Sunday, October 21, 2007

THe 4K class goes to the pumpkin patch

Are they not the cutest little things ever!! I wanted to go sooo bad but there was just no way. My friend Tara who is also Brayden's Mommy, Took these sweet photos for me. I think they all had a fabulous time. I know Bella took a long nap when she got home haha so THey had to have had fun. There she is with Brayden.. soo cute. They did alot at the pumpkin patch, had stories read to them and learned about pumpkins. Then they went to the Blue Rabbit and decorated their pumpkins and got to play for a bit.
THey had a great time. I am so happy that she got to go and Tara watched after her for us. I cant wait to get these photos back to go in her album. Thanks to you Tara for taking them for me.

My mom came down this weekend to help out a little bit and visit. We werent much company.. Bella has some kinda stomach bug has been up off and on all night tonight feeling she may be sick. We both were in the bed today. SO we have been NO FUN whatsoever.. sorry ma. I hope she is feeling more like herself tomorrow. IT isn't a normal day that she just lays around. SHe just was sleepy and mopey all day today. Hope it is just a bug and she is over it soon.