Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gotta have .... Faith?

Did ya give up on me? Did you think I wasn't gonna post? Well If so I fooled you.
My cord on my camera was giving me some fits so I wasn't able to upload my stuffs.
Ticked me off, but the wonderful hubster fixed it. so now I can show you stuff again :)

Here are some things I have been working on:

This is Scenic Route Appleton! Tracy at Treasures To Scrap sent me a big ol box full of goodies to play with. So you will be seeing some of these this week :) THANK YOU TRACY! LOVE IT! so bright and cheery. This was Bella's last year school photo... over priced and no they didnt brush her hair or wash her face. They let them out on the playground to waller around then brought them in to take photos. Ya.. for the lovely 29.95 you get what 4 pics? No thanks.

This is SEI BLACK ORCHID. SOOOO pretty!!!

This is a little bandaid tin that I painted and cut holes with my big bite. Added ribbon, Prima flowers, metal Faith and ALOT OF BLINGGGGG! I made the mini album out of some chipboard I had laying around. I cut them like luggage tags. Added bible verses to go in the Band aid tin. You know.. so when you have a boo boo you can patch it up with a little verse? GET IT? I knew you did cuz you are just smart that way YOu can find SEI Papers at TREASURES TO SCRAP. (and don't forget they are 35% cheaper than retail EVERYDAY!)

Here are some pics I took this morning of Miss priss all duded up for church.