Wednesday, July 18, 2007

NO, I feel fine


IM busy lol Im scrapping like a person with one day left ..... to put all their memories on paper. OH wait THAT WOULD be the case. I have projects coming out the wazoo. One is a last minute thing I was asked to do and I wasn't thinking and said yes. SO when John gets home from work, I have been Under 3 feet of scrap paper which we call my scrap room and just working. Battling headache from allergies and am just TIRED! SO I nap then get up and scrap some more. ITS FUN THOUGH IM NOT COMPLAINING. I love doing this so it gets these pages done. Even Better that they serve more than one purpose. SO I WILL SHOW YOU WHEN I CAN. I dont have them all done but soem will have to be done by tomorrow, so IF I DONT ANSWER THE PHONE.. IF IM SHORT WITH YOU ON THE PHONE. ITS cuz IM BUsy. I got my Normal due stuff this weekend too and Getting Bella ready for school. LOVE YA!
Now back to work. hugs xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo