Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Nope we wont have our own tv show but guess what!

Well I had really good intentions... of posting more but holy wow. I had a really rough week last week. From a severe kidney/bladder/UTI infection. Passing a quary of kidney stones, Then I came home took a 4 hour nap then WENT BACK to the hospital with an MS exasperation, my potassium and b12 was really really low and caused more strokin out and stuff. SCARY I TELL YA. This was the scariest thing I have had happen since well since I heard the pink lady singing amazing grace on tv and I was laying on the remote control (and it had flipped to the christian broadcasting network) and I thought I had gone to meet my maker. John quickly reminded me I wasn't a goner because he didn't think she would be who was greeting me and singin that song... Gee isn't HE sweet lol.
Course I did kinda picture it more like Daughtry with Im goin home... ahhhhh much better huh? ya I kinda think so too hehehe
Or george Straight... Yummm. they could serenade me over anytime. Not that I wanna check OUT ANY TIME SOOOON. HEAR THAT UP THERE BIG GUY!!! DONT BE MAKIN NO PLANS any time sooon... (PLEASSEEEEE? WITH SUGAH ON TOP)!!!!

SO errr ughhmm ugh, we have some big, itty bitty, news at the Jones residence! We have increased in size!!!! WE JUST HAD SEXTUPLETS!!! yep. MOVE OVER JON AND KATE! but no we are not gonna bring in any movie cameras, we are not gonna film on TLC.. would be more like APL... ya.. Tinkerfrederellaisha aka TINKTINK. gave birth to 6 beautiful squirmy healthy wriggly crying fuzzy bundles of cuteness.
Bella is so excited. She took over Guido's doghouse as her maternity/delivery ward.
Both mom and babies are doing well.
Bella so far has named them Tink 1, Tink 2, Tink 3, Tink 4, Tink 5, and Ree Ree.
But that is liable to change 457 times before she gives them homes.
She wants to keep them all of course. ughmmm NOT HAPPNIN'

SO.. anybody wanna kitten?? anyone??