Friday, November 16, 2007


Im on a mission. IM using up some of these scraps and making room and making cards like craaaaaazy. Some are cute some are well not quite so great haha I COUlDNT sleep so I stayed up makin cards. SO anyway.. here you go.. DONT LAUGH!
So I keep getting people asking me to make cards for them. I have had several ask.. but I have NO CLUE what to charge. What do you guys do? waht do you suggest? I have never charged for any of my stuff before until the last couple of years and It is always soo hard to figure out. I dont want to go to high, sometimes I just give it away instead because I just love doing them. Actually we are starting to be over run by hand crafted Items.. Im running out of places to put them. I give them as gifts all the time. BUT NOW.. I get people asking how much do you charge and my eyes just roll back Because I have NO CLUEEEE what I charge hahaa.
I know John will kill me if I did that right now with us trying to keep Bella in school and our Insurance Issues (DO NOT GET ME STARTED) SO what do you think? WHat is a fair price? GIve me some ideas.