Friday, March 28, 2008

a great surprise today

My bud Simone when she was here, did a video of my scrap room. Well to my surprise she did it all up to music and schtuff (my favorite song by daughtry ughhhmm melt!!) on her blog. GO SEE IT it looks sooo stinkin cool! Thank you Simone Im smiling (crooked but hey im smiling hahahahaha) Love ya tons chick!
check it out HERE

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Not a good day....

I had a dr appt this morning and I didnt get good news.
My Gp told me to kinda prepare myself. That I do have lesions on my brain and a postive lumbar puncture. The vasculitis in my brain and that point to what we were hoping not. Multiple sclerosis. The other thing it could be is Lupus nephritis vasculitis which means the lupus has moved to my brain. So. I have an appt, on April 9th that I will get more confirmation and treatment options. I have a new rheumatologist since this one was a nightmare that I will be seeing errrr. first week in May. (its in the kitchen and IM exhausted) Regardless... He told me to prepare myself and whatever questions and alternatives for treatment we can choose. I am not sure what we can do on second opinions (I REALLY DONT WANT TO DO ANOTHER SPINAL TAP) But I did have positive Ana and really high sed rates. I dont know all the counts I didnt write them down I was kinda in a stuper because so many times before they tested me for that and it was always negative. So anyway. that is where we stand right now. I really do appreciate your prayers and thank you so much. I ask right now for you to pray for John and Bella and my family. I think this is alot harder on them than it is on me.
My main concern right now is how this is all gonna effect them.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

more pages and a beautiful day

HERE Is another page from Bella's 4-k class trip to the Partridge Plantation. I have about 150 pics so get ready to see plenty of pages on it hahaha. THIS IS FROM my scrapbook Obsessions kit. I LOVE this graphic 45 paper. I tell you if you dont like one side FLIP IT OVER you are sure to like the other. I loved the prima stamp stickers and the ribbon too. I used some STICKLES glitter glue with the template that came with it to make the fleurishes on the top and bottom left. YALL didnt think I DREW THAT NOW DID YA? if so yall are KArazy. Im doing good to scrapbook right now.
I had another one of those freaky headaches today at the back right side of my head where the round part of your skull is. Freaky. I go back to the dr tomorrow though sIts just my general practitioner though. But still he may have some of the answers. WE have another week or so till we get the test results from the hospital.

Bella John and I set out some marigolds and impatients today in the back yard with Guido's help of course. Mainly Bella did it I assisted. She was so cute. SHe got so mad when guido tried to errr. mark his territory on them. she would fuss at him and tell him to go lay down and stop tt on her plants. I had to laugh she was so funny.
IT is a beautiful day here. The Azaleas are blooming so beautiful. I know enjoy them now they will be gone in a week or so. I LOVE them so much though.

Have you seen the Bazzill paper that you can stitch yet? I know some of you have some may not. It is pre stuck I guess you woudl say with a design so all you do it put the thread through so you can have stitched designs on your pages. IT is pretty cool. HERE is where you can see some of it.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Have you seen these papers from GRAPHIC 45? I am in love. They were in my kit at scrapbook obsessions this month. I had the best time making this layout with them. They are double sided and yeah I KNOW I KNOW I scream and shout about double sided paper but seriously these papers rock. IF you dont like one side flip it over YOu are sure to like that one. one side is very vintagy the other not so much. just SO PERFECT.
YES IM still on this turning 5 thing I just cannot believe it. SHe is still planning her Birthday party and so happy to be turning 5 as John and I sit here looking at each other thinking if we ignore it will it go away? UGHHH.. no time doesnt work that way but it was worth a shot huh?
SO celebrate it... we will.
Im working on some cards for Di Hickman. My bud. she has her sketch's that IM WAYYYY behind on so I gotta get busy.
Take a look if you need some inspiration :)

catching up...

OK I have all kinda stuff to tell yall about. I know I have been a bad blogger. My mom has been here and then I took my meds really early on sunday to so I wouldnt forget in all the Easter festivities and it made me sick as a dog. so Im just getting up and feeling almost human. Nothing will stay down still though so we are hoping... anyway HERE Is some fun news. We had a chat with our bud Lindsay from Cosmo crcket Friday night, He put out a contest for us. this goes for any of you that want to do it. Here it is:

Create an ALBUM with one of the black board albums by Cosmo Cricket found here

Albums must be made with at least 60% Cosmo Cricket product found hereshe is doing next day shipping so you will have it in plenty of time for the contest.

If there is something that she is out of stock on (it is going FAST!!) She will go to Cosmo Cricket and pick it up ... Email her at with what you want her to pick up. She will priority ship for everyone so that you can have the product qucikly.

Albums can be any theme you wish.. show us your creativiy.

Upload your finished album here to the TTS gallery no later than April 15th midnight Central time.

Enter as many albums as you wish but has to be using the Cosmo Cricket Blackboard albums and at least 60% of Cosmo Cricket products. No EXCEPTIONS!!!!!Entries will be judged by the Cosmo Cricket Team...
Winner will recieve more than $300 worth of Cosmo Cricket Product!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you sooooo much Cosmo Cricket Man!!!!! and thank you for the great Chat !!!!

Good Luck everyone and Have fun

Paper and Hybrid Albums encouraged...


Doesn't this sound like fun!!! We had a fun Easter around here. The Easter bunny must have tripped on the toys BElla left out because he dumped his eggs all over the living room. hahahahaa.

She had a great time dyeing Easter eggs. Even though we just use them for potatoe salad... she still loves to dye them I mean come on don't you remember how fun it was dyeing Easter eggs when you were a kid!? I always loved it. Yes we hide the plastic ones now but I have to have the nostalgia of dyeing real eggs still. Every kid and (kid at heart) has to do this. IT's just not Easter without it ya know.

She had a good Easter. she poked us awake before 7 and I went ahead and took my meds so I wouldnt forget. HUGE MISTAKE. I have to take them at hte same time every day NOT EARLY not late. I knew not late but was thinking a little early wouldnt matter. BUT, it was alot more early than I realised...Oh well. John thinks maybe I didnt eat enough with it. Either way I was dog sick.
I laid in the dark most of the day. I got up a little bit but I tried to eat and off we went again. so TOday is first day I have been able to keep anything down and that was some crackers.
Im gonna attempt supper tonight.
I have an appt with my general pract, on Thursday so will ask him about that.

Here are some photos for ya, We didnt get to go to the church service for Easter I'm still not allowed out yet. But we did watch some on tv that were gorgeous. We had to kinda be careful around Bella She didnt understand alot of it and we tried explaining some of it to her. I will get her teacher to help me with that for 4 year olds I know it is really difficult to understand that jesus died for us.
I want her to know the real reason of the holidays not just Easter bunny.. Know what I mean?

I got my package I had ordered today from TTS omgosh IF you dont have one of the big bites let me tell you this thing is COOL as can be. It looks impressive too!
I got crackle paints and stickles and some more cosmo and that Bazzill bling birthstone paper is sooo vibrant I LOVE the ones that are Bellas school colors.

My mom was here this weekend. We all had a good time. .
Hope you all had a very happy Easter and remember the true meaning behind it.
I also would love to see your entrys in the contest. LETS FLOOD THE GALLERY WITH THEM AND MAKE LINDSAY AND JON WORK HAHAHAHA. IM sure he will love me for that one! hehe

Thursday, March 20, 2008

ONE month from TODAY

Bella will be 5 years old......
WHAT HAPPENED. WHEN did this happen? I just blinked. You were just born. You were just that teeniny thing that gave me fits in my belly that poked her butt up in my ribs that yes now even 5 years later I have a disfigurative rib cage on that side from YOURRRR BUTT. Thats ok It is a battle wound I pray I keep forever. Do you have any idea how wanted and loved you are little girl? We worked so hard to get you and I REALLY mean that. I will never forget the look on your daddys face when the dr told us I was in remission and if I wanted a baby THIS IS IT. I had a window with being off these medicines to get pregnant with. SO needless to say the "work began" we had been married 5 years and we were so wanting a child. I will never forget when we found out. We were both so happy.
I will never forget his face when You entered the world. He had tears in his eyes but was so excited to see you. IM YOUR DADDY. THIS IS YOUR MOMMY. I dont remember much after that except I wanted to see the feet that kicked the crapp out of me for the last 9 months. you had this look on your face of WHAT? PUT ME BACK I DO NOT LIKE THIS. You kept that look on your face for a while. Your daddy was so protective of you. From the get go. He wouldnt let them take too many pictures because it hurt your eyes. See your daddy taks good care of us .. his girls.
There should never be a question of doubt that you were sent to us and that we had placed that order for you a long time in advance. GOd knew just what he was doing when he made you. YES you are alot of pay back both of us wreaked havok on our sibling and also our parents somewhat. Even though they loved us like we love you. You never know how much you are loved by your parents until you become a parent yourself.
My entire life changed at that moment. I have not regretted it for a second. Even the first year of screaming, the collic, the torrential 2's that followed up with the threes from hell. YOu are a curious and michievious child. (refer back to the payback line) Our lives though are so comeplete now with you in it. IM so glad Im your mommy. But ya know.. I just don't know if Im ready for this FIVE thing yet.
I know you are cause you talk about it all the time HOW YOU WANT TO BE FIVE.
I want to live in four a little while longer. Is it so wrong that I LIKE that you call it a fridgefrader (refigerator) and pannacakes (pancakes), I KNOW I KNOW I should make you say it the right way but just if I HAVE to live with FIVE at least let me have this OK?! You have always had your own language for things. I didn't mind. We knew we were doing this ONE TIME so we basked in every second of it.
I know alot of four was hard on you. Mommy was sick alot. Daddy was having to deal with that. I hate that I missed some things.
I just breaks my heart and just makes me mad at myself for not getting to be at those functions. BUT you have a wonderful daddy little girl do you know that? Your daddy has done it all. He has cooked cleaned taken care of you as well as taken care of me. IF THAT does not show how much he loves us. THen I dont know what does. A man shows the love to his children by how he loves their mommy. so I have to say. He has done a pretty darn good job.WE are very lucky and blessed to have him you know that?
but back to this Five thing. Can we just talk about it a bit more. Can we just not do the FIVE. I dunno why FIVE is so hard for me. Maybe its the tough year we have had. I dunno but I guess it is a sign too you are growing up. You are becoming a kid. A little girl. No more baby. The baby ways are leaving you. Before long you wont want mommy and daddy to do as much with you and we will take that back seat to friends and things. I know that will be here before I know it. Selfish of me yeah but by gosh YOU ARE IT FOR US so we get to be selfish with you. You see those piles of scrapbooks in there. Those are for you. Those are all the moments and the thoughts and the love I have to give you. That is the best way I know to show it. Even when I cant get out and go to those little fun things at school, when IM stuck here I can do that for you and for me. Daddy takes the pictures so I feel I was there. I just wish I could be in teh audience smiling and clapping showing you how proud i am of you.
I am proud of you ya know. So ya know get used to this cause when you turn 6 I will be worse. IM sure 10 wont be so hot either and dont even think about 16 or oh man I cant even say it. so JUST STAY 4 ok. Keep calling it a fridgefrator I dont care if you get counted off for that in school it will be our secret! We will just sit here and eat chocolate and BEJOYCE!

Bella heard a whaaaaaaaat?

Ok when we got these photos back and I was going through them I immediatly thought of this paper. I have hung on to this paper I wasnt sure what I wanted to do with it but I knew something would come up. I was about to go on a gift bag and card making frendsy when this picture appeared. so corny as it may be... I thought it came out ok. Not bad for a sick chick.
I did alot of dimension on it so it would look like the little critters were hidin in the woods and wanting to come out and play with her. I just invisioned them stealing the easter eggs and her going ok this is NOT FUNNY. WHO GOT MY EGGS.
OK MAYBE this is good stuff they have me on after all. hahahaha

The weather is BEAUTIFUL today Bella is outside playing. I took my medicine late this morning so nursed a headache all morning. This afternoon I finally got up and worked on this page and finished it. THe paper is by REMINISCE DESIGNS if you are interested. It really is cute if you have pictures that go. or a kid that loves the jungle.

TONIGHT IS LOST! WHEWHEWWW I can't wait to watch it. My mom is coming tomorrow so I may not be online much then again I might be online more ya never know how that turns out. Depends on how this medicine treats me and her mood.
Bella is ready for some Grammaw time she says!
Ok I need to go take my evening meds cuz I DONT want to do that again oh my heavens!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pullin' out my pimp hat

OK IM pullin out my pimp hat.
I JUST have to tell you. Tracy at Treasures to scrap GOT some kickin' stuff in yesterday and You guys know cuz I been tellin' yall haha about how her store everything is everyday 35% cheaper than most places. WeLL that INCLUDES her kits. She does these page kits but let me tell ya... YOU CAN GET MORE THAN A PAGE OUT OF THEM. FOR THE MONEY.... IT is the way to go.
she has some KAUUUUUUUTEEEEEEEEEE (pronounced cute but in a nancynese fashion) kits this month I have to tell ya. SO GO check it!

Yall also know we all have been praying for her Daughter and Son in law for a while now. Her son in law has been in bad health for a while now. Well yesterday they got a miracle. you can read about it here THis truly is a blessing.

I also wanted to POINT YOU to the new stuff Tracy has added to the store. SHe has gotten in some kickin stuff. I know my bank account is gonna be depleted from it haha. I have to tell you the Bazzill birthstone blingy cardstock, grungeboard and the crackle paint and the stickles and the clear albums and and ...I can continue If you would like me tooo.. I got a big drool puddle goin here. Last count she had 4 yes FOUR of the big bites left and at 35% off I see why they are selling so fast.

I better quit we got my hospital bill this week and I Could go buy a new car for that one MAYAAAANNN! MRI's need to be on sale I tell ya!

I did get to scrap tonight. I had to. I had to turn off the american idol believe it or not. The flashing lights were bothering me too bad. SO I turned it where I could barely see the picture, I know! I KNOW!! my DAVIDDD!!! But, I could hear him so that is mostly what mattered. ANd I started on a page Im JUST finished it. IT scanned kinda wonky, but you get the general idea, Im going to try to photograph it but with the weather it may be later... IT INVOLVED cosmo cricket yeah IM still playing with my box of Cosmo cricket I got rofl.
I played with ALSO the crackle paints OH MAN I LOVE IT. I did some cool stuff with it and the black board letters I got the vintage ones OH I LOVE THEM!!! Note to self: Tell lindsay On FRIDAY AT 9PM EST (that is 7pm central for all us down south) WHEN WE HAVE OUR CHAT WITH HIM AND THE COSMO CRICKET CREW AT TTS...we need more L's and R's In the letter sets hahahahahaha. Im sure he will love me for that one. I always run out of those letters do you guys do that?
SO I had to make different words but IT worked out. I also used a page in the making memories journaling book (those are sooo cool if you can find them) I made my own scalloped paper out of my cosmo cricket paper. I used my deco scissors cuz Im not too good with the regular scissors and those are more forgiving if you dont cut straight haha. I went over the crackle paint with a colorbox cats eye ink chalk so the crackles would show up good. I LOVE the wooden numbers I have used those forever on layouts. I get them from scrappin freindsy. That is the lss from back home where I grew up (HEY YALL!!!) Some really nice folks over there! I got to move up to the number 5's next (don't start me to cryin')
anyway This is another one of those pages I want Bella to learn something from. To not just "judge a book by its cover" so to speak. That you have to dig sometimes to get to the beauty but everything is beautiful in its own way... why do I hear Ray Stevens singing all of a sudden.... man am I Showing my age or what! I had that record YES RECORD not CD. record on 45 hahaha. Ok completely showed my age there. But anyway I want her to someday realise I was tryin' to tell her something Not just make pages with all these pics ya know?

