Wednesday, January 31, 2007


LOVESHACK by Chatterbox is the Kit this month for IMAGINE CREATE SCRAP. ALL I CAN SAY IS IT IS AMAZING paper to work with and so stinkin cute. I altered this mailbox to hold all the valentines for Bella and to use as a decoration in the front foyer.
Be sure and go check it out.


I GOT THIS OFF OF LYNNE X's BLOG. I WANTED TO BE SURE MY BROTHER NOTICED IT SAYS "YOUR STRENGTH: YOUR SUPREME GENIUS" In print about me ::giggle:: You know its true bro go on.. admit ittt! bwahahahaha!

Your Birthdate: January 1

You are a natural born leader, even if those leadership talents haven't been developed yet.
You have the power and self confidence to succeed in life, and your power grows daily.
Besides power, you also have a great deal of creativity that enables you to innovate instead of fail.
You are a visionary, seeing the big picture instead of all of the trivial little details.

Your strength: Your supreme genius

Your weakness: Your inappropriate sensitivity

Your power color: Gold

Your power symbol: Star

Your power month: January

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

coolnes and an update

Looky what I found while scouring the internet and some other blogs: this is a place you can print out your own organizer sheets! HOW FRIGGIN COOL IS THAT!!!! you can print off all kinds of planner pages to keep you all organized.

SO to inform my family all at once (and friends) so I don't have to make 10 thousand phone calls and email sends. Here is the latest from the dr. I went today. Dont know much still. just that Im still sick and I still have a freaky rash. I have good days bad days as usual. The medicine is making me sick as a dog but we knew that cuz all the chemo family med things do that. I can't be around any one sick or sniffling. I still have swollen areas and sore as crapp joints. They gave me some news meds (yeah to add to the collection I need to start alterin those bottles huh) and I have 2 appts On Valentines day with an infection disease dr (sounds freaky dont it) and back to my Rheumatologist. Hopefully by then my test results will be back and we will know more. SO as of right now DONT really know anything. They will figure out what this is He thinks I did have shingles originally but it migrated to something more chicken pox like and in that family ( did you know it had a family?) but it was too wide spread to be shingly... It wont go away so he is saying it is systemic so he said to expect some aggressive therapy to get rid of it. SO I still know what? that I feel like crapp and everything hurts and Im swoll up like a puffer fish. But we dont know EXACTLY why. SO hope that answers all the questions. Thanks for the continued prayers.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

CHA favorite releases?

I CAN FINALLY post my tray and this wall hanger. This is the tray and wallhanger that is in the SCRAP THAT MOMENT / SCRAPPY CHICK booth number 543 at CHA. I had some other things there too I hear, but I had been wanting to put this up for a while but was didn't until after CHA. Tell me what you think.
Did YOU see anything at CHA interesting? So,What were your favorite releases at CHA? I have to say Im totally in love with the Queen and company buttons and the ribbons. I have turned into a button fanatic as of late and cannot get enough of the cute ones! WHAT A MUST HAVE. BUt also have you seen the new line from scrappy chick? Heidi Jones did a fantastic job designing this paper. I cannot wait to hear how they did at CHA. You an see it online at
Tell me what your favorites are? I know there are alot of stamps Im just itching to get my hands on and play with. Lots of new organizational things out on the market too. I think these companys have been listening to us pretty well! What do you guys think?

Thursday, January 25, 2007

a little therapy for the soul

IM PRAYING FOR SUNSHINE tomorrow so I can re photograph this layout.... The scanner just will not let it be bright and pretty when you have popdots on a page. ANYWAY.. it got COOOOOOOLD down here last night (what is that about ain't it supposed to be warm in Mobile?!) and with all my recent ailments (violin playing softly my heart is bleeding for ya) my hands and joints were hurting. Yeah I know so HOW NANCY did you make this page if your hands were hurting. WELLLLL Im glad you asked that question. The dr said you need to move them and well typing and scrapping are the best exercise for my fingers I can think of. (cuz I really want shapely girly fingers so I gotta keep em exercised...whateverrrrrr!) but most of all IT IS A distraction. As I wait for the medication from hell (that turns me from my ussually charming self bwahahaa to a Total witch with a b in 20 minutes) to start taking effect. (therefore NOW YOU KNOW WHY... I hide in my scrap room or in my bed so much....because it makes EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY get on my last nerve....) THis time I instead hid in my scraproom. I wanted to scrap soooo bad and was just playing with this paper and I dunno if it was the medication or my creative brain...(shut up jeanne haha) but we will go with creative brain ok! I started seeing water, waves, and splashes in the designs. I LOVE this photo of my horrifically rotten toddler (aren't they still toddlers at 3? even if they act like teenagers?) she was chasing my nephew around the pool..ok we were pushing her in her floaty ring but she thought she was chasing him around the pool.. saying "come meya gwaysen... sooo's eyes can SOOOOT EWE" add the southern accent to it when you say it... (is that not the cutest?) so anyway... ta daaa a page was born. I love the smile on her face. It is a TOTAL giggly grin smile. Look how her nose is wrinkled (mine does that too) we all I think have that when we get really tickled about something. I had fun doing this page and it got my mind off of it for a little while (as Im pouting cuz I can't go to Annaheim to cha dadgummit but I keep thinking "CHICAGO CHICAGO stay healthy and go to chicago" so hopefully I can see ya there guys) I did cut out the paisleys for this page.. Yeah they dont look so great but geez my hands are hurting give me a break. I was lucky to do the page haha! I didnt add the glitter to the letters I cheated that is called K AND CO TWINKLE TYPE it is already glitzy and sparkly aint it cool?! and be sure and notice the amazingly ROCKIN ULTRA COOOOOL SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS that I got from "It's not just scrap" (thank you ladies yall rock) THIS is the most ultra cool bling IN THE UNIVERSE!!!!
WHO all is droooling over some of the new stuff coming out at cha? DO you all hate that blame bird as much as I do? Im sorry to who designed that I really am but I just dont get it. I promise if I change my mind I will post it but I just dont like it. We are not gonna do another JONES CHALLENGE yet until after the first week in February matter of fact probably not till around the 10th. With cha going on and everyone is gone (but me...... did I mention that already????) the other Jones girls are on their way to Annaheim.. (without me did I mention it?) Im sure they will go stalk the SEI booth for me and roll around in some Queen and company for me and and tell all of them to go look at my pretty tray on their video and and well... I miss you guys already ..... (DO ya feel guilty yet? I didnt think so...)DI TAKE A PHOTO OF THE SEI BOOTH FOR MEEEEE TELL THEM I LOVE THEMMMMMMMMMMM!

ALSO dont forget to check in with Scrap that Moment/ SCrappy chick at booth number 543 and say hi to the scrappy chick/scrapthatmoment gang and LOOK AT MY DESIGNS ON THE VIDEO!!!! YES I have some projects at cha wheew Im so excited! so be sure and stop by and at least say HI! Also look at the new papers that HEIDI JONES created for The site. THey are gorgeous and I cannot wait to get my hands on them! OK Im out of here toodles

Wednesday, January 24, 2007




so who else is glued to the tv to see who is gonna be the NEXT AMERICAN IDOL. I never thought Id be so interested in really bad karaoke. Some of these people you have to wonder did they lose a bet soemwhere to actually be on television dancing and singing likethey are? They cannot POSSIBLY THINK what they are doing is singing. YES It is easy for me to judge since I have such a GORGEOUS singing voice,,, I will pause for the hysterical laughter that my brother is probably erupting in at this moment, but come on people. Makes you wonder if they "had"(I say had cuz after they watch the show they wont be friends anymore probably) a great friend (such as me) to totally convince them they NEEED to go audition. "YEA you can sing. I swear if i close my eyes (and my ears) and tilt my head to the north on mondays, YOU SOUND JUUUUST like prince (being attacked by a ravenous squirrel) I have a BRILLIANT idea, you need to quit your job.. take your life savings and go audition for American idol. HEY I heard elvis had no formal musical training. YOU SHOULD SOOO DO IT!

I felt sorry for them until Common sense told me that they had to sign releases stating they could publish them singing or whatever they were doing onto the tract that made the tv cut. They even sang other songs while the producers taped them. Im sure the producers kept a straight face while they discussed furtherment of their career with them. BUT, what got me was the ones that ran out cursing and screaming and tyranting such.. then went back and sang the OTHER songs they showed clippits of them performing (badly). COME ON. THEY JUST SAID YOU SUCKED so ughm LETS HEAR MORE!!!!

so err.. who all is watching it tonight with me ? let me hear a wheew hewww!!!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

its alive

BUT barely.. new meds making me very sick... I will be updating my blog as soon as I can. in the mean time check out some of the blogs in my BLOGS I LOVE section to the right. Tell em nancy sent ya :)

Shout out to Karla, Marcy and the gang at "Its not just scrap" LOVE these swarovski crystals. IF you have not tried these... YOU are missing out. They are the most beautiful bling ever. They look so real. The sparkle is amazing. I hope to get to come crop soon. Thanks for this! Yall rock! ps: YES THEY COME IN BLACK get them!!!! I need them lol!

Bella went to Katie Ann's Birthday party saturday with Ms katrina, Cannon and Kellery. SHe had so much fun. She sang Happy birthday the REST of the day! Tomorrow is play group so I know she will be having alot of fun there too. Thank you GOd for such good friends. I know Bella is bored out of her mind here with me. John and Mom try to play tea party etc.. but it just isnt the same as playing with other children. TAKE PHOTOS FOR ME hehe. YAll rock I owe ya big time!
ALso shout out to Scott. Jeanne's son. Praying his poison sumac is better soon, He has it soooooooo bad and is miserable to say the least. (and I know that is making Jeanne a nervous wreck) when your kid is miserable.. you are miserable.. SO im praying yall are back to normal soon. Hard to believe I can't wait to hear Mobile Alabama Sucks rofl! *(but thats how I know he is feelin good he picks with me)
OK back to bed. IM getting the evil stare.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


With everything that went on this week I almost forgot to say THANK YOU to my friend Cheryl for this awesome RAK! YOU ARE SO AWESOME CHERYL! I am so blessed to have you in my life. If you have never seen Cheryl's work. You must be living under a rock somewhere. SHe is an absolutly amazing artist. She does the most beautiful altered art I have truly ever laid eyes on. Be sure to stop by her blog and leave her some love. OK!
THIS WEEKEND is the 2007 CYBER CROP at WWW.IMAGINECREATESCRAP.COM THE FUN starts on Friday and will last all the way through sunday. BE SURE and go check it out. We have lots of prizes to give away and challenges and games. SO if you wanna win some cool stuff and have some fun in the process.... come on over and have fun with us. I CANNOT WAI T TO SEE YOU THERE!!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

TO bead... or not to bead...

I know alot of you have already read this post on the site.. but to my family and FRIENDS and the ones that didnt know about the FUN WE HAD today. (Im rolling my eyes) get ready for what seemed like an I love lucy episode gone wrong. that went on... forever ... EVERYONE IS OK.. NO animals or that many kids were injured (haha( while this story took place . Hubby and I are speaking and laughing about this now. SeE he was so sweet yesterday. THe lord knew today would happen... He gave him a "one up" so I would be able to laugh about this so soon after....

Bella and I had a pretty good day.. we were rockin along, I have been cleaning house and dragging her OUT OF everything she is getting into. You know, normal Bella stuff for her. We played go fish and barbies, scrapbooked and etc. I was just off the phone with the insurance co for the SECOND time of being on neverending hold, just plugged my phone in for the battery to charge so it woudln't go dead. I go and Im cleaning the kitchen washing dishes loading the dishwasher getting ready to cook supper. When I hear... SCREAMSSSSSSSSSSSS. Im going what the... Its bella. its the: OMG!!!! IM GONNA DIE! IM IN PAIN THE world is falling on my head scream. Im thinking, while running, OH great what did she break. She was screaming. I look at her, no blood, she isnt on fire.she didnt pee her pants ... I get on my knees "what baby? what is it? I dont see anything?" no glass. no fires. no anything toppled over she finally gets out in that snuffuded cry and talk at the same time voice.. "I TUCK A BEAD up my NOSE." My first reaction"why in the world did you..." but then IM thinking YOU WHAT? THEN.....OH grrreat. (The bead is one of those if you are familiar with them "pony beads" as my mother calls them) So I SAY "Let mommy see. which side?" SO I see it. It's up there man, I feel. It is right at. where the bone part starts, above the cartlidge part, way up *(you just felt your nose didnt you hehe. I did too) anyway on the right side. I said "is it on both sides?" she says "NO MOOMMY JUST ONE." Ok I look and yeah just one. I tried the, hold the other side and get her to blow.. and nothing .I tried the tweezers" OH NO she wouldnt be part of that... adn me with a sharp pointy instrument pointed at my kids face and eyeballs and nose while she is screaming kicking and squirming AINT A GOOD COMBO... SO I call My husband. He is stammering with " errr ughmms" I siad "OK! RIGHT NOW. YOUR NOOO HELP" I was getting angry cuz he was like NO DONT take her to the dr yet.. Im like W T HECK? YESSS I AM!!!!!... what Im supposed to JUST LEAVE IT? UGHM NO!!!!!!!! (he was on his way home from florida by the way and Im having a flash back from when he got roast in his throat caught and he refused for 5 hours to go to the ER and we had ot sit with the LOVELY Night crew in the ER for HOW MANY HOURS?????) * IN HIS DEFENSE NO HE wasnt meaning to just leave it. He was thinking try to get it out other ways, before spending a million dollars at the dr for them to get it out.. but she was screaming, I was stressed and she wouldnt let me touch it or her so the best thing in my opinion to do was go in... but anyway) I say OH HECK NO well that aint what I siad but... UGHMM NO IM going NOW to DR OFFICE WHILE OPEN! SO I say YOU ARE NO HELP I NEED SOMEONE WITH A M.D. BY THEIR NAME. I gotta go. bye. So I call my dr office. They(amazingly) put me right through.. something about when you say, kid bead and up nose all togehter...THEY rush you through to the nurse. So ... she says... can she breathe? I stop and look at the phone .. Im thinking ughmmm? I wouldnt be on the phone with YOU now ID BE ON MY WAY TO ER or with 911 if that the case.. but instead I say "yes and that I have tried the normal routine to get it out and it is IN there.way up in there.. so she said "COME ON IN NOW before the dr goes home..." GREAT. So I change bellas clothes OK SO SUE ME She had on more pj's and stuff. We are still working the potty training!! I look OH GOD like heck with 2 hockey sticks.. I had been cleaning everything BUT ME... so I throw on more clothes I attempt to brush my hair and I m like OH well Ill just have to go. give up . so we zoom on (and I get to the car.. HUBBY HAD NOT put the car seat BACK TOGETHER IN THE CAR... ITS POURING RAIN. IM fuming mad IM so angry .... ( yeah I know he just forgot but at the time, I was really really mad cuz I asked him to put it back in there several times and he forgot THAT IS WHY I TELL YOU SO MANY TIMES DEAR CUZ YOU FORGET!!!) so anyway.... I had to run the pad through the straps and put it all back together...(we are still potty training so you do the math we had to wash it) THAT WAS FUN TRYING TO FIGURE THAT OUT.....and do that while its raining and kid screaming, cuz its raining and it is cold and the situation just SUX! I get it back INTO the back seat, stick my knee in it set forward with my weight and OMG no. not now, please, no.. KNEE feels like it is dislocating. it really ISNT dislocating but feels like it when IT starts to pop... so Im holding my breath put the blet loop through the back. Im crying in pain and anger Bella is screaming (we are in the garage,!! she isnt getting wet. I dont know why she was crying. cuz it was raining? probly ....just dramatic overture to the entire freakin situation!!!!. SO ,s he stops. Dead in her tracks, Looks at me and says angelically "MOMMY WHY YOU CWYIN. I SOwwy i TUCK A BEAD UP MY NOSE." "OMGOSH BABY, NO ITS NOT THAT, IT'S OK, JUST, COME ON. GET IN. SO I SUCK IT UP try to pop my leg back, get her in the *&^%$# car and in the *&^% seat. Off we go... get to the dr office.
By this time, she is fine. cuz, well IT doesnt hurt. It is just in there. I tell the nurse. "THis is Isabella, with the bead in her nose... and they say "AHH ok go this way" ( I tell the nurse "BY THE WAY, I have had shingles and just now getting over it I need to be.... and she finished the sentence "AWAY FROM BABIES AND PREGNANT WOMEN!!!!"" with the look of horror on her face. I siad "look, it was an emergency! I HAD to come, she siads "OH I KNOW, its ok. I just feel bad, for you. (I guess my face is purple it is so red from the fact IM in pain and just sooo angry and just well .......stressed) so we go to triage, e.r. in the back. Away from babies and pregos. So bella is telling all the nurses "I HAVE A BEAD IN MY NOSE "and she says "hey whats wrong with that little girl? does she have beads in her nose" I say "NO HONEY, JUST YOU!" Of course they all think it is hysterical but for me the novelty has WAYYYYYYY worn off at this point. The nurse comes in and looks at it says "yeah we can get it blah blah whatever" we are talking she said "OH ok they wrote on here you have ....shingles" I siad "NO, I HAD, them. Am getting over them,about 4 days so far. she looks at my ear and said "this one is still open you realise?" I am like "yeah, I know" she said "ok put a band aid on it while you are here"... I am thinking ....that makes it all better? so no one will get it or something?. Just stick a band aid on it? .. wonder if the bead will fall out of her nose if I put a bandaid Over her nose like a pore strip or one of them YOU SNORE TOO LOUD things...
So anyway the dr comes in (snickering) they take the loopy thing and get the bead out.. (we are HOLDING HER DOWN KICKING AND SCREAMING)

THEN Bella stops crying, looks up at the dr and says" CAN I HAVE THAT BACK PLEASE?" and we bust out laughing cuz it was so matter of fact. she takes it from him and Im going EWW lets wash it....... and YOUR HANDS.. I wrap it in a towel and she announces to the NURSE the dr and the rest of the dr office "MY MOMMY IS GONNA PUT THIS IN A SCRAP BOOK FOR TO GIVE TO ME" (they learn quick you save EVERYTHING for the scrapbook huh?) so Yeah we will "scrap that moment"

NOW after I got home, I finished washing dishes. STARED NAILS through my husband for a little bit, informed him he is cooking dinner.. Ok asked him to please cook the spaghetti!!! IM hiding in my scrap room getting stuff done catching up on posts, and gonna wait for American Idol. AND I might just go drink something alcholic, but IF HE DARE SPEAK right now OR BELLA mention a BEAD.... I will leave him alone. but with her, tomorrow tooo! SO IM in my room now, (My cave as he calls it) Drinking a glass of lemonade (no alcohol though .. I really can't because of this medication. but dang, it would be nice rofl)

SO, HOW wAS YOUR DAY????????

IM SURE that your kid or neighbors kid or SOEMONE you knows kid has stuck a something up their nose (rubber snake even? yeah just ask my sister in law about that one roflmbo) The nurse said once a week at LEAST they pull stuff out of a kids nose or ear or whatever. (i dont wanna know any wahtevers) I feel bad cuz I KNOW my mother is gonna SPAZZ totally out because she gave bella the beads. Then she is gonna say WERE YOU WATCHING HER.. but you know we sit and STARE AT HER in a BUBBLE all day 24 hours a day.. SHE IS NOT a mischivious kid that GETS INTO EVERYTHING (moma knows this for fact now she kept her 7 days for me while I was unconscious with shingles WHICH UNCONSCIOUS almost sounded like a good option there while it was happning...) BUT anyway... Ma I have already thought of all those reactions... for you, so go ahead... I REST WELL RIGHT NOW.. KNOWING IM dangling mY MOTHERLY WAND that I got when I gave birth to her over her little NO BEAD in nose having head, Granting her the magical power to have NOT ONE but 2 JUST LIKE HER so she will get blessed with a challenge as of such I had today. I LOVE YOU BABY and when your little one some day sticks I dunno AN ELEPHANT up its nose and you are freaking completly out as your ROBOT probably LAZER BEAMS it out (cuz that is how in my idea of the future it will probably work) YOU will sit back and grin as YOUUUUUUU stare darts through Your husband (yes you will have one of them BEFORE YOU have a child since I waved this wand) PLEASE! YOU will remember YOUR MOM put the curse on YOU like My father did onto me... THIS second, I do LOVE YA...

