Tuesday, September 12, 2006

THE saga unfolds....

WELL my baby ended up with a bladder/uti infection/kidney infection and a yeast infection. Where did all that come from!!! She was much better even after she got home from the dr. They gave her that one dose stuff and she had vast improvment immediatly. STill not gonna let her drink kool aid a few days and no bubble baths etc. BUt she is back to her charming little self. SHe was most impressed she got to pee pee in a cup (we will have to watch out for that one)
SHe also LOVED seeing the turtles at the dr's office. They have an atrium outside the dr's windows and the turtles had just had babies hatch. SO she loved seeing (in her hi pitch voice) da itty bitty wittle tuttles) and the (with her deep big strong voice) great big daddy tuttles.

SO that drama is mostly over.

TOday is ROUND 3 of THAT DESIGN TEAM competition at Scrap that moment. If you havn't been over there to check it out... You are missing out. We are having a blast. I havn't had this much fun scrapping in a very long time. Thanks YOU GUYS ROCK! Today is the stamping section of the competition. My layout is here BE sure and LOOK at the second page that goes along with it. That is where the journaling is. You lose half the effect ok most of the effect if you dont read the journaling. There are so many talented ladies over there and I tell you what I have never had so many posts on pages before in my life. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOr your encouragment. EVEN IF I DON'T make this team it has truly been a wonderful experience and Im having alot of fun. I have met some wonderful talented people and have learned alot. I have to say this was rough for me getting all this together and all else that has been going on this last 2 months have been rough with being sick and surgery and sad anniversarys. BUT thank you all for helping me get through it. YOU all truly rock!

We had a great time at THAT TUESDAY NIGHT CHAT Lynette slid out for some WELL deserved R and R and ughm..... rofl, left me in charge HA!!!! (that is hysterical ain't it) so we all voted and decided we were gonna rename the gallery THAT ALL THAT GALLERY instead of THAT Gallery... so GUESS WHO WONT BE MAKING THE TEAM or be left in charge anymore.... (she is so brave isnt she) hahahaha We had a great time and did a cool challenge.
IF you have never been to one of those you must attend it is so much fun. There is also one on Thursdays at (I will so mess the time up so just go look on the boards for the correct time zone near you) Alot of the ladies that live across the creek come to that one being it is the middle of the night or err maybe its day when we have the Tuedsday chat they miss out on it. SO they get to come have fun with us on Tuesday. THAT one is a great chat as well hosted by the lovely Malena Andersson. SO try to make one of them will ya. OK I have rambled on here enough Im about to FINALLY fall out so Im going to bed I have already uploaded my projects and can rest a bit finally.
BY THE WAY keep your eyes open for THE VIEW from www.theuntamedscrapper.com it should be out by the 15th or so. It is a wonderful little newsletter has lots of projects and tips in it.

Hope you have a wonderful day and be sure to go check out my submissions. I really think I have jumped out of my box on these.

HIGH DRAMA in the JONES Residence this morning.....

Well day two is in progress of the Scrap that Moment THAT DESIGN TEAM Competition ... HERE is My entry for today's submission in the photography category. My scanner completely died so I had to take a digi photo so I don't think it looks as good as it should but with all that is going on today.... this is minor. I will try to make it look better later today I have too much right this minute. BUT ... Go take a look man there are some absolutly fabulous entries..not gonna hold my breath that I will get chosen. I know whomever they pick will be well worthy JUST LOOK at the entries (insert the smiley with bug eyes right here ahhhh!) SO MUCH TALENT! Its an honor to scrap with them!

We had high drama here this morning and last night. Bella is sick sick. SHe I THINK has a yeast/bladder infection and screamed and screamed and cried and I couldn't get the dr on call to call me. THen when he did call.. I might as well have walked outside and asked the tree cuz all he said was you will need to call back at 8 30 and make an appt. I told him her symptoms and she was SCREAMING in the background. The on call answering service lady helped more than the dr did. I did get some help from a few mommys that have been through this before and my big sis who is a former nurse in the female field (ob/gyn L and D) so she and the other stm girls and some of my Scrapfriendsy mommys really helped me out this morning. I THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. Our nerves were so frazzled and it is miserable when your baby is screaming MY BOOODY HURRRTTTS and screaming and crying and is unconsolable.

So anyway John is gone with her to the dr now. SO I have to get all the work I can get done for the VIEW at Untamed that is I have to finish up (bella redecorated the file folders I made with Ink last night now I know why she was so bad she didnt feel good) I have to refinish that and get them turned in and make the mini tag book that I just got the stuff for yesterday but will be easy to do get it photraphed and sent in and rock my baby the rest of the day.
Take care you guys and go check out those pages :)