Ok I need to go, John is probably gonna have a cow or end up putting my face on the back of that milk carton for real when he goes to pick up my photo order but its ALL HIS FAULT he took so many cute pictures at the Platnation that I had to print them. I also am hoping to get to make my mom and his mom a mini album of the cutest ones. FINGERS CROSSED. I feel better can you tell?
SO much scrappin I wanna do.
I will show yall in a bit when I finish this crackly page. Its turnin out good I think even for my flicted self.
Hope yall have a good day.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Partridge Plantation Egg hunt

Bella had a field trip today at school to THE PARTRIDGE PLANTATION. It is really a big nice farm that you can go to and pet the animals and check out the country farm livin'.
They had a big Easter egg hunt and had SOOOOO much fun. John took a kabillion pictures for me, so I wouldn't be as bummed that I couldnt go :) Im still not up to it yet. Hopefully soon :)
I know the family will want to see these. we are NOT gonna get to come home for Easter :( this year which we haven't gone home the last 2 due to health issues and Bella being in different programs with church, school or other functions.
I am glad she has gotten to participate in some egg hunts and things this year. SHe has had a great time. Ok on with the photos. John did a super job as the camera man :)
IM NOT putting them all up.

If you get a chance go look at my sweet blonde child HERE at the Creative Imaginations blog. How cool is that. I wanna thank Cheryl and everyon at C.I. that made my day!. Im printing it out for my mom (she has no computer and no IM not gonna go there rofl) Thank you again.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

Bella's Teacher Mrs. Gloria invited Bella to come to an Easter egg hunt at her church today. John took her and she had soooo much fun. SHe knew most of the kids there. (they go to her school too) she loved it. Here are some photos he took

I didnt KNOW MY BROTHER Was there!!!! Aint he cute! bwahahahahhaaa

I think they all had a fabulous time!
Bella is supposed to go with her class monday on a field trip for MORE egg huntin' I wanna go sooooo bad and take pictures there is a petting farm there too kinda like back home at the pumpkin patch. I know she is going to have so much fun! Just dont think I can do that yet. Esp with all the flu going around but anyway I know she will love it. So Maybe some of the other moms will send me some of their pics from it. I want John to go but he said he didn't know. so We will see if he has to work or not. maybe just maybe.

I hope you all have a wonderful saturday.

Friday, March 14, 2008

another COSMOOOOOO cosmo cricket page .. hehe

I sing that like DAVEEEYYYYYY davey Crocket.. just so you know... hahaha I dunno why that is so funny to me. maybe its the meds im on. ok ok ok.
I KNOW yall remember a while back.. My giyulls as Bella says came over. I HAD THE BEST TIME! NO THEY DIDNT put me in the hospital that was just a fluke. I was already sick. Ijust told them and John I felt ok so they would still come over. BUT I have to tell you IT Was the best time. I haven't seen them in forever and Never have I gotten to see Josie and Simone In person. SOOOOO many laughs so much fun was sooo worth it to me! I still am playin in all that cosmo cricket. I tell ya I have had fun with it. When I feel up to it. This medicine I tell ya. SOmetimes I feel so normal and ok and then I blink and I feel nauseaus and cant think who the heck is this little girl running around I knwo her I know IM her mom but wtheck is her Name. I tell you I hate this stuff but.... It is saving my life so I cant complain. I went on a rant with John this morning about it and how miserable I was and I felt so nauseaus and one minute I feel so stupid and The next I feel fine and how crazy this stuff is he said AND WHAT IS DIFFERENT FROM BEFORE???
smart ellick he is! He reminded me how much better I am than almost a month ago today and that we know more now and can limit things and know to not do this and stay away from that. IM resting more (have no choice actually this medcine knocks me on my tail) so anyway THANK YOU all so much for the continued prayers. I did scrap a VERY SIMPLE layout. I am still having problems with motor function lol I cant cut with scissors too good :( so I did jut a plain pretty much page but HEY! I WROTE ON IT. Its is barely readable but I wrote on it.
so there ya go.. more cosmo cricket, If your looking for this awesome product and DONT WANT TO PAY THE HIGH PRICES. yeah I know people we are in this horrible financial funk I know we all are OURS IS MEDICAL BILLS imagine that. But Tracy is doing the 35% off everyday at her store. so if you want some of this coolio paper you can get it there. HERE Is the link. GO buy it. and SHow me what you can do with it Link it back show me show me show me! I wanna see!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

cosmooooooo, cosmo cricket ........

