Thursday, June 28, 2007


This one is from LUCY she did this one day before yesterday and I got all confused but anyway....

HERE ya go:

1)Name one person who made you smile today? Just one? Oh gosh! My honey JOHN!

2)What were you doing at 8:00 this morning? sleepin'

3)What were you doing 30 minutes ago? Talkin to Leslie

4)What is something that happened to you in 1998? I married my HUBBY!!!

5)What is the last thing you said aloud? love ya! Mean it! forever an ever.

6)How many different things have you drank today? Tea and water

7)What color is your hair brush? Lemme go see. WEll I got several but the ones I use most are Pink and black and the other one is pink err and well realllly dark brown so what was the question again?

8)What was the last thing you bought? adhesive

9)What was the last gift you received? I got it yesterday! a white uniball pen from DI! THANK YOU DI I LOVE IT your soooo right! IT ROCKS!YOU ROCK lymi!

10)What color is your front door? wood door so err brown..

11)Where do you keep cell phone? up to my ear OK OK ok when not in use... on my desk

12)What was the weather like today? rainy thundrin and lightning!

13)What is the best ice cream flavor? Blue Bell Home made vanilla

14)What are you excited about? my baby bug coming home.

15)Do you talk a lot? WHO ME??? naaaaaaaaaaahh hehehehe OK OK YES!!!!

16)Name a weird food you like? I like to eat black eye peas with my spaghetti. yeah I know, but I was raised eatin it that way.

17)Cold or hot? for what? I like cold things cold and hot things hot.... yes my hubby is hot thank you.

18)What's your favorite thing to do? scrapbook, blog, play with Bella and John, chat with my pals online or on the phone.
19)Do you want to cut your hair? yes It needs it BADLY

20: Are you over the age of 25? bwahahahah oh yeah!

21)Are you ticklish? yes

22)Are you typically a jealous person? Depends on what it is. I have most everything I REALLY want (a fab hubby and beautiful daughter) so what is there to be jealous of? I mean, YOUR SERIOUS?

23)Name a friend whose name starts with the letter "L" : Leslie

24)Name a friend whose name starts with the letter "A": A Di and A Robin A Tracy? does that work? OK OK FINE! ANNETTE

25)Do you chew on your straws? yes

26)Do you have curly hair? not anymore

27)What is the next concert you're going to? I have no idea seriously.

28)Who is the crappiest person in your life? I Dont allow crappy people in my life. If they are crappy I IGNORE them.

29)What is your favorite color? green pink and orange

30)What is something you say a lot? Bella? no bella! stop bella! come here, or That just ROcks outloud!! and ON FIYAHHH!!!!

31)What's your room like? which room? THIS ROOM? imagine a scrap book store. k picturin it? Ok now. pick it up, YES, the entire store. and SHAKE IT really hard.... ok you get the idea.

32)What was the last movie you saw? BREACh on dvd but I have no idea I cant remember at the theater sad huh.

33)Do you have work tomorrow? YUP I have all kinda projects due the first

34)What's your dream job? ahhhh I think I have it ;) Sahm playin with my baby girl

35)When was the last time you said "I love you"? a few minutes ago

36)What should you be doing right now? cleanin up my scrap room from my scrap fest i had earlier

37)Do you have a nickname? Nan, Nanc, THE BLING QUEEEN
38)Are you a heavy sleeper? YES

39)When is the last time you did the dishes, honestly? last night

40)What are your pet peeves? PEOPLE WHO SAY they are going to do something and then DONT DO IT, People who are mean and evil JUST for fun. kids being disrespectful, such as kids that dont say yes mam, yes sir, please, thank you, etc. People that change up stories and make them into something that is TOTALLY not even CLOSE to the truth. negativity, drama creators, leaving a swallow of tea in the pitcher and putting it back in the fridge, name droppers, raking left over mayo or pb or whatever on the ege of the mouth of the jar (you get bread crumbs in it and that is just GROSS, peopel to drink out of my glass (I catch stuff easily and it is just gross) man that is alot huh?

OK NOW YOUR TURN.. IF YA WANNA BE IN THE BLOG CHALLENGE RAK. BE SURE TO POST here that you did the challenge and link it on TREASURES :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

SO you think YOU can TAG aye?

OK so my pal Leslie tagged me to do this and I got another tag from Lucy so Im gonna do them One at a time here. I think this is the the same tage though. SO lets see what you can do with it as well.

My roommate and I once: Ate at Taco Bell and Loaded up on the plastic eating utensils and condiments and napkins when we first moved into our apartment. My mom SHAMED me said that was stealing. I told her NUGH UGGGHH we each bought a TACO! (she still got mad)

Never in my life have I: been to Alaska. me either Leslie.

High school was : SO MUCH FUN! Had alot of great friends was in every club just about. Cheerleader ( bet your shocked) Played softball. Loved it.

When I'm nervous : I giggle and fidget my hands.

My hair : needs cutting BAD!

When I was 5 : I was in the first grade. I started school then and now kinda wish I would have waited till I was 6.

When I turn my head left : I can't see the screen so I don't know if........

ahh there I am.

I should be : ASLEEP or at LEAST scrapping I have a LIST of projects due. ::SIGH::

By this time next year : I will be getting ready for Bella to go to kindergarten (SAY IT AINT SO!!!!)

My favorite aunt is : Aunt Irene. HIII! ::waving::

I have a hard time understanding : why they call it a DRIVE WAY at your house.... You dont DRIVE... YOU PARK..

You know I like you if : I tell ya I mean it!

My ideal breakfast is : I eat Pb toast too!! FREAKY! Or dry froot loops.

If you visit my home town : well it isnt a town its a little community but its pretty cool. YOU will get bored really fast though.

If you spend the night at my house : You will probably be attacked at 5 am by a little short child going HEYYYY! YOU WANNA WATCH MAX AND WOOOBEE WIFF ME? and if you say no she will jump on your bed till you get up.

My favorite blonde is : BElla bug

My favorite brunette is : My hubby John

The animal I would like to see flying besides birds : ughmm I just don't care for the bird thing. I mean CHICKENS dont FLY. hmm yeah and we also eat them so ughmm. what was the question again?

I shouldn't have been : THinking so hard now my head hurts.

Last night I: scrapbook'd and talked on the phone to my pals and spent time watching movies with my hubby.

A better name for me would be : Hmm...well I don't think there is a better name!

I've been told I look like : my daddy.

If I could have any car, it would be : a truck.

NOW yall go tell me what yalls are and LINK ME BACK and then LOAD THe Link to your blog at treasures so I can throw you name in the hat for a rak :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


WHEHEW we made it past to the next round of SCRAPBOOKING IDOL at SCRAPBOOK LIFESTYLE. Some friends and I (HEY BECKY, HEY LESLIE) entered this contest and it is getting harder and harder. I want to thank you all for voting for me I SOOO APPRECIATE IT! Got a few weeks left and IM SOOOO excited! Here is the page I did for the last round for any of you that didn't see.That is my nephew Adam and His girlfriend (in the center photo) and then some other buds of his from senior year. The photos are PERFECT for this line of paper and I will finish his album using the rest of it I got. Aren't they the cutest ever?
That is the Love Elsie line called ROXIE I used on this page. I had a great time coloring it in with my Sakura pens. Really made it stand out.

THe next round is gonna be a little harder. We have to use ribbon and we cant let it just lay across the page and we cant tie it in a bow. Soooo, we have to come up with some creative ways to put it on the layout. THIS is gonna be fun.

We had alot of fun this weekend at TREASURES TO SCRAP's birthday celebration crop. .
We had a few make and takes and they were SOOOOO much fun. I did the Deck of Me That I got from Annette's blog. She is just the cutest ever GO SEE HER BLOG and tell her HI! She does the cutest work.
She had been doing this aleady and had kept telling me about it. SO I FINALLY jumped on the band wagon. Each week we will update with a new page for it. SOOO MUCH FUN. IF YOU would like to participate. I will tell you how this week. We are starting a thread with it at Treasures and going to do it as a group. SO much fun!! Here is what we have done so far so If you want to join in GO ahead. BE SURE to post at treasures in the Gallery sow e can see what you have done.

Tracy did the CUTEST make and take on sunday called the WONDER BREAD BOOK. SHe had us all confused wondering what the heck she was getting us into when she told us we needed a slice of bread for the class. You can imagine the questions that arose from that. BUT this is the CUTEST little book and it was SOOOO much fun to make. IM not finished really with mine. I have a few more quotes I want to put in there and some photos. I also wanted to add some more embellishments. I was sooo tired though so I just stopped at that point. I will go back and add more later. If you would like to make one she has the instruction up at Treasures. Was such a fun class. If you decide to make it let us see what you come up with. I changed mine up some and did it as a quote book instead of the birthday calendar. some others made theirs different things as well. VERY CUTE. Take a look through the gallery you can see the different things we made. My best bud Robin, did a class on making beads out of paper. IT WAS SOOO CUTE. I haven't made mine yet I think I will wait till my girly girl BElla gets back home to do that. SHE WILL LOVE THIS.

I am missing my little bug so much. I am enjoying the quiet though maybe I can get well finally from these stupid shingles and get where I CAN SEE! (and hear) and be part of the world again. I know she is having so much fun with the family back home. I have talked to them every day hearing of her adventures. SHe is so funny. Can't wait to get some snuggles and smooches. I know they are all eating her up since they dont get to see her that often. THey have to get their Bella fix.
Well that is all for me tonight. IM going to head out and get this rest I am supposed to be doing and put these freaky drops in my eyes so maybe I CAN SEE in the daylight again. see ya tomorrow :)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

A small Toot...

OK not really a big deal to some but.. My page I just did of Bella "seriously 4" was picked up by the manufacturer's website. It is published in Basic Greys Gallery. whehew. SO a small little toot.

I taught a little make and take class at Treasures To scrap online tonight. IT was fun. Thank you Annette for letting me use your sample and do this. IT is a lot of fun we will be doing a card to add to it every week. Here is what I did. It is not too late if you would like to join in. I put a tutorial up at Treasures to Scrap in the forums.

We are having a weekend birthday crop also this weekend. Lots of fun and prizes to be won. SO, stop on by and say hello. We learned alot about each other last night in the GETTING TO KNOW YOUR DESIGN TEAM CHALLENGE.. I think a few bones fell out of some closets ha ha. Was way too much fun! SO come on by and have fun with us! SHe is having a HUGEEEEE sale in her store as well ITS CRAZY. 40% off any order over 10.00 YES you heard me. HOW crazy is THAT! so come on by.

Friday, June 22, 2007


Bella, You crack me up with your facial expressions. You are seriously four!

I am lovin this basic grey and the DOODlebug JEWELS aare sooo sparkly. I LOVE all the new prima sprites and the queen and company buttons. You can find it at THe Treasures to Scrap store so WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE????? GO

We are having so much fun at our crop this weekend. WE had the best time last night with the GETTING TO KNOW OUR DESIGN TEAM challenge. SEEMS A FEW Errrr BONES with some bling on em come flyin out that closet. IT was a riot. YOU missed some hysterical laughs. YOu must come today to the make and takes and the chats we are having a BLAST!!


SO what are your weekend plans? ANything fun? I have lots of scrapping to catch up on. HOPE to see you at the crop. COME take advantage of some of these prizes. LOTS of fun stuff and freebies :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


ITs time again to vote for the SCRAPBOOK IDOL at scrapbook VOTE FOR ME VOTE FOR ME VOTE FOR ME. OK there was my PIMPIN JOB for the day. SO if you get a chance PLease got vote for me over there. My page this week had my nephew on it his senior year with some of his girl buddies being silly. this is for him to put in his album. SO it will make him feel really good as well so go vote!

Return policy?

SO ughmm DO KIDS come with a return policy? IM tryin to find our receipt cuz man I't take this one back today. (yeah you know I would lose my mind in a day ok maybe 2 days missing my kid something horribly) Im lookin everywhere tryin to find the flippin owners manual that came with this kid cuz omg she has to be malfunctioning somewhere. MOMMY NEEDS TO FIND THE BATTERYS AND TAKE THEM OUT A COUPLE HOURS!

It never fails ESPECIALLY on the days when you dont feel yourself. You are achey and tired and just feel bad. If you could sleep maybe what 8 or 9 more days IT MIGHT make it better...( I see you shaking your head yes cuz well YOU completely understand) That kids do everything in their power to just make your head split in half and an alien form come out to beat their butt. IT is like they thrive or welcome the butt kicking they need. THEy are suffering from butt whoop deprivation. I was laying down on the couch. still feel yuck. Bella is playing with her "peoples"(little people thingys with the village and the houses she has like the entire TOWN with their own royal family and she calls one "MR PESIDNET" SO she is riding Mr Pesident around in his Little people mobile pulling a little trailer with "MR Pesidents WIYUN" (his lion) I guess when Your president YOU GET TO have whatever PET YOU FEEL LIKE. and I GUESS I drifted off cuz I was starled by "AM I BOOTIFUL?" I LOOK UP and see THIS It seems she snuck off to my bedroom closet where I keep in a box my old makeup that maybe the color didnt match well or whatever but I hate to throw away.. because I can use it halloween and for other stuff OR IF in some weird way I get to be in the sun again and actually have a tan.. UGHMM yeah right. SO NOW I am Throwing it all away. SO I look up and my first thought is OH GOD SHE IS BLEEDING. THEN my next thougth OH IM FIDDNA MAKE YOU BLEED will you PLEASE quit meddling in stuff.
WHAT IS the deal man!!! SO I look around she has drawn smilys on the TV with the lipstick and the windows and its in the carpet. SO I counted to like.. A MILLION. Made her clean it up and tell me she was sorry. I sit down on the couch again Still feel like crapp on the bottom of a shoe. I think for a bit and say OK you wanna watch little bear (her favorite show) mommy needs to work for a few minutes. WILL you watch this so I can go do this right quick. YES MOMMY IM a good girl I watch little bear.
OK I should have known better. SO I walk into the kitchen. SHe has pulled out her EPI pen the practise one and is giving her baby doll shots with it. OH MY GOD. I lost it. HOW DID YOU GET THIS. I CLIMBED UP THERE. SHe gets a chair and climbs onto the counter onto the refrigerator and gets it. UGHHHHH! DID WE NOT JUST HAVEEE THIS DISCUSSION? SO I explain to her the dangers of climbing and that SHE KNOWSS not to mess with this OR ANY MEDICINE unless mommy or daddy gives it to her. she is shaking her head yes. SO I punish her. NO TV and go to your room. OK YOU WOULD THINK this would be like throwing the brrrr rabitt into the briar patch. IF I WAS A KID ID LOVEEE HER ROOM. SHe has every toy known to man (hmm thinking this wont be much longer cuz we are takign them away as she misbehaves) but no SHE starts crying and whining and acting a fool cuz she wants to come in the living room. WEll IM TRYING to clean up what she couldnt clean and get it looking like people who care live here.
IM just exasperated Just tired. Frustrated and dangit STILL DONT FEEL GOOD.
I think I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN it was gonna be a rough day when at 4 am I walk into the kitchen and look down and get the heebie jeebies scared out of me when I see this:
OK the ball is NOT THAT intimidating when its in the day light but in a barely lit room at 4 am when they have you on drugs for pain. IT LOOKS LIKE A BIG A$$ FACE EATING SPIDER! SO I almost screamed but didnt, but I did JUMP onto a chair though then realised OK.. maybe, that is just Bellas face eating BALL, and it wont get you too bad Nancy. BUT I swear it moved. THat is when I decided NO...oh Heck no.. maybe it is really a face eating puffer fish but, no, there is no water in here today.. that was last week bella flooded the kitchen.. maybe its lost looking for its home again. AHHH but no, once dayslight hit.. I confirmed the fact that IT was just the Super scary creepy looking face eating ball.
NO I didn't (thank GOD) wake up John to have him come kill it cuz I was scared it wasnt really there and he would say OK yeah its time honey and take me to that special room they are holding for me.
SO anyway... IT has been ONE OF THOSE FLIPPIN DAYS!!!
WHat about you. BLOG about what your day has been like and link us back so we can add your name to the rak in the box (we draw names once a week at TrEAsures to scrap for blog participants. COME SEE!

IM thinking of submitting Bella as My altered Item for this month... I keep saying I am gonna do it...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


IT IS FLIPPINNNN HOTTTT here in Hell I mean Mobile ALabama. WE have had stormy weather on and off but we needed the rain. DID YOU KNOW that Mobile Alabama GETS MORE RAIN than ANY OTHER CITY IN THE UNITED STATES???? I didn't know that but I BELIEVE IT. THey said that on the news last night and I kicked JOhn said NUGH UGHHH! CUZ I seriously thought that it was seattle Washington. I have a friend there that every time I talk to her ITS raining. That has to be depressing. I enjoy the rain here actually. REMINDS me of my first summer job in High School. I was a life guard at this little community pool. We had sooo much fun there. A few cute boys hung out but mostly people from out of town. It was a place people would bring their RV's and come camp. I made some wonderful friends there. ANd when it rained we all went inside to the game rooom and played video games and shot pool. I remember HOW HOT it would get and some days we would pray it would rain so we could go inside.
Of course back then I could be in the sun and sport a tan. I had the body to wear the swim suit too. ahhhh BACK IN THE DAY...
SO what about you. What was your first summer job? I want to hear about it. DO you have any photos? Blog about it and link us. Be sure to put your link in the thread it we will put your name in for our weekly rak at TREASURES TO SCRAP :)
I gotta run. Bella said she is playin "tindawella" and has to clean up our castle.. (huh? castle what castle?) and I smell cleaning spray.... which sometimes is good but errr just having flash backs of the sandcastle in the kitchen incident... She hasnt learned the less is more theory yet.... SIGH.....

Monday, June 18, 2007

a fun silly monday challenge

I thought this was way cute!! SInce it is Monday and everyone is just TRYING to make it throuhg. WHY Not break up the monotony with something TOTALLY just fun. HEre is a simple fun silly quiz for you to play with and amaze your friends. badam pa CHING.. OK maybe I really am fozzie....
You Are Fozzie Bear

"Wocka! Wocka!"
You're the life of the party, and you love making people crack up.
If only your routine didn't always bomb!
You may find more groans than laughs, but always keep the jokes coming.

GO ahead take the test and link us back to what muppet character are you:)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

OH CRAPP its fathers day

Fathers day had always been sad for me. A day I stayed under the covers and pretended didn't exist. I was so sad cuz my daddy had been taken from me the way he had. But now, Im still sad and always will be sad about that. But He would tell me to get on over it I have a husband and a beautiful little girl. THat LOVES her daddy to pieces and TO not spoil HIS day that he EARNED because he is now a daddy. SO trying to keep that in mind today. I still had a splitting headache but TRIED and did finally bounce over it. Bella was sooo happy it was FADDERS DAY and gave her dad some COLLOSSIAL cashews (his favorite) and some whoppers ( his other favorite) we were going to make him a card but she was so busy we never did so we are going to do that tomorrow. WE did make him a carrot cake that he wanted and some rice krispie treats. I had been sick the weeks before and I guess REALITY set in ohhhh THURSDAY that it was FATHERS DAY SUNDAY and I totally freaked. I had not prepared this year. SOO much had been going on and being sick and in bed so long really takes alot out of it. I hate I was not able to go shopping and get hime a really decent gift. BUt we will. I am still working on his book from last year but the photos just arent cuttin it. I have so many projects to catch up on.
I think he is ok with it though he said he was and NOW He can totally rag me out cuz I didnt do anything special this year. I may make him a surprise fathers day of his own one day next week. Maybe when I ever return to myself.. I can get soemthing great for him. OR when my book is published he will REALLY have cause to celebrate. YEAH yall better be nice to me YOU NEVER KNOW if a character in a book may appear in here. bwahahhaahaha in my most evil laugh. I have some pretty funny material so far. But enough comical stuff happens in my life that it really could be a book just write down the facts man.

So ON that note I wanted to close this day by telling my husband HOW MUCH I LOVE HIm and what a WONDERFUL daddy he truly is. Im so grateful to him and that me and Bella both have him.
I also wanna tell my dad somewhere in heaven, Happy fathers day, I miss you today and tomorrow and always.
SMooches and good night.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


OK we have been TRYINGGGG to organize some so I have been presenting organization questions. SO what about you HOW do you organize your scrappin stuffs?
here is on of my most fav organizing things. My chipboard holders. I am a chipboard HO but you knew that already. I havent met much chipboard I didnt like. and If I couldnt find what I needed I made my own.

My father in law made me these AWESOME stamp shelves that I LOVE LOVE LOVE I store everything from my stamps to my huge paint collection on there also. I also have my tilted glass candy jars with all my buttons seperated by color on there as well as a few other things that i want to keep in my line of sight.
OK so show me some of your favorite organizing tricks. Ill throw your name in the hat for the rak.

Friday, June 15, 2007


ILl post Blog challenge and stuff later I JUST HADDDD TO WISH YOU A HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Photos, a CHallenge and scrappy stuff HURRRAYYY!

I took some pictures of Bella yesterday that turned out half way ok... not bad for a chick with One eye right now...
THE MAIL MAN IS WORN SLAM OUT.... HE has been to my house totin' boxes almost EVERY DAY THIS WEEK. HE asked me if we were of some religion that celebrated Christmas in June. I told him NAHHHH we are just Baptist... We just order alot of stuff and Im on design teams so we get lots of goodies. He still was like UGHM OK WHATEVER.

SO I got a shipment from TREASURES that has ALL THIS OMG YUMMMY basic grey stuff in it and the cutest around the block inkers and doodlebug sugar cardstocks, and a house YES I SAID A HOUSE hehe just you wait and watch ITS gonna be FAB u LOUS. BElla got her design team stuff and she is sooo happy. She is scrappin up a storm. I got My BLISS BOX whewewww ANDREA ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW THANK YOU! YOU ROCK out loud and ON FIYAAAAHHHHH! LOVE the Jelly beans Bella snatched those up before I could even see them. IM gonna be scrappin some of that tonight. My sweety mother in law sent stuff yesterday BElla got the CUTEST ever outfits and I got a gorgeous outfit and john some pants and some other scrappy happys. THANKS MA! THEN MY MOM came today to visit while my nephew registered for College at USM. SO it was only an hour and a half further so she just came on here for a bit had to get squeezes from Bella. SHE brought more happy stuff. SO IM telling ya. WE are just spoiled as can be right now and I GOT TO GET SCRAPPIN some of this.

IT has been raining on and off here today as well. ONe of those days you just want to sleep. Bella has been in HIGH GEAR. as ussual. She is always creating something. She is sitting in her pile of scrap goods right now deciding what to do first (I will be doing the same soon)

I WANT YOU TO POST ABOUT WHAT YOUR ORGANIZING ON YOUR BLOG OK? SO BE SURE TO POST IN THE BLOG CHALLENGE THREAD AT TREASURES TO SCRAP THAT YOU ORGANIZED AND LINK US BACK PS: I found the BEST WAY to get smiles grins and Laughs from Bella when I take her picture... It to tell her Knock Knock Jokes. What DO you do to get your kids to give a real smile. (you can see the real smile difference in these pics huh? AND the blue bubble gum she snuck in on me.. little monkey)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

BLog Challenge

Teri Lynn did our Blog challenge for us today THANK YOU TERI!!!!!
Same rules apply. Post a link in the Treasures to Scrap BLog challenge forum so we can add you to the drawing for the Rak this week.

SO my perfect normal day hmmmmmm. let seee.
With the state I am in right now... IT would be one that I had nothing wrong seriously as sad and pathetic as that sounds.. NOTHING hurt, nothing was out of sort in my body of any fashion. No pain anywhere. I could go outside with Bella and take her ANYWHERE we wanted to go that day, the park, the BEACH oh ID LOVE to go to the beach feel the sand between my toes, Lay in the sun oh man I misss that SOOOOO MUCHHHHHHH. We would dig for Shells me John and Bella, like we did that day when we got to go to Orange Beach (but without getting the shingles rofl) we would build sand castles. write our names in the sand and maybe fly Johns kite.
we would get to have a picnic lunch, and Come home maybe crash on the couch and just hang out for a while. I dunno.. this is hard for me cuz I have so many things I WANT and wish so badly I could do with her or do at all that I can't anymore. THings and places I want to go for her to experience that we all take for granted Like .. swimming or just outside in the summer.. that it is hard to think. BUT I know Id love to relive that day at the beach. We had so much fun. I got so sick but it was worth it in the end for the smiles on her face that day. ID give anything to be able to do that one more time at least while she is little.

