Thursday, June 07, 2007

prayers please

I just wanted to ask for every one to Pray for AUnt Ouida. Its not looking really good. IM not sure what to ask to pray for at this point. Peace I am thinking. Peace for her, Peace for her family, No pain no suffering. I also want you to pray for her family that is there with her to have peace to help her have a peaceful journey. I wish so bad I could go be with her. I also know right now it isnt possible. Unless some miracle takes place and the shingles go away today. No way I can go that far and sit up there and give it to everyone else. Its kinda danged if ya to danged it ya don't. ITs wrong if I don't go cuz I can give this to her or to anyone else up there. but then if I stay home and dont go That is wrong too, so I dont know what to do. SO since my dr's and friends and everyone are helping me to remain positive and focus on positive. IM gonna focus on what we can do. WE can pray. we can pray for everyone that is there and pray for her and pray for peace. I hope she knows how much I have always loved her. and Im praying she will find peace and comfort with Jesus and no more pain and suffering. TO the rest of the family that probably doesnt even know she is in the hospital. IM trying to get ahold of you if you read this. SEND ME an email and I will call you.

Your challenge for today, is to reflect. Reflect on your life. Thank God for what you have been given and not given. try to focus on positive and to journal about what your thankful for TODAY.
I am thankful for my family. I am thankful I have my mom and my brother and my husband and this little vivacious child that wears me out. I am thankful for the good times and the bad cuz it makes us appreciate the good times when we have bad ya know. I am thankful I am here another day to post on this blog and hopefully bring a smile to someones face that needs it. Even though today I dont feel much like smiling. I do know I have alot to smile about. FOr that I am truly thankful. I am also thankful for all my friends and YOU reading this blog. Even though I started this so our family could keep up with what was going on since we live so far away now.. I have so many friends that read this as well. I am thankful for each of you and what you mean to me.
try to smile today. You never know just who's day it could brighten.

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Adriann said...

Lifting her up in prayer and asking God to fill the need...

Hope you get to feeling better.