IM feeling a bit better that I scrapped hahahahaa
ok maybe I should say I FEEL GOOD ENOUGH THAT I SCRAPPED. maybe that is the best way. I am having alot of trouble with my thoughts and words and getting things to come out right, so workin on this, I am feeling better just that is the main thing and Im noticing things that I cant do anymore like IMs and things if I get more than one at a time and then Bella is talking to me and the tv is going and then lord forbid someone call. I shut down my head just goes haywire I cant think I cant focus I cant make a sentence. Thia happened today. I used to could do it no problem and now IM like what the hell.Take a number even. SO Im having to just seperate stuff and this is really hard. AGAIN they TOLD ME this was normal but I DO NOT LIKE IT!!! I like being able to post on a message board with one hand and talk in an IM with the other while on the phone. That is how I got all my stuff done. BUT could be why my brain shut down in the first place who knows. IM HOPING this is just the medication. But, something tells me its not. Oh well. And I cant remember crapp anymore I write it down and forget to look at the note or look at the note and go HUH? WHAT does that mean. I have a note I wrote myself that I have no idea what It means and Im praying it isnt important. I know horrible.

Well I did scrap I got my mini album done I thing it turned out so cute. This is Bellas first year at school 4k even. she is the cutest thing in her little uniform and is smarter than I am already (yeah I know she didnt have much to go to do that huh hahahah) Case in point I had to turn American Idol DOWN so I could do this post because It was breaking my concentration and making my head hurt. THIS IS CRAZY!!!

Anyway here is a sneak peek at the mini book. IT is the new BLACKBOARD book from COSMO CRICKET and their new line of papers

I have to add a little PSA or commercial here I guess. Yall know my Good friend Tracy (HEY TRACY) Owns Treasures to Scrap. She has changed her paper store where now EVERYTHING IN IT is 35% off yes even the new inventory, AND she has this paper and these albums in it. SO ughmm HURRY and you can click on that first blinkie on the side bar it goes straight to the store or click on one of the highlighted words here I hope I did it right.
She has been very patient with me. I took on a sorta a job with her. Im not designing so dont get your drawers all in a wad, I am not design team I dont think I am ready for all that. I have quit all my teams that let me. I am just helping her with advertising. YES I will be scrapping alot because my main goal right now is getting things done. Getting these pages done for Bella. THIS SPELL I HAD SCARED ME! It scared alot of us. this is another page but its with sei paper I cant remember what its called but it worked with what I was tryin to do. I love watching BElla and Eva Caroline Play...
speaking of that I just have to say something.

A while back middle of January. When things started getting bad with my nerves and I had started to quit designing like me. She is the one that saw soemthing wasnt quite right with me cuz she knew my love for this business and also my love for all things shiny haha. she knows I know this business, I love this business it is my heart. and for me to just up and walk away one day and say to heck with it all screw it all I cant do this that something bad was worng with me. It has been happning for a little bit now off an on. well come to find out she was right and it is called VASCULITIS. Yall know that though from reading these past posts know the trouble I have gone through. some reasearch from some freinds they actually knew it before we did but it took half of my face going numb and my arm and feet and not being able to walk too good...almost getting in big trouble healthwise that could have been damage that may not ever make me Nancy again. (yeah not sure if that is good or bad lol) but I do want to thank yall. IF yall had not talked to me and noticed and stuck by it and Not just said OK FINE...OH YOUR NOT MY FRIEND anymore and left me like some DID DO! NO you stuck it out and knew that health wise with the lupus I was in trouble and possibly yall saved me. NO you guys did save me. YOU MADE me go on and call then instead of waiting. so Thank you one and all of you. YES I get mad my nerves are shot and fuss but I LOVE YOU. More than you will ever know. Thank you for not giving up on me and making me go that day to the dr.This is a problem that come to find out I have had for a while now and didnt know it. yeah I just have these little bothersome problems now but it could have been a stroke or heart attack if I had waited another day. so Thank you,

OK I have worked on this dang post for over an hour and my head is killin me so that is enough for right now. sorry If it dont make sense. bear with me...

Saturday, March 08, 2008


THere is a bigggg crop going on this weekend at I-SCRAP lots of fun prizes to be given away so check it out!!!
Yesterday I had a nice surprise our friends from Pensacola Normana nd Carol Hughes came to see us. I felt so bad I crawled out of the bed to greet them literally, THEY DIDNT RUN OFF SCREAMING either IM shocked. haha. They know the situation and how sick I have been, IT will feel so good to wash my hair but this stuff on my scalp and face soap burns so I cant imagine putting shampoo on there yet. scary I know. Maybe tomorrow. Its better today some. They brought me this big tall plant that Bella calls a tree and she wrapped her boah around cuz she said it was cold...
Pray for the plant. We need to put it where she cant get to it she is gonna kill that thing. we have 1 plant left in my house and that is the one my friend Holly gave me last year. or maybe before that 2 years john said wow. yeah I guess it has been that long when I first got shingles soooo bad. We had been at a scrappin retreat and it just oh man took over my ears and face I slept most of the time at that scrappin retreat so they knew something was wrong. Im ussually the one always up and joking and playing nope I was in bed asleep most of the time. so Yeah I still by the grace of God have that plant and I have 1 plant that was from my daddys funeral that turned into a tree we put outside. it is some kinda ficus bush and it literally comes back every year we have it in the ground beside our house now.
OK enough about gardening 101 I try I do but Bella likes to "garden" them and so we have to put them up where she cant get to them. I know she means well lol.

Im still catching up on posts and e-mails. I don't feel quite as nauseated today so John was gonna cook me some chicken. I have been wanting some hot wings so bad (yeah I KNOW this is probably a bad idea but man I want em sooo bad) Bella is restless as a pirate in a heirloom store. She wants to play but its too cold outside. Mommy don't feel good so I don't want her running around me like a crazed indian on fire. Daddy is doing something I dunno but she don't wanna do that either. I turned on a video and hoped she would sit with me and watch it or just us read some books but no SHE WANTS to play hide and seek. So.. Its her turn to go hide,,,,, I'll go find her after while. I just don't have the energy to get up and run around man it must be nice to be 4.

I guess I better go find her before she destroys something.

edited to note: I had the chicken and it was a success whehew Im so happy this is the first day in what almsot 3 weeks I have eaten something good and it stayed with me, THis is huge success people!! I CALL THIS PROGRESS! they told me I would be able tot tell when this medicine kicked in and I THINK it has.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

just another day in bed and OH YEAH SALE

not really much to update with Im still real grogged out weak and hard to use my arm and stuff. pain where they did the spinal tap and I get confused alot. we are waiting on the test restulsts. Im so tired of this bed I want to gt up and scrap but I know I cant yet, The medications are making me very nauseaus so its hard to do anything. I do get up and try to walk some everyday with the LOVELY walker (GRRRRRRRrrr) so I dont really have anything else to tell yall. still the same just nauseaus mostly and bored out of my skull. Sleep alot and hard to get comfortable so THere is my whiney post lololol arent you sorry you asked rofl.

I know it will get better it is just part of the healing process just bear with me while we are making life adjustments and figureing out what I can do and cant do. Thank you all soooo much for your support.

OH OH OH. I also wanted to tell yall that Tracy at Treasures to scrap is getting stuff in all the while now she got in the big bites and the cosmo cricket along wit those little black board books omg theya re so cute and they are everyday regular price 35% off so go check it out. Oh wait she told me that she just sold out of the big bites and theya re back ordered but she is getting more in. so if you like scrap supplies but dont like paying that high price for them check out her store she has all kinda cool stuff and the new basic grey should be in just like any time now. IM on redy for that rofl I DUNNO WHY.
I cant scrap right now but I KNOW I WANT IT rofl