What about you? what is your perfect day?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

12 on a Tuesday

HEY guys.. I took yesterday off and didn't do a blog challenge, actually I didn't do alot of anything. sorry about that, but it was kinda a rough day yesterday. Still feel crappy and also yesterday was the funeral for my Aunt. I wasn't able to go due to the shingles and I can't drive yet hubby had a FULL from can to can't day of travel so I couldnt go, and also dont want to give it to anyone. I also really wasnt up to the long ride in wearing clothes that are errrr hard to wear right now rofl. we will just leave it at that. BUt I hate so much I missed it. I LOVE my Aunt Ouida so much and I will remember her smile and her laugh and her being an amazing cook and just one amazing woman forever. I will miss you so much. I do miss her so much.....

Bella had a tough day yesterday as well. She obviously decided it is SOOOOO time for her to be at the beach because she took it upon herself to build a sandcastle......... in the kitchen. when You cant find sand inside the house you settle for the next best thing, which in her case happened to be the spice rack. SO we had a mound of garlic, sugar, salt, flour, oregnao and lawrys seasoning salts up to my ankle. I was on the phone trying to take care of some business and was all in this professional conversation when I realised she was quiet and well YOU ALL know BELLA + Quiet = UGH OH. but, I also started smellin this peculiar smell I couldnt figure out what it was. At first I thought it smelled like we had a gas leak somewhere but then remembered Oh yeah we are all Electric..I checked the back door to make sure she hadn't gotten out by the gas grill nd turned a knob or anything, then kept walking around and it was smelling stronger and stronger. Then walked into the breakfast area and my feet felt grit. I was thinking Man I need to sweep and mop then LOOKED UP. O M GOSH. (She hasnt figured out yet to get RID OF THE EVIDENCE.. she makes the mess then leaves it.)

OMGOSH I had to count to like 2 THOUSAND to not damage the child. PLUS I was on the phone and still trying to keep my composure so they didnt think I was killing her or anything but giving her my best whisper " OMGOSH I KNOW YOU DIDNT, YOU better Oh girl I tell you I could just OHHHHHH Im gonna get you child you just wait... omgosh you better clean this up Icannot believe UGHHH! You should be so ashamed of yourself I CANNOT BELIEVE you omgosh LOOOK what you did" Speech trying to keep my composure. HER all the while TAUNTNG ME with "BUT MOMMY I JUST was playing" grrrrrrrr. so anyway. On top of still not feeling well the whole eye thing and all the other crapp.. had to clean. IT got even BETTER when John got home I think they had "schoolin" a few times. My head was about to split so I left them to it.
SO that was where I was yesterday and last evening haha

SO now that I bored you if your still with me...

SINCE IT IS THE 12th of the month...
I want you to blog about 12 reasons YOu have to be happy today.

POST them on your blog and BE SURE TO link back to the Treasures to scrap forum so we can be sure you get entered into the weekly drawing for a rak.

SPeaking of Treasures to scrap. WE had OUR BUSIEST DAY EVER yesterday. WE had more people logging on and posting and visiting the site THAN EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE SITE! WHHHHEEWWWHEWWWWWWWWW! we have an AWESOME contest going on looking for Guest design team members. WE also have SOME FUN CHALLENGES and CONTESTS going on SO be sure and check it out.

SO Here are my 12 things I have to be happy about today.

1. I feel a little better well alot better than this time last week, but a little better than I have felt in the last 2 weeks.
2. ITs not MONDAY.
3. That I can scrapbook if for no other reason but to show my daughter and family how much I love them (and show her proof she had a happy childhood when she is 25 and in therapy trying to say her childhood sucked)and for the internet to share it all with my family and my friends!
4. I am caught up in the gallery at tts well I was till now probably haha
5. I have a beautiful family that is healthy and happy
6. That I have the freedoms in this country that we all take so lightly and so much for granted.
7. I live where we dont have to worry about where our food is coming from or if our water is safe to drink (i watch way too much late night tv)
8 I have a very supportive amazing husband that loves me and I him.
9. That thank you God it is never as bad as it really seems at the time well most of the time..(see above paragraph .. sandcastle.. kitchen... nuff said!)
10 I HAVE AMAZING friends that are total rockstars and support and help me through the yuck times and celebrate the wheheeww times, that cheer me up when I feel so horribly bad I wanna just crawl in bed and die, but instead make me smile and laugh and forget the yucky stuff (shingles) if not but for a couple hours (I JUST LOVE YOU GUYS!!!)
11. That I am saved today and every day when I wake up and when I go to bed Im still saved. Even though Im human and foolish I am still saved.
12. THAT I am here another day to play on this earth and see and smell touch all of the wonderful things that have been given to me. FOR which I AM SO VERY GRATEFUL and FOR ALL OF YOU that are reading this RIGHT NOW SMOOOCHES!
OH and Just ONE MORE real real important one :;smiles:: KARMA ::smiles::

Sooooo what are yours? come on quit lurking and post em, LINK US BACK SO WE CAN SEEEEEEEE :)

Sunday, June 10, 2007





Don't FORGET..

Today is the last day to VOTE for your favorite layout in the Scrapbook Lifestyle viewers challenge So If you haven't made it over there to vote (pick me pick me pick me) be sure and do that today. I am not exactly sure what time the voting poll will close err.. might better check on that huh?
Thank you SO MUCHHH to everyone who voted for me so far. I hope to make it to the next round.

I had a good time tonight Playing with this Kelli Crowe kit from sis tv. I had so much fun coloring in the papers and doodling with it. I need to rephotograph the page so you can see it its hard to see in the photo I have so I will get that up later today. IN my previous post is one of the ones I did.

I also will have Bella draw the name for the blog rak today also.

I would like to thank everyone for praying for our family this week and over the last several days.
Your kindness thoughts and prayers are so much appreciated. Id like to ask you to continue to pray for my uncle, he also has shingles and is suffering greatly with them. Aunt Ouida is his sister and was the last living sibling he had. He I know wants to attend the funeral but is just not physically up to it yet. IM praying he may be able to by Monday but if he is anything like what I have been going through... He won't be able to. As morbid and strange as it may sound... my cousin and I talked about maybe if they could video it so he could kinda feel like he was there.. I dunno. ANYWAY.. keep him in mind as well.

I hope to get to do some more scrapping today. I have alot of projects to catch up on. It is also very good to keep my mind and hands busy when so much is going through my mind and my heart right now. We will all miss her very much. I will be back later with the photos and with the winner of THis weeks RAK.
Hope you have a beautiful Sunday.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

keeping my mind busy...

I scrapped a little bit today to try to get my mind off wanting to be back home with my family. Feels good to scrap. I used the new Kelli Crowe Limited edition kit from sis tv that I got to play with. IT was really fun. I colored in the pattern paper with the different colors. I used some LOVE, ELsie ribbon and stickers that went so cute with this paper, it was pretty easy to make it match. The QUeen and co buttons (how stinkin cute are those huh?) and Thickers letter stickers that I doodled on. I added the extra dots and lines and doodles to finish it up. This page kinda reminds me of the Dr Suess Cartoon OH the Places we will go... maybe its the colors I dont know (could be the cool meds they have me on who knows) but we will say OK nancy and just go with it ok.
HERe is the page.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Just a short entry today, leting you know that Aunt Ouida passed away last night around 10 pm our time. She is no longer suffering and is now probably reminising and singing with the other ANgels we have in heaven. I am sure they all welcomed her with loving arms and she is resting peacefully now back with Uncle Robert and my daddy and our other loved ones that have gone on before her. She is gonna be missed for her smiles and her love and not to mention her chicken and dumplins (she was a great cook) We will miss her but I am at peace knowing she no longer is suffering and is forever more with the angels. WE will miss you AUnt Ouida.
I dont have details on all the arrangements yet, but will post them for our out of town family as soon as I know them. Also when I get the obituary I will scan it here so you can have a copy if you would like to copy and paste it. Love yall.

Friday, June 08, 2007


HEy you guys how are you all doing today? I think I am better actually. Still hurt like crazy and feel so tired but better i think. I would like to ask you all to continue praying for our Aunt Ouida. SHe is at home now resting peacefully as far As I know. I have not been able to reach anyone today for an update. last news I got was they had taken her off all the machines and sent her home. SO continue to pray for her please.

My pal Greta gave me a heads up on noel's blog. SHe has a cool contest going on. WIth some fabulous prizes to win! SO TODAY I will use that as part of our blog challenge. CHECK IT OUT and THE other challnege I have for you today. GO COMMENT ON the persons blog before you. one person will comment on this blog. then you go comment on THeir blog.. the next person to comment here then comments on the person above their name and so forth. LIKE A TRAIN. SO LETS GET THE LOVIN GOING!!! Share the love this friday and leave lovin on the blogs.

DONT FORGET TO GO VOTE FOR ME (How is that for pimpin' yall?) in THE SCRAPBOOK IDOL CONTEST. I really appreciate your votes You all are ROCK STARS!!!!. HERE is the link. YOu do have to register but it is quick easy and painless. THank you again my blog pals!! YOu can see all the pages that entered HERE. IT works just like AMerican Idol and we are supposed to "pimp" to get votes soo.. I guess I need to pull out the bling huh? (hush Robin and Di)

Don't forget to link when your done with your challenge to the TREASURES TO SCRAP blog challenge thread so You can get your name in the drawing for cool prize raks!!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

HELP I need your votes

HEY YALL we just got word the voting poll is up!
SCRAPBOOK LIFESTYLE in the gray box that has all the names in it with the circles beside it. CLICK ON ME NANCY!!)
I entered this contest and I NEED YOUR VOTES to make it to the next round. It works like American Idol. SO your vote is what gets it. SO if you would be so kind. click on me :)
I hope to make it through the first round. I PRAY the shingles go away cuz I have way too much to do. We want to go home this weekend. (See previous post) and I have alot of stuff due that i need to be working on instead of laying in the bed. ANyway. IF you would be so kind to sign up and vote for me I would really appreciate it. IF you dont vote for me. 2 of my Bestest buds are in it also Becky and Leslie.. so IF you don't vote for me Then vote for them :) ::waving:: Thank you so much :)

prayers please

I just wanted to ask for every one to Pray for AUnt Ouida. Its not looking really good. IM not sure what to ask to pray for at this point. Peace I am thinking. Peace for her, Peace for her family, No pain no suffering. I also want you to pray for her family that is there with her to have peace to help her have a peaceful journey. I wish so bad I could go be with her. I also know right now it isnt possible. Unless some miracle takes place and the shingles go away today. No way I can go that far and sit up there and give it to everyone else. Its kinda danged if ya to danged it ya don't. ITs wrong if I don't go cuz I can give this to her or to anyone else up there. but then if I stay home and dont go That is wrong too, so I dont know what to do. SO since my dr's and friends and everyone are helping me to remain positive and focus on positive. IM gonna focus on what we can do. WE can pray. we can pray for everyone that is there and pray for her and pray for peace. I hope she knows how much I have always loved her. and Im praying she will find peace and comfort with Jesus and no more pain and suffering. TO the rest of the family that probably doesnt even know she is in the hospital. IM trying to get ahold of you if you read this. SEND ME an email and I will call you.

Your challenge for today, is to reflect. Reflect on your life. Thank God for what you have been given and not given. try to focus on positive and to journal about what your thankful for TODAY.
I am thankful for my family. I am thankful I have my mom and my brother and my husband and this little vivacious child that wears me out. I am thankful for the good times and the bad cuz it makes us appreciate the good times when we have bad ya know. I am thankful I am here another day to post on this blog and hopefully bring a smile to someones face that needs it. Even though today I dont feel much like smiling. I do know I have alot to smile about. FOr that I am truly thankful. I am also thankful for all my friends and YOU reading this blog. Even though I started this so our family could keep up with what was going on since we live so far away now.. I have so many friends that read this as well. I am thankful for each of you and what you mean to me.
try to smile today. You never know just who's day it could brighten.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


For Today..

I will make it easy. WHat story does your family laugh at over and over and LOVE to tell on you? (especially in front of company?)

Mine happens to be when I was riding on my brothers bike. YOu know boy bikes have that BAR that goes up the center and girl bikes it slopes down (I always wondered why they do that.. makes no sense)anyway. My brother was "driving" and I was riding on the front of the seat. I was probably about 4 maybe 5. WE had been over at the shop with daddy. Mom had basically told us to GO get out of her hair and bug daddy while she had some church people over. As mom entertained her church guests in our living room. WE had this little trail from the shop we rode on our bikes. Well when Your riding the trail back there is a drop off right before you get to the house. when your 5 It looks like a cliff. In reality it was maybe a 2 foot maybe 3 foot drop off the rain had made over the years. Well My brother decides TO JUMP IT. He goes faster and all the while IM SCREAMING "NONONONONONONONO." well He does jump it and yup you guessed it. I landed RIGHT stradle the ball buster bar. OMGOSH. I went running into the house IN front of mom and her church company SCREAMING "MAMA!!! WINDALE HURT MY T T! HE HURT ME IT HURTS OW OWOWOWW" You can imagine the looks that got. SO mom quickly excused, ok.... well she picked me up and slung me to the back of the house hand over my mouth VERY QUICKLY to see what exactly the matter was. Im sure she settled that amongst the guests. It raised some eyebrows for a few minutes.Come to think of it.. I wonder if we had those people over any more after that hmmmm.

I guess it is a good thing the church people were not there the day he killed me with the metal bar that makes the A on the side of the swing set..( I was hind catcher in our imaginary baseball game.. that was his bat so he claims) Even though it may have been comforting to have the holy ladies around me while the goose egg the size of a soft ball formed between my eyes. SUre enough.. I lived through it and well The church people made regular appearances at our house and I often wondered why. NOt sure if it was for entertainment or actually we were the family they had to "work on" either way IM sure their entertainment was well funded by the likes of us.

So what is your story? Is there a favorite your family just LOOOOVEEESSSS to share when you have company with you or are in a crowd of friends. DO they bring it up Thanksgiving or Christmas just to see if it will bring embarrassment?
PLEASE DO TELL. and be sure to link us back to it so we can put your name in the drawing at TREASURES TO SCRAP in the blog challenge section.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Blog challenge for Tuesday

Sorry I havent updated. I have been not feeling good and we had some sad family news. IF you all will please pray for my Aunt. She is not doing well at all. (Aunt Ouida (pronounced wee da) THey had to put her on the lung by pass machine to breathe for her so her lungs won't collapse. I want to go to her so bad but since I have shingles (again....) I won't even start cuz i keep crying about it and I know that doesnt help it at all. ANyway PLEAse say a prayer for her and for her family that is sitting with her. THank you

On to todays BLog challenge: This is one that was done on 2 peas a while back that I didnt get to do. I like it though and thought it would be a good one for us to share.

WHat in your lifetime has only happened to you once?

1. Gave birth to a beautiful little girl through C section. (I have been pregnant before but could never carry a baby. They told me I probably never would be able to have a child so this was a MAJOR miracle for me. I am thrilled about.

2. I survived a horrible Divorce. Right after my dad got killed. That was tragic in it self. I was the first one in our family to get divorced and was frowned upon but.. If I had stayed in that marriage... chances are I woudlnt be here today. I have no intentions to ever go through that again.

3. I lived through a horrible tragedy with my dads death and the trial of the guy that killed my father. I PRAY no one ever has to live this and PRAY we never have to again. That was life changing and I think responsible for some of what is wrong wiht my health. SOme things you just dont get over. THis is one I never will.

4. Married my true love. Yes It took me a while cuz IM hard headed (that i another first I admitted I was hard headed) but I met and married john and I know we will be together the rest of our lives. I thank God for him every day.

5. I lived in another state besides home. That could change though who knows where they will send John with the work he does. but so far only once have I moved out of state.

6. baptised. I think this is something we only have to do once because once god saves you. YOur saved. ANd I am thankful. We do have to resubmit ourselves every day. I am human like everyone else. BUt I have this great and powerful person on my side named JEsus and with him all things are possible.

7. Went to las vegas.

8 Went to washington D c

9. Was who's who among american high school students.

10 went to college

11 eaten shell fish on purpose. (huge mistake very allergic)

That is all I cant hink of right now. What are yours? Link me back so we can read them.

DONT Forget to post them at TREASURES TO SCRAP int eh blog section that you blogged SO I can put your name in the weekly blog contest challenge box.

Last weeks winner was DAWN. Congrats Dawn Your Rak is On its way!!

Saturday, June 02, 2007



THis month at TREASURES TO SCRAP The Design team was blessed with a very generous supply from ADORN IT. Here is what I created for this month. I will be posting more pages and creations from them since they sent us so much stuff.
THat is my friend Teri Lynn on the horse. HEHE NO I DIDN'T say Teri Lynn that was your butt on that page. ::ducks and runs::


Here is a sample of what IM working on for the upcoming submissions.I took all these fab photos last year and then never scrapped them. So when asked if I could send some well... I gotta get busy. Here is one I can show you the others I dont have permission yet.

Yesterday Bella was quiet (always a HUGE DANGER at our house) I go to see what she is destroying... I fing a 30 foot roll of ribbon stretching from the front door.. through the foyer, around the living room, through the door to the kitchen back around to the dining room and ALMOST made it back to the front door. I said "BELLA WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING? she says " I was just tying a bow around it for you" I said" why in the world do I need a bow around the inside of the house" She just looks at me (yes like my head was on fire) and says MOMMMYYYYYY (in total disgust) SO you can find where I put da KEYYYY" Almost in mid panic.. me: "WHAT KEY?" Bella Giggling "THE ONE THAT OPENS DA DOOOOR!!!!!!" She climbed to where we have to put the key to the front door so she won't open it and run out in the street.. and HID IT FROM US like we hide it from her!!!!
I said the serenity prayer about ohhhh 12 times. made her untie the ribbon. THEN she had forgotten where the key was. FINALLYYYYY we found the key...... in daddys shoe.

SO no more showers or working until her daddy is also at home or Bella has someone to play with or is in school. OR.... they make a 1000 mph duct tape.

Friday, June 01, 2007


I got it off THE SCRAPBOOK LADY'S blog. (she rocks)

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?
I read alot of "I love you stinky face" to Bella (one of her FAVORITE books) I read alot of Joyce Meyer and Im reading Positve thoughts for Positive energy.

What movies and/or tv shows did I watch this month?OK Im a tv addict on some shows. I REALLY like the new show "The Starter Wife" Watched that last night. I LOVED the movie DE JA VUE with Denzel Washington in it. IS pretty gory for my taste had to turm my head alot but it was one of those like a train wreck you can't stop watching it for nothing.
The other one was

Apocalypto (I KNOW I SPEELLED THAT WRONG) directed by Mel GIbson. It is a subtitle movie but I have to watch my movies with subtitles since I cant hear any more. IT was a VERY STRANNNNGEEEE Movie but one that we just couldnt stop watching again like a train wreck. But we scratched our heads going OOOOOOOOk by the time it was over.

Catch and Release- has jennifer Garner in it oh it was sooo good.
I think those are the ones That stood out as good or weird this month.
LOST was SOOO GOOD all the season finale's I watched, Jericho, Desperate housewives, HOUSE, ER, did I mention LOST (LOVE that show) GREYS ANATOMY (wow) AMERICAN IDOL WHEHEEW just knew Jordin was gonna get it!!

What special days did I celebrate and how?

WE got to go to PLAY GROUP.. SOOOO MUCH FUN! BElla loves to play with those kids so much and we have some very special friends there. WE dont get to go as much as we want to cuz well.. Yall all know I don't get to get out alot but When we do IT IS SOOO MUCH FUN!!! SHe loves going and we have a big time.
My nephew also Graduated for school and received a TON OF AWARDS. ADAM I AM SOOOO PROUD OF YOU! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

What illnesses or health concerns did I have?
Well I dont think I have to mention much about that cuz well YALL all Know I have lupus, and that I ended up While I was working and taking the treatments contracted shingles from it. NOW it will NOT STAY GONE.. we have tried many drug therapies and Im even trying natural stuff now too. SUN seems to be a HUGE contributer to lupus and then the shingels get all fired up. SO I have to either contact nasa for the space suit or just tough it out. I feel so bad for Bella and so guilty not being able to do with her like I wish I could. We have fun though and she plays with her friend eva at LEAST 3 times a week. And most saturdays. That helps SOOO much she loves her Eva to pieces.

What fun things did I do with my friends and/or family?

WE went to play group several times. WE always have fun with that when we get to go.
Played with Eva.
John did go out of town 2 weeks to college station Texas for training.
Mom came some while he was gone.
I got to see GRETA AND ELIZABETH That was soo much fun (talk about trying to set up a camera to take a photo that was hysterical. HEre is the FUNNY PHOTO:

WE had alot of FUN at TREASURES TO SCRAP this month. Had alot of updates on the site (thank you CHRIS and WENDI and TRACY) the site is coming along... slowly but surely. SO much excitement happnign there.

my pal Jeanette FINALLY had her dreams come true and the site launched this month for SIS TV. IT is sooo exciting. Her first designer is the fabulous KELLI CROWE. IF you havent seen it GO LOOK! Jeanette is so sweet. I met her through some blog challenges when I First got my blog and we have emailed back and forth on and off ever since. SHe is an incredible person.

I GOT SOME AWESOME PAGES PUBLISHED! THe pages I worked so hard on a few months ago and almost landed myself in an institution haha for crying so much came through. I had some pages requested for a book by my pal JAMIE THARPE for a book she was doing about how to memorialise the ones we ahve lost but still love. SO she and many friends pretty much held my hand and suffered through with me locked in my scrap room for 2 weeks getting these pages done and THEY GOT PUBLISHED IN THE BOOK!
I also had another page on my dad a tribute page published by scrapbook trends
and had 6 pages come out in Hobby lobbys creative concepts magazine. SO alot of Things happning and alot of progress. Im so proud of those pages of my dad and so happy you thought of me Jamie. ::squeezes::

What new foods, recipes or restaurants did I try this month?Can't say I TRIED any but Hubby came home telling me about DEEP FRIED BACON (Stacey tell me more about this one) its a place in College station that litterally BATTERS and DEEP FRIES BACON! I could feel my arteries clog just from the description. But hubby said it was AWESOME (but he likes weird stuff to eat too so I dont always depend on that one BUT I LOVE me some bacon.

What special or unusual purchases did I make? OH MAN the ups, fed ex, uspc, and dhl people have been making regular visits to our house... but the biggest one was a new dryer. YEAH everything seems to tear up when your hubby goes out of town. so I had to get a dryer. He said I did good. My neighbor THANK YOU DAVID helped me go get it and hook it up I owe him and his wife supper.
I got alot of scrappy stuff. I cant even begin to list it all. SOme basic grey some ki, some scenic route (THE NEW KELLI CROWE LIMITED EDITION KIT FROM SIS TV OMG) some new sei, soem american crafts, urban lilly stuffs, some creative imaginations I just love the new dcwv stuff, a ton of chipboard (yeah im a chipboard ho) did I MENTION BLING YES I AM THE BLING QUEEN (shut up robin) I got all my new dt stuff for the next 3months that box WAS LOADEDDDDDDDD with around the block, adorn it, and karen foster, I also got all the new prima sprites, the whispers and the lilly shape ones with the chipboard, some chalk and paints, LIKE I said it has been a GREAT scrappy month!!!!

What were this month's disappointments?

DId I mention John had to go out of town 2 weeks but that was a good thing for his career but we missed him soooo much. BUT ALSO the dryer and the air conditioner went out but IT was fixed and we got a new dryer so that all turned out good.

What were my accomplishments this month?
I got those layouts pubbed and I have some more things in the work I cant mention yet SO EXCITING. I entered some contests one that starts like NOW.. and one that i didnt win but I made the top final 10 which is a huge accomplishment if you had SEEEN HOW many people entered.
I got to meet Greta and Elizabeth.
I learned just how strong I really am. How I can depend on me and persevere.
I worked my butt off On Treasures to Scrap despite being sick and John being out of town that is a BIG accomplishment. Got all my responsibilites done.

I got my layouts for may done for our sponsor CRAF T and I did an article for the newsletter.

NOW your challenge is to roundup your memories for MAY, Be sure to link us on TREASURES in the BLOG CHALLENGE SECTION. The drawing will be once a week (on SUNDAY EVENING) for a rak - You have to participate to win. :) THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PLAYING GUYS. IF you just want to do the challenges that is ok too. I challenge everyone so what are you waiting on! OH I FORGOT heheh THere is more


BE SURE AND STOP BY TREASURES TO SCRAP TODAY. We have a new contest coming out that is going to be so much fun and YOU CAN WIN GUEST DESIGN TEAM SPOTS! YES and let me tell you, WE GET SOOOO SPOILED on this team with product and the friendship we have! I am SOOOOO blessed and Happy to be chosen to be on this team.