Monday, January 15, 2007


My sweet hubby went to hobby lobby for me to get the adhesive. WELL the one we have here Is SOOOOOO helpful (not) they were out of course and he asked the lady when they would get more. OF COURSE she had no clue... they never do at this one. THe one across the bay they are so nice and helpful. This one ELSUCKO's. BUT he found the new christmas Basic grey not the fruit cake but the DASHER basic grey pack. HE found it on another isle and said Isnt this something you like I said UGHM YEAH I dont have that one. SO he got it. When he got to the check out IT WAS HALF OFF! whehewhew. SO I called my sister in law liz. To see if she happened to be near the hobby lobby in Mississippi (that one is gorgeous it rocks) and she was. She went in they had 5 packs of the adhesive I wanted (all at half price) so she got all of them for me YIPEEEEEEEEE! IT has been a lovely day in the karma section. I feel good. The shingles/chicken pox whatever are almost gone and I feel so much better. AND I am gonna be in the scrap that moment VIDEO at the SCRAPPY CHICK BOOTH at CHA! My tray I made and a photo IM SO EXCITED. I have a few things in the magazine also but the video Im so excited about! SOooooo I may not get to go (due to my health, enjoy my ticket yall! lol) but I will be there in spirit! AND A HUGE SHOUT OUT TO MY pal DI HICKMAN and LATONYA BOIKE they are gonna be at CHA (lucky dogs) take pics for me!!!! I will see you in chicago!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

another day another layout... I WISH!

Dear Santa, I can explain...........
YUP that about sums it up!!!! This is the gingerbread man line from Piggy tales. I used their coordinating cardstock tags labels and photo turns as well as the coordinating chipboard (I had to use an H and a D to make me a n and a a but that is ok I never have enough letters) I LOVE this font for that reason. I wrote on the photo turns naughty? Nice? naughty? nice? and doodled on the rest of the page added ric rac and bling and called it a page. the blingy sticker letters are by making memories. You can see this along with the rest of our PIGGYTALES sponsor pages at SCRAP THAT

I would LOVE to be one of those people that can do a layout EVERY DAY. bwahahahaa is that not funny! It ain't happnin around here. My mom went home today :( I really enjoyed her being here (when I was conscious.... I slept through most of it cuz, well she kept DRUGGIN ME UP) but, she was just following the dr orders. let me tell you. That woman every time the buzzer went off she popped another demrol in me.Secretly I think she was slippin a mickey in my milk shakes. She didnt wake me up to give them to me though. I will give her that. BUt, John told her how painful shingles were and I guess she figured unconsicous was better. I agree sometimes. Im just kidding she wasn't that bad I was seein stuff there for a while. haha. ANyway. I have been awake 2 days in a row now. (not completely 24hours a day but well YOU KNOW what I mean) and it feels good to be part of the world again.
We talked to a friend that is a Nurse. She told me not to get around anyone that: was pregnant, on chemo therapy, or kids that have not had the chicken pox vaccine for another week. Which sucks. cuz Hobby lobby has my adhesive 50% off so guess where my happy polka dotted butt will be at 9 am SO warning: If you are any of these things YAll better steer clear of the adhesive row! I am goin' in.
I am debating play group with Bella tomorrow. Bless her heart, I know she is bored out of her mind. BUt I worry that if I get any body sick I will never feel welcomed again. Yeah I know.. IM risking the lives to get adhesive by gosh... but I KNOW there will be kids at playgroup. I WOULD THINK they all have had their shots. but ya never know... anyway Im waiting on my friend to tell me what she thinks and I will let you know the final verdict. It is ussually on Tuesdays but since today is some holiday or something we are doing it today. Here is the last page with Piggy Tales. Keep in mind Im still ailin but it felt good to scrap again. I love the new funky freestyle that is goin on all over now. IM gonna go hit the hay for now. SHOUT OUT TO MY PAL JEANNE ! SHE IS NOW A FREELANCE CHICK AT SCRAP THAT MOMENT WHEHEWHEW YOU GO GIRL! CONGRATS and WELCOME!!! (we get to work together::jumping up and down together::)

Friday, January 12, 2007

whewhew its Friday...

So what are you going to do this weekend? Not too much happening here. Still trying to get over this shingle crapp so gonna stay in. I feel soooo much better, but when I get up, I quickly realise I am not at 100% yet. Why does it make you so tired. I uploaded layouts yesterday and had to go take a nap. That is ridiculous. Almost like being pregnant (we know that aint the case here unless the lord is comin back through me and ughmm I think he will choose a different way kwim) I have so many projects I need to be working on and getting my room FINISHED ORGANIZED would be a huge plus. Especially since a little 2 and half foot,blue eyed blonde, tornado keeps coming in here and rearranging things (grrrr) SHe and grandma are having a great time. They have made bracelets and necklaces today and they went to "lobby lobby" and saw miss weeze. I know my mom will be so happy to go back home by the time she leaves here. Bella has kept her DEFINITLY entertained. Now she sees why I always sound the way I do on the phone the kid never stops. Thank the lord she is cute so we don't brain her sometimes hehe. as if! Here is a page I did for mothers day photos last year. Bella made me HER very own MOTHERS DAY GIFTS. too sweet she is sometimes.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Toots and That sponsor PIGGY TALES

( <~~Journaling is: U are the Beauty among Flowers) Piggy Tales Snow white line.

WEll if you have gone on scrap that moments site this week you then know, That PIGGY TALES is THAT SPONSOR for this month. I am just now getting my projects uploaded and I still owe her one more. I won't be doing it till maybe next week though, because I have had shingles .....AGAIN!!! They didnt look as bad on my body, but I had a lineof them across my face from nose/mouth to my ear so my entire head, ears ,eyes, everything were effected and I look worse than usual. My dr. thinks it was all the stress through the holidays, traveling and from the kidney stones.. put em together at the same time and voila shingles. I am about to finally get over it though, still dizzy and light headed (whats new huh? ha ha) My vision is still real weird feeling, like everything has a glow or like im looking down a tube and I cant hear good on that side either (that is my excuse when I dont reply to hearing mommy 10 thousand times a minute I know I have "a bad ear" well worse ear I guess you would say. I feel very blessed though, because so many do lose all their vision and hearing when that is effected. WIth as many times I have had them I still have only minimal damage. I want to talk to someone who has had the new vaccine and see if it is worth it. I hear the shot is pretty painful and you go through a mini bout of them when you get it.. so I dunno yet. OH WELL... ENough about all that crappola eww.
Did I tell you some other good news about scrap that moment? They have this magazine coming out at c.h.a. called SCRAPPY CHICK. Well, I was asked to be on the design team for that as well. (sorry if I already told you IT has been a while since I have blogged. I need to catch up!) I am awaiting my first assignment. ALSO, stop by the booth at cha and see my creations that will be there, along with some other fabulous designers in the industry. I am sure you will recognize alot of the faces and of course you will recognize Bella. Ha HA HA. I feel completely blessed and AMAZED I get to be a part of all this. Dreams do come true folks. You just have to keep tryin' Be sure and say HI to the Jones girls and sign the guest book!

( ^^Journaling for above is: IF raindrops were gumdrops candy canes or lollipops, Oh what a ran that would be YUM YUM!! Frog Prince line, chipboard letters and tag sheet. <~~ JOURNALING for page to the side is: Playing in the rain.. oh how I LOVE to play in the rain.. 12 06 06, Little Boy Blue line chipboard and cardstock accessories)
I received the MOST SPLENDID e-mail evah yesterday and IT MADE MY DAY!( I sure need some good news) Creative concepts requested 8 yes EIGHT of my projects for next quarters magazine. I had to call john to come read it and make sure I wasnt reading it wrong, surely she just was saying oh this is cute she didn't really want all those. But NO! SHE DOES! ::happy happy joy joy happy happy joy joy:: I was/am so excited. TOTALLY put a smile upon my face. Now comes the task fo taking the pages down from where I have posted them. I don't mind that at all. I just need to remember to put them back up when I get them back.
Bella is going through the obnoxious 3 year old stage right now. Driving us all nuts. She hasn't been taking naps and I havent had her on a very good schedule. Mainly because,well it seems we have each been sick more than well. Also we were traveling during the holidays. SO, I must get on that when Im back to full speed. She is into everything and will not listen and its her way or no way... and those are the GOOD days. If she is tired it is worse. My neighbor and friend is a child psychologist. She thinks it is because I have been in the bed sick so much and have had everyone and their mother helping watch her.. she is out of her routine and you know how much kids want routine... so Pray for us will you, that we can get back into a routine. (and we all will get well and stay that way) At this point Ill even try exorcism if it will make her mind. IM tired of yelling and bribing and time outing or spanking I want ONE DAY at least where no one is screaming, crying or nerve ridden. IS THAT too much to ask?
I am sure you remeber some of these photos from a previous blog entry. This is the present my brother and sister in law sent Bella when they went to Disney World. SHe was sooo happy and screamed DIS IS DA BEST PWESENT EVAH!! and giggled up a storm. SO YOU KNOW that had to be a page now didnt you ;) I know these 2 pages have more photos on it than I ussually use but it has to tell the story. Can't you see the excitement on her face. SO funny. She is a mess. I am watching Greys Anatomy PLEADING with IZZY to cash that 8 million dollar check!!!!! I love this show and will be glad when the cable company here gets their crapp worked out with the network so I dont have to use rabbit ears to watch my favorite shows. IT couldnt be one of the crappy stations we don't watch NOOOO the one that has all the shows I love. OK I think I am caught up enough for tonight IM totally exhausted and need to go crash back out. Hope you all have had a great week cuz guess what!? TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007



We (The Jones girls) of STM have a new Challenge for you this month. Here is a peek at the page I did. BE SURE AND go to Scrap that Moments gallery and show some love on all the Jones girls pages. You can see the Challenge HERE on the Keepin up with the Jones' Blog.
The challenge was to write about a life changing event and use the words to a song in the journaling. It is hard to see but on the right side the page pulls back to reveal the entire lyrics of the song.
The journaling says:
When I heard this song the first time, I thought it had been written just for me. We wanted a baby so desperatly. I had been very sick. We didnt think it possible and it was very dangerous to say the least for us to have a child. God sent this beautiful little girl here to me without a doubt.. just like this song says. I'm so glad he did.

In my Daughter's Eyes I am a hero
I am strong and wise and I know no fear
but the truth is plain to see
She was sent to rescue me
I see who I wanna be
In my daughter's eyes.

In my daughter's eyes everyone is equal
Darkness turns to light and the world
is at peace
In my daughter's eyes

And when she wraps her hand around my finger
oh it puts a smile in my heart
Everything becomes a little clearer
I realize what life is all about
ITS HANGIN ON WHEN your heart has
had enough
It's giving more WHEN you FEEL Like GIVING UP
Ive seen the light
ITS in my daughters eyes.

In my daughters eyes
I can see the future
A reflection of who I am and what will be
Though she will grow up and someday leave
maybe raise a family

Martina McBride~

I love you Bella..... Every second is worth it.
Your Mommy

Monday, January 01, 2007


From Imagine Create Scrap Some serious Eye candy going on over there! Here are the creations so far I have made from the kit:

Hope everyone is enjoying the FIRST day of the year! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

WHOA DUDE what a HAPPY Birthday it is today!!

John and Bella woke me up singing HAPPY BIRTHdAY. how sweet is that and they jumped on the bed for kisses and hugs. HOW SWEET IS THAT ... then WE had a big breakfast and THEY GAVE me a GORGEOUS birthday gift Im still standing here mouth open drawing flys! In an effort at humor He had me open the magnifying glass first I couldnt figure out what it was... then I saw the necklace (didnt need that magnifying glass dear WHOA) I laughed so hard. TOO FUNNY good one honey!! The first diamonds he gave me we really did have to have a magnifying glass to see.. wow has it really been that long ago. I AM IN LOVE with this necklace ever since I saw that commercial with the dude slipping it on teh sleeping girls neck. He said I would do that but you probably would have beat me up thinking I was a burgler or something. ha! He knows me so well. NOW I get to scrap with my pals today wheheweweeww! Watching as bella says "mommy pawade" listening to her sing Happy buffdays to mommmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and she is in the kitchen with daddy making a PINK CAKE... (wonder IF I should worry on that one) I will be taking photos of that dont worry. SHe is the cutest thing this morning in her pony tails bopping around. I just love them so much!!! OH now she is saying it is DADDYS pawade cuz it has a star wars band they are dressed like the star wars characters. TOO CUTE. OK must get going. THANK YOU GUYS for a great day today AND MY SCRAP ROOM IS LOOKIN GOOOD will show some photos later (my hubby and baby ROCK!)