and proud of that road. But I do have to say it was very painful even though yeah it was with pride I drove on that road. It also was on that road that his life was taken by a kid that was desperate to get away from the authorities. so desperate as to do what he did.

I do have to say I perked up and it was a very bright spot to my gloomy week something I do look forward to every month. You all know what therapy scrapbooking is to me. IF you don't then you don't know me very well do ya? I think everyone heard me from the rooftops when my kit got here. I DID MY I GOT MY KITTTT DANCE. Lucky for the mailman.. John got my kit. I had even taken a bath and smelled pretty for him. Rumor had it that kits were postal and I MIGHT JUST get mine today lol.

THAT WAS AN AWESOME SURPRISE. Jan got hers today usually that means I would get mine tomorrow so yes IT WAS A WONDERFUL SURPRISE. THIS KIT OMGOSH is soooooooo perfect for all these photos of this blame cat thats name changes every day. so be prepared for lots of layouts that some might contain ughmmm lemme see what its name be COME MEREEEE BELLAAAAAA (we stick with the same name for our child)
ok she said its still TINKER-FRED. That is what it was yesterday and she said today.. she will let it be that again.
Poor cat. It went for a ride with her on her hop ball. it is still kinda stunned.
You know what a hop ball is. Those big balls that the kid sits on and it has the handle to hold onto? yeah she was holdin tinker fred like a baby.., and proceeded to boing boing boing.. well.. Tinker fred was not prepared for such encounter and was therefore enlightened with OOOOOOOMMMMMMGGGGGGGG. MAKE IT STOP. HE didnt scratch her but that cat shook its head and looked around and I think it saw all the 12 disciples in my back yard flash before its eyes in a mere few seconds before I relized what she was doing and screamed for her to stop torturing the cat before it called friends to kill us in our sleep.
of course I had to turn my head and stop laughing so she didnt see me. (she was wearing pajamas and red cowboy boots and she was just so dadgum cute. and The cat had this pure look of stunned on its face.
I keep telling that cat YOU HAVE 4 legs she has 2. WHASSA PROLEM??? RUNNNNNN.
It keeps comin back.
Dunno if its stupid or just confused or... maybe she has "swingggeeeed it" too many times to "Hawaii" or whereever it is she "SWINNNGGGS" to on that swingset she has.
Poor cat.
If I had not warned it when it got here and told it bout the last cat. Offered it the references and 12 step Bella program button and business card along with the little white chip from the last cat... Id feel more sorry for it but.. oh well
now we know why the cat ran up the tree I suppose.
Oh well.
Happy monday.
Im gonna go Scrap the cat. Least it makes for some good layouts hahaha.
I figure if it had fingers it would be callin some service on us or maybe they formin one.. we might oughta tighten our security round here... that cat and Guido gettin kinda tight!