Thursday, June 19, 2008


Be sure and check out this months kit at Scrapbook Obsessions. It is full of patriotic yumminess. I am loving all the maya road chipboard stars and the alpha letters. SOOOOOOOO adorable! The ribbon is just so cool it is clear like plasticy almost but very pliable like ribbon and has the swirlys on it. SOOOO COOOL! I had never seen that before. You can rest assured that I will have some pages made with this VERY SOON. I just got it and ahvent Been able to play yet. I also LEARNED SOME VERY VALUABLE info from my Scrapbook Obsessions pals. DID YOU KNOW THIS? When rub ons are really good rub ons.. they smell like popcorn? I didnt know that. (But then I haven't been sniffin my rub ons much...) So I take this oath.. from now on I will sniff my rub ons to be sure they are of popcorn scent. THAT WAY I KNOW they are awesome before I spend my cents. (see what I did there didnt you? scent and cent... never mind.. I need to go take my meds.) Hope you all have a GREAT DAY and HAPPY SCRAPPIN'!!