Tuesday, March 04, 2008

just another day in bed and OH YEAH SALE

not really much to update with Im still real grogged out weak and hard to use my arm and stuff. pain where they did the spinal tap and I get confused alot. we are waiting on the test restulsts. Im so tired of this bed I want to gt up and scrap but I know I cant yet, The medications are making me very nauseaus so its hard to do anything. I do get up and try to walk some everyday with the LOVELY walker (GRRRRRRRrrr) so I dont really have anything else to tell yall. still the same just nauseaus mostly and bored out of my skull. Sleep alot and hard to get comfortable so THere is my whiney post lololol arent you sorry you asked rofl.

I know it will get better it is just part of the healing process just bear with me while we are making life adjustments and figureing out what I can do and cant do. Thank you all soooo much for your support.

OH OH OH. I also wanted to tell yall that Tracy at Treasures to scrap is getting stuff in all the while now she got in the big bites and the cosmo cricket along wit those little black board books omg theya re so cute and they are everyday regular price 35% off so go check it out. Oh wait she told me that she just sold out of the big bites and theya re back ordered but she is getting more in. so if you like scrap supplies but dont like paying that high price for them check out her store she has all kinda cool stuff and the new basic grey should be in just like any time now. IM on redy for that rofl I DUNNO WHY.
I cant scrap right now but I KNOW I WANT IT rofl