Thursday, April 03, 2008


Yes I am just a little tiny bit excited. hehe. Tracy got in the new BASIC GREY in the store and with the every day discount she gives of 35% off, iTs gonna be mine I tell ya, all mine!!! (said in a evil voice) so IF YOU WANT in on it ... you better hurry. She just loaded up the place with my most favorite chipboard letters EVAHHH!
I get emails all the time asking what font that is I am using, and how much they love it. WELL here is your chance. NOT ONLY to get the same letters but to get a screamin' deal on them too! Go ahead and look other places and SEE HOW MUCH THIS STUFF COSTS! yeahhh.. You will be happy your pal Nan here told ya about Treasures To Scrap's discount paper store.
I like to pass along deals I find to my pals and family. Feel free to mention it to your friends as well.
There is also a kickin contest goin on that Cosmo cricket is sponsoring. Check it out: Cosmo Cricket is putting up 300.00 in product as the prize. Yeah so ughmmm. get ya blackboard books out and get to scrappin' my friends.
I would LOVE TO SEE you enter.

Sorry I haven't been updating my blog as much as I ussually do. I am still adjusting to this medication and having spasm issues but, I think it is gonna be ok! THank you all so very very much for all your prayers and emails. I love them and I do thank you so very very much from me and all of my family. Bella is on half days this week they are doing S.A.T.'s in big school. (as she calls it) I have done another layout but it has the kids from her school on it and I don't have permission from all the parents so I haven't posted it. I will get something up though sorry. Thank you all for cheering us on! Without you guys and your prayers and encouragment... I just don't know what we would do. THank you again.
Here is my reason for everything right